Bears say Jay Cutler’s ahead of schedule after surgery

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Before the Bears can trade Jay Cutler, he has to be healthy.

So surprise of surprises, the Bears say he’s ahead of schedule in his recovery from right shoulder surgery.

“The one thing about Jay is, as far as his rehab from injuries he’s almost a freak in regards to recovering from injuries fast,” Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said, via Jeff Dickerson of “So he’s significantly ahead of schedule. He’s rehabbing hard and that’s encouraging.”

Pace said he met with Cutler earlier this week, but didn’t want to delve too deeply into his future there (since it probably isn’t going to be much of one). And his

“You know there’s a lot of real candid conversations that take place and a lot of transparency and honesty, so some of those things I’d like to keep between us,” Pace said.  But I think you know once we make a decision as an organization whatever it is, you know he’ll be the first to know and his agent, Bus Cook, will be the first to know, and I made him that promise.

“But again those decisions haven’t been completely finalized yet, but when they are you know he’ll know immediately.”

The fact the Bears can move him along with only a $2 million dead money hit (rather than paying him $15 million) makes it all but certain they will move him, in some fashion.

So if teams are interested in adding a 33-year-old quarterback, the Bears would like you to know that their gently used one is recovering nicely.

15 responses to “Bears say Jay Cutler’s ahead of schedule after surgery

  1. If the Bears do not draft a QB in the first round, I would not mind him coming back for one more year while a second or third round pick is groomed. All the years Jay had to throw to Hester, Aromashado, etc. were setting him up to fail.
    But by all means, DO NOT BRING BACK Barkley!!

  2. I’d take Barkley over Cutler. He’s cheaper with the same amount of turnovers.

    In all honesty, I thought Cutler looked kind of old this year….like he has nothing more in the tank.

  3. Cutler has always been one of those guys with all the physical tools but none of the intangibles you look for in a leader. It’s a shame, because he could have been a great one. He just doesn’t seem to have greatness in him.

  4. I don’t know that Jay Cutler is a guy I’d want hanging around while the supposed QB of the future is being groomed. By most reports he’s not the bad teammate others make him out to be, and he’s not even a really terrible guy, but he just seems to have been born under a bad sign and I think he and his juju need to go somewhere else before the Bears will really start turning things around in earnest.

    It pains me to say cause I was in his corner up until a couple of years ago when I finally realized it’s just never gonna happen with him in Chicago.

  5. I agree Cutler has the arm ANY team would welcome on the roster. It was the focus or mental portion of the games that seemed to make him less effective.

    I know he had played with some great offenses in Chicago like Forte Marshall and Jeffery and Bennett.

    Maybe they needed a offensive coach better than Trestmen to try to unlock it, but I feel if you haven’t figured it out after 5-7 years after becoming a starter, you won’t.

    Thats why Joe Flacco, and Matt Ryan need to turn the corner to elite if they are ever going to make it.

  6. Enjoy Cleveland, Jay. I hear RG3’s a good guy. You guys will be trading starts as you both recover from your inevitable injuries in 2017.

  7. Cutler has never been the problem…..he was always been surrounded by poor talent and bad coaching…….that includes 2016.

  8. Cutler has ALWAYS been the problem. An occasional great throw and even great game and his clueless cheerleaders get amnesia about all the rest of the games he has played in BOTH Denver and Chicago that, at best, was mediocre and at worst a disaster. The only good thing he has ever done was what the broncos got for him in that trade.
    The bears will. S lucky to get a 5th for him and the team that gets him will lose their GM and likely their head coach if they give him
    An garunteed money past the first year. He has killed the careers of so many GM’s HC’s and OC’s it would be hard to count them all up

  9. I find it amusing that everyone assumes Cutler is gone from the Bears. His biggest problem has been injuries which seems to have plagued the Bears in general the last two seasons. Correct that and then you can make a thorough evaluation.

  10. Cutler hasn’t ALWAYS been the problem. he gets a lot of heat and with that attitude I cam understand why, but that defense has been weakened, when they have lost great talented players, they haven’t done well enough replacing people like Urlacher Briggs and Tillman. Mix in underwhelming draft classes and trying to pay big buck FAs and firing coaces ever 2 orn3 years is a good way to find yourself selecting in the top 10 the draft

  11. So many Cutler myths. Truth is he is a great guy. Very personable. Funny on his radio show. He and Mark Trestman had a high powered offense. I seem to remember it was Lovie’s Kids who were unable to tackle, contain, out muscle, or bully anyone from the defensive side of the ball. Forte running wild while Briggs was running his BBQ joint on the side.

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