Rams, Chargers to interview Teryl Austin


The NFL’s two Southern California teams are considering a coordinator from Detroit for head coach.

Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin will interview with both the Rams and the Chargers, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. The interviews are expected to take place on Sunday or Monday, after the Lions’ Saturday night playoff game at Seattle.

Austin has received head-coaching interest after all three of his seasons as the Lions’ defensive coordinator, although interest seemed to drop off as the quality of the Lions’ defense dropped off from his very strong debut season in 2014. Austin, who is black, has had a total of eight head-coaching interviews, although he’s said he thinks two of his interviews were conducted by teams that weren’t really considering him for the job and were only interviewing him to satisfy the Rooney Rule.

The 51-year-old Austin spent time as an assistant with the Seahawks, Cardinals and Ravens, as well as a year as defensive coordinator at Florida, before the Lions hired him.

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  1. this rooney rule is total and complete racism.
    not only is it insulting to every other race, it is just as insulting to blacks as it implies they cant qualify for a job based on their own achievements!
    Hopefully, by Trumps second term, a lot of this race baiting favoritism will be abolished and we will look at the person with qualifications, not the person with a certain racial or gender profile.

  2. But but but… the Rooney Rule was supposed to level the playing field and be a good thing – right? One day maybe people will be interviewed for positions based upon their skill set instead of, ah, never mind.

  3. Until the coaching treadmill with the same coaches stops or winds down, the Rooney Rule is a necessity.

    It’s a workable solution but it won’t get teams to hire candidates of color who aren’t qualified or capable of running an NFL team (very tough job!).

    It will get the candidates of color interviews. Winning the job is up to them.

  4. For those criticizing the Rooney Rule: How does interviewing a minority coach effect your life in any way? Why do you feel so threatened by this? Where is the harm?

  5. Austin has done arguably the best job of any assistant this year. He’s gotten a lot out of a unit that has mediocre talnt.

  6. yourunclerico says:
    Jan 3, 2017 6:45 PM
    Hopefully, by Trumps second term………….


    Good one! It caught me off-guard and I laughed beer out of my nose!

  7. cardinealsfan20 says:
    Jan 3, 2017 7:24 PM

    For those criticizing the Rooney Rule: How does interviewing a minority coach effect your life in any way? Why do you feel so threatened by this? Where is the harm?

    Its not that they are interviewing a minority coach, its that they are FORCED to interview anyone, minority coach or otherwise. No team should be FORCED to interview anyone they are not interested in hiring – period. FORCED interviews are token interviews and make for bad feelings. People should be interviewed because they may bring to the table a skill set or mindset that a team is interested in pursuing, nothing else.

  8. The Rooney Rule is demeaning to black guys. It’s outdated and served its purpose. Get rid of it. On the Charger HC front, they won’t hire a Gruden, Cowher or even a Peyton Manning simply because young boy Spanos and get-along-to-keep-your-job Tolesco would be overshadowed by a strong minded, high profile head coach or even a Manning who wouldn’t accept a HC job with light weights running the organization.
    Next, I hope they table this dumb plan of moving to the hood. It’s froth with excessive costs and problems. It’s a very high risk proposition in every facet. Here’s one: purchasing land for a practice facility in Orange County, CA will cost $millions , on top of the $650 million relocation fee and the cost over-runs they will share building Kroenkes new digs. The players will have to leave for practice or a home game so early as they will be locked in traffic jams. Newport Beach is a nice place to live though. Lots of player distractions. Oh well…..

  9. We have just about reached the point where it would be easier to list who the Rams aren’t interviewing. Latest reports are LA is interviewing Mara’s dog walker tomorrow and Kraft’s pool guy on Thursday

  10. @abqhawk – OK, how does a FORCED interview of a minority football coach effect you, personally, in any way? Unless you are a white competing football coach, this requirement means nothing to you.

  11. The problem with the Rooney Rule is it is reverse racism….plain & simple & the NFL took it a step further in it’s requirements to adhere to the same standard when interviewing for other top co. spots as well as mandating a woman getting an interview as well with in the NFL organizations for those co spots. You don’t fix a wrong with wronging others the others being well…. White. I don’t pretend to have the correct answers for fixing what was broke & still may very well be broke as far as the good ole boy’s network & it’s hiring practices but I can tell you it is racism at it’s core & it puts male whites at a huge disadvantage …..but everyone , the media included turns a blind eye to it for fear of scrutiny. It’s also a real simple fix for the NFL as far as the Rooney rule and Coaches….expand it to include interviewing a non minority candidate as well and in the corporate spots include a male candidate must be interviewed ……it really is that simple…..anything other then that is a racist practice….you cant line up HC interviews with 2 white guys & 1 black guy for Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday with 3 separate candidates interviewed one on each day and only have the ability to sign or ink one of them to a contract on Monday & dismiss or not interview the other 2 & as it’s set up now the only guy who could be hired Monday is the black guy & setting it up like that is what makes it a racist practice as it’s not a leveled playing field & a clear advantage as only 1 of the 3 has to be interviewed …..that’s wrong and taking a step back & it should be protested against & the same holds true for being male as far as the corporate spots are concerned and a female being guaranteed an interview…it’s wrong

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