Report: Mike Smith will interview with Chargers


The Chargers plan to speak with Buccaneers defensive coordinator and former Falcons head coach Mike Smith for their vacant head coaching position, ESPN reported Tuesday night.

Smith will also reportedly interview with the Jaguars. Smith was the Falcons head coach from 2008-14 and had the Buccaneers defense playing very well in the second half of the 2016 season after taking a year off from coaching.

After firing offensive-minded Mike McCoy, the Chargers have been linked to mostly defensive coaches with the exception of Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub. With at least a few candidates on the Chargers’ list coaching teams in the playoffs, a decision is not expected to come quickly.

10 responses to “Report: Mike Smith will interview with Chargers

  1. So the Chargers want to interview the guy that just got fired? Just saying writer.

  2. Is there anyone the chargers don’t want to interview? Four names out, just today. And they still have to do the fake interview to satisfy the Rooney rule.

  3. While it wouldn’t surprise me that the Chargers would interview someone that they just fired, I’m thinking that they’ll probably interview Mike Smith instead.

    Paragraph one. Proofreading is your friend.

  4. Mike Smith ressurected the Falcons, he just couldnt get them over the hump. Give him another team with a franchise qb (rivers) and i bet theyre a winning team within a year.

  5. Eh, he’s a good enough coach but if they hire him they’ll have to spend considerable time rebuilding their defense to a 4-3 scheme from their current 3-4. They have a few players, like Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, who played 4-3 ends in college but it’s still a transition that Phillip Rivers likely won’t see out.

  6. Funny how all of this cycles … hire an offensive guy … offense does well, defense sucks and the team loses … fire the offensive guy … hire a defensive guy to fix the defense … defense does well, offense sucks and team loses … fire defensive guy … hire offensive guy to fix the offense …

    Rinse, wash, repeat …

  7. if you look at the chargers games closely, the defense was the best part of the team. yeah they allowed a 26 pts a game which is a lot but many times they had to work with a short field due to the constant turnovers on offense and even then they came up with a few key stops. The defense created tons of turnovers (21 int and 18 F/ 10 recovered) and still managed a -7 turnover ratio. They have good corners, can stop the run and pressure the QB. The offense and special teams failed miserably which caused the team to always play form behind and give short fields.
    If they can get healthy and fix the O-line a bit and cut down ST mistakes they can turn it around quickly.

  8. Watched Smitty coach for 7 years in ATL. Good guy. A good run. By the end he’d very obviously lost his fire. You could tell he was just not into it somehow. Now 57, is he nearly the hire he was at 48? I happen not to think so. He’ll talk a lot about “the process” and be a bad game manager and do nothing exciting. The players will like him, though.

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