Report: Bills want to talk to Frank Reich about head coaching job

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Frank Reich may get a chance to lead another comeback in Buffalo.

Tim McManus of reports that the Bills have reached out to the Eagles about speaking to Reich, who just wrapped up his first year as the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia. Per the report, no formal paperwork to set up an interview with Reich had been submitted as of Tuesday morning.

Reich spent 10 years as a quarterback with the Bills and served as Jim Kelly’s backup for much of that time. One famous exception came in January 1993 when Reich started in place of an injured Kelly and led the Bills to a playoff win over the Oilers in a game that Houston led 35-3 at one point.

That nostalgia didn’t help Reich get the job in 2015. He interviewed for the position before it went to Rex Ryan, leaving Reich to return to San Diego for one more season. He was dismissed by the Chargers early last year and landed on Doug Pederson’s staff with the Eagles.

31 responses to “Report: Bills want to talk to Frank Reich about head coaching job

  1. no real experience but might as well go w/ a fresh face as opposed to the re-treads who’ve failed

  2. Great move, Frank Reich will make the fanboys happy until they play their first game.

    It’ll be all Super Bowl talk before then though.

  3. This isn’t a bad idea. Would be welcomed by the Buffalo fans as a returning “hero”, and he is a fairly good OC. Doesn’t always translate to HC, but neither did Rex!

  4. He is probably the best they can get. His past ties to Buffalo might lead him to overlook the current management disaster. Nobody with any other head coaching prospects is going to want to walk into that atmosphere with terrible owners and a do-nothing GM who finds out via phone call that coaches are being fired.

  5. He doesn’t seem to have much experience. At any rate, the Bills won’t be able to attract any A listers because they don’t have an NFL QB on their roster.

  6. Fairly good? Wasn’t real stellar in Philly…granted, cupboard wasn’t real full other than his new QB. The D was the let down…and they have crap WRs. Bring Tyrod back, run the damn ball and hit people in the mouth on D. Sounds like Vance Joseph or Teryl Austin would be fits there. Vance already in the AFC East so knows lay of the land.

  7. …..How on earth can you consider him?….did i miss something when I was watching all those Eagles games this year? it was the defense that won most of our games….if anything they should be reaching out to Jim Scwartz…..Don’t the GM and Owners even watch the weekly NFL games????

  8. As an Eagles fan, Im really not sure what Reich does here. He doesn’t call the plays. I just know that I like my new franchise QB surrounded by as many intelligent former QBs as possible. Pederson and Reich are the exact example of “Those who cant, teach”

    I would love to see him stay in Philly. The more continuity for Wentz, the better. I don’t want him seeing a revolving door of coaches and coordinators.

  9. Lets hire another backup quarterback as head coach…

    Why can’t an NFL team hire like Steve Young, Dan Marino, Manning to be head coach? Folks who know what competing to actually win feels like.

  10. Must be humbling going back to the guy that came in second to a total bozo a couple years ago.

  11. I’d be alright with giving Reich a chance to prove he has what it takes… I’d rather see them take a chance on someone new rather than bring in a coach that previously failed elsewhere.

  12. “Why can’t an NFL team hire like Steve Young, Dan Marino, Manning to be head coach? Folks who know what competing to actually win feels like.”

    Maybe its because those guys made a ton of money and left a lasting legacy that they don’t want to tarnish by being crap coaches. Why be scrutinized for every decision when you can just go on TV and deliver HOT TAKES?

  13. I like Frank Reich a lot. I’m sure he is a really good coach. He’s a Buffalo Bill. He’ll be the first one to tell them that they need a QB. Back when the Bills went to four straight super bowls, they had a HOF QB. Most successful coaches have good QBs. Look down the list of HOF coaches and tell me how many didn’t have a HOF QB. If Frank Reich, or any other coach is going to succeed in Buffalo, they need to get a QB. That’s not such a sophisticated idea. It’s one any owner can grasp. Bill Belichick had losing seasons five out of the six years he was a head coach before Tom Brady. The greatest coach of all times could not win without a HOF QB. I like Frank Reich. Get him a QB.

  14. NOOOOOOO ! Need a Head Coach with successful head coaching experience. Not a hero. Not a OC or DC with a good year or two. A real head coach!!!

  15. “Why can’t an NFL team hire like Steve Young, Dan Marino, Manning to be head coach”

    Troy Brown answered that question several times when asked why he wasn’t a Pats coach. He said he was offered the job 2 or 3 times as receivers coach but it was far too many hours a week, 70-80+ of hard work, for the money a position coach gets, 70k-100k. Why do that when you already made millions and he has an easy comcast tv job?

    Now extend this to Peyton Manning. They guy has made literally more than a 1/4 billion dollars. Successful head coaches often work close to 100 hours a week.

    Unless he loves the game so much after all his playing years that he just can’t stand not being part of it, what motivation is 5-10 mil a year to Manning to put in those kind of hours?

    Marino and Young I can’t honestly say I know what their financial status is but I would assume pretty good. And if so the same things apply to them.

  16. The Bills are a lot like the Raiders were for years, so bad it was impossible to get good people to work there. Roll out retreads, has beens and never have been then hope.
    What a mess. Fix it soon before you turn into the Jets and Vikings !

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