Osweiler starts even if Savage is cleared

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Yes, the Texans are preparing for Saturday’s playoff game against the Raiders with Brock Osweiler as the staring quarterback. No, it won’t matter if Tom Savage clears the concussion protocol by then.

Coach Bill O’Brien made it clear on Tuesday that Osweiler is the starter for Saturday, period.

“I’m not going to speculate on when [Savage] might clear but yes he is in the concussion protocol,” O’Brien told reporters. “If he were to clear, then he would be the backup quarterback. If not, it’ll be Brandon Weeden.”

O’Brien praised the Week 17 efforts of the $72 million quarterback who had been benched for the third-year, fourth-round draft pick, and O’Brien pointed out that Osweiler did well the last time the Texans faced Oakland.

“[H]e played a good game against them,” O’Brien said. “We just really watched that tape last night. You watch all the games when you’re getting ready for a playoff opponent. But in that game, I thought Brock did a nice job of getting us into the right play. Got into a good rhythm. Guys ran good routes for him. He delivered the ball accurately. Threw it to the tight ends, the receivers, the backs. Everybody was involved in the passing game. Did a good job.”

Osweiler thrived during the game in Mexico despite having a green laser in his face throughout the game.

“As far as the laser, you’d have to ask him,” O’Brien said. “I mean, I would tell you that I’m not sure how he did that. That’s hard to overcome, that being pointed at you. But obviously he did it and I thought he played a good game for us.”

The plan on Saturday could include more no-huddle offense, which Osweiler said after Sunday’s game he likes.

“[W]e’re going to work hard on all the different ways that we’re going to try to move the ball against Oakland,” O’Brien said. “That’s definitely one of them. I mean, people know that we go no-huddle. Our quarterbacks and our receivers like it. Our tight ends like it. We’ll just have to see how the game goes.”

The game could go well for the Texans, given that Oakland will be starting rookie quarterback Connor Cook. The real question is how the next week would go, at Kansas City or New England.

Chances are . . . not too good.

12 responses to “Osweiler starts even if Savage is cleared

  1. As long as Lamar Miller is truly healthy and The Texans don’t have the same refs that they had in Mexico. (See Deandre Hopkins long td wrongly called back and two botched 4th down calls). There will be opportunity for The Texans to move the ball against The Raiders. Brock has familiarity preparing for Oakland’s defense, this year and when he was in Denver. That doesn’t mean that he will have a great game but he should at least be in position to have a decent game.

  2. This is a smart move from a PR perspective. The Raiders are sunk without Carr and virtually no shot to beat anyone. So put in the $72 million dollar man, get a cheap win and then tell everyone what a big game QB he is.

  3. It’s a smart move both on and off the field. If Brock plays to the potential they’re paying him for, it’s a win. If he doesn’t, assuming Savage clears protocol, he can go back to the ‘hot’ hand, and it’ll be easier pr wise to then just bite the $$ you’ve already paid, though I believe they’ll keep him as a back up next year to just get something out of the $17m they still owe him.
    And while there have been reports that O’Brien is out if they lose, who are they going to replace him with? He just took them to the playoffs two years in a row with Mallet/Hoyer last year and Brock with his average play this year. He’s a keeper.

  4. Jay Glazer is an idiot. There is no way the Texans are gonna fire O’Brian. They kept Kubiak for 5 years before he made the playoffs. So they are going to a fire a guy who took a 2-14 team and gave them 3 winning seasons and 2 playoff apearences, won’t happen. He may choose to leave since most Texan fans have become irrational morons and I’m a Texan fan. The idiotic nonsense that you hear on the local radio stations has become insufferable. I wouldn’t blame him for leaving. But no way he gets fired.

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