Clock is ticking for the Chargers

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It’s January 4. In 11 days, the window closes on the ability of the Chargers to move to Los Angeles.

So what will the Chargers do and, more specifically, when will they let everyone know what they plan to do?

Three days since the conclusion of the regular season, the team has said nothing. But with a coaching search in the early phases, time is even more of the essence. When interviews begin, the candidates likely will be curious about where they’ll be living and working — especially since living and working in L.A. means constantly competing with another franchise.

The competition will begin immediately, if the Chargers move. With only so many discretionary dollars available, the Chargers and Rams instantly would begin to target fans, rich people, and companies for season tickets, premium seats, and luxury suites. Few will patronize both teams; the challenge will be to get the locals to hitch their wagon to the team more likely to become a thoroughbred.

The coaching hires to be made by the Rams and Chargers surely will be a factor, since that will be the most tangible move made before the Costanza-vs.-Lloyd Braun sales competition begins.

And with January 15 falling on a Sunday and only two business days remaining this week, the best move for the Chargers would be to announce the decision next Monday or Tuesday.

First, the Chargers need to make a decision. That likely will hinge on whether San Diego is able to put together a viable plan that bridges the gap between the cost of a stadium and the contribution the Chargers and the NFL would make toward it. Barring a deadline deal that convinces the Chargers to stay put, two teams that play each other once every four years could become both partners and adversaries with the stroke of a pen.

60 responses to “Clock is ticking for the Chargers

  1. With all smack talk aside and from a business point of view, the should either rebrand and move to LA or San Antonio, or stay where they are.

    They will NOT have any support as the Chargers in LA or anywhere else in California.

  2. I can tell you right now that San Antonio would be a disaster for sports team from a financial perspective.

    The city has a hard enough time deciding on a AA or AAA baseball stadium and how to fund it.

    A billion dollar football stadium?

    Good luck.

  3. Stadiums are never big money makers, that’s why you don’t see billionaires or the NFL lining up to invest in them. Taxpayers should never pay for the majority of an NFL stadium. It’s just bad business. Let them leave if they want, it’s not worth it.

  4. Of course they will announce they are moving, but they aren’t going to move.

    No interest in LA with the Chargers. More interest in the LA Express than the Bolts.

  5. Spanos is so cheap he doesn’t want to contribute a penny to a new stadium in San Diego but he’s going to pay a $650M relocation fee to move to LA? I find that hard to believe. This is most likely a play to get the absolute best deal possible. Whichever way he can spend less money will be what he does. The owners should take that $650M and give it to San Diego towards the cost of a new stadium. Either that or force that loser to sell to someone with a brain.

  6. joetoronto says:
    Jan 4, 2017 12:06 PM
    With all smack talk aside and from a business point of view, the should either rebrand and move to LA or San Antonio, or stay where they are.

    They will NOT have any support as the Chargers in LA or anywhere else in California.
    based on your level of expertise, I would bet on the opposite view.

  7. This will not go well for the Chargers — the LA fans will embrace the Rams while the Chargers struggle to pay off the relocation fee.

  8. Spanos should use 1/2 of the money he’d spend relocating and rehab the current stadium with all new plumbing, electrical, structural and scoreboards. 1/2 of the 120+ acres of parking lot should become a multi-story parking garage and the other 1/2 made into new hotels, shops & restaurants. Mend your fences with the people/city of San Diego and carry on… nobody else will give them a better “deal” to move.

  9. Remember when the ratings were the issue and idiots blamed Kaepernick?
    TRUMP rules the ratings, ya moochers!

  10. jag1959 says:
    Jan 4, 2017 12:21 PM

    And no matter what they do the Vegas Raiders will probably remain LA’s most popular team
    Surely you jest. The Raiders could never solidify a home gate in Oakland and you think they will in Las Vegas? Newsflash, Vegas has a lot of interesting options for discretionary income. Most tourists come to gamble, not watch football.

  11. They keep waving around L.A. in front of the San Diegans (omg they will move!). You know the patter. The Spanos butt-smoochers on sports talk radio here ran a poll of the Los Angelenos. Eighty-six (that’s 86) percent don’t want the Chargers in Los Angeles. 86%.

  12. Spanos isn’t really rich enough to have an NFL team. He’s cash poor so his options are limited unless he decides to sell part of the team to somebody else who has liquid assets. That part will remain the same no matter what city they call home. And rent to Kroenke in LA will likely be WAY more than anything the Chargers were spending in San Diego so if they do move look for Spanos to be begging to renegotiate rent down within a couple of seasons when attendance falls short of expectations.

  13. ….what I don’t understand is ….Does’nt the NFl have by-laws when a owners buys a franchise? you can do this, but you can’t do that, you can work your franchise like this ,but you can’t do this with the franchise. If you screw up you have to sell the team……heck for years a new owner could only have own professional sports team (but that been changed). the NFL should force the Chargers to stay in San Diego or put it up for sale………

  14. Both franchises should embrace the economics of the cities in which they’re currently located. Oakland can’t afford what the Raiders are asking, however the Raiders have the $$ to build their own damn stadium as do the Chargers.

    It’s not as if they are bringing jobs for 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year. It’s 10 weekends, unless they play in London, then it’s 9 weekends. Ok, have colleges play there, have concerts, etc. It still doesn’t justify use of taxpayer dollars. And the days of adding it to the hotel and rental car taxes are about over too. Ever rent a car and notice the daily taxes cost more than the daily car rate. Too bad Congress doesn’t and won’t begin exploring the Anti-Trust legislation that is keeping these owners at the trough.

  15. The population of Las Vegas is 574,274.
    North Las Vegas is 226,877.
    Henderson comes in at 285,667.
    All of which are not tourists.

    Green Bay’s population is around 100,000.

    Put a good product on the field and they will come.

  16. If Spanos moves and the league requires the relocation fee, will he make enough from PSLs to cover it?

    If not, how much more will he make in LA (with a bad team) than in SD, to justify the out of pocket expense he will incur?

  17. What in the world would make anyone want to spend good money to hitch their wagon to either of these putrid LA teams?
    Kroenke may be a rich man with control of the LA stadium rights, but he cannot control fan loyalty or preferences, especially with that clown show of a team he owns and puts on the field.
    I cannot wait until the season when the Raiders play the NFC West. They will, in effect, have 10 home games. The LA venue will be packed with Raider fans and the Rams/Chargers ‘home’ team will need to use silent counts on offense and be booed by the silver and black ‘home’ crowd. Hilarious!

  18. I went to the Rams game last Sunday and was able to pick up decent seats in the corner end zone for $15 off a third party site. At least the Rams have history in LA. The Chargers have zero history in LA and no one wants them here. Spanos is bluffing and everyone knows it.

    Stadiums sit empty the vast majority of the year. The vast majority of the “jobs” they create are minimum wage and part time with zero benefits. Why should the taxpayers fund these money pits? If the multi billionaires want all the bells and whistles on their stadiums, let them pay for it themselves or fund some other sucker city with crooked politicians such as Vegas or San Antonio.

  19. Anyone else, besides me, sick and tired of seeing the owners disregard the fan base loyalty for their own greed instead?
    I’m a Packers fan and I’m sure they will never move because they care about the fans.
    I feel for fans of other teams who have put in all that money, time and energy only to get stabbed in the back when the owner pulls up the stakes and moves them.

  20. Corporate welfare at its finest. A billionaire owner doesn’t want to pay for his business, which caters to those that make 150,000 or more..and expects those that make 75,000 or less to pay for 1/3 of it.

  21. Charger move to LA would be an epic fail for the NFL Rams and chargers are years away from being competitive teams. Regardless of that fact , two teams would never work in LA. Why don’t Spanos and SD open their eyes and do like the Giants and Jets did. Use part of the huge parking area to construct a new stadium and when finished , knock down the old one. Chargers stadium is in the perfect place where it is. Just stay there and build it on the current property.

    Spanos would only jump out of LA at the first chance he has because his team would never ever ever, be welcomed in LA like some are trying to sell it would be.

  22. Kroenke doesn’t want another team in LA. They cant fill seats with the one team they have.

    They should say they are going to move. That will force Kroenke to try to wiggle out, hopefully to the Chargers benefit.

  23. We need some good ol’ fashioned collusion here. If 26 billionaire baseball team owners can manage to collude to keep baseball salaries deflated, as the did in the late ’80s, then surely we can get the civic leaders of these cities to collude to keep tax revenue out of the hands of these fools who have more than enough money of their own to build their own damn stadiums. Once the NFL realizes that they can no longer blackmail cities for their tax revenue, they will have no choice but to do it themselves.

  24. cheapest tickets to the vikings-Bears game Sun were $80, at the old dome they would’ve been $20.

    Just sayin’

  25. I can tell you right now that San Antonio would be a disaster for sports team from a financial perspective.

    The city has a hard enough time deciding on a AA or AAA baseball stadium and how to fund it.

    Big difference between minor league baseball and a NFL franchise. They got it done for the Spurs. Also San Antonio and Austin are growing so fast they would be one large market for a NFL team.

    Besides, so many Californians are moving there so why not one of their teams? Personally I think the Chargers would be better off in San Antonio than in L.A. sharing everything with the Rams. San Antonio is a Cowboys market now however Dallas is like a 4.5 hour drive away. I think most would adopt their own team because most of pride in the area.

  26. Anyone with an ounce of business sense knows that the Chargers moving to LA is not viable. No way that Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones and the few other smart owners are going to allow this to happen. Plus, I don’t think Spano has the $650 million for the relocation fee. My guess: the Chargers will be in San Diego next year, with the NFL extending the deadline to move to LA one more year (they will probably have to negotiate this with Mark Davis, since the Raiders would get chance to move if Chargers do not, but owner approval on the Las Vegas move would probably suffice), and then try to pressure the City for another year.

  27. Saying LA doesn’t want the Chargers is a pretty broad statement. LA will support any team that wins games. If the Chargers come to LA and go 12-4 while the Rams go 4-12, guess who the fans will show up for? Yep, the Bolts. The “LA doesn’t want the Chargers” rhetoric is coming from Rams fans who are worried about that exact scenario.

  28. Two teams in LA again? What’s that they say about the definition of insanity…

    Two bad teams at that.

    Putting the Rams there was owner cronyism, period.

    The Rams stink and so do the Chargers. Both fired their coaches and are rudderless. What a way to bring the NFL back to LA. Kroenke world is going to be a silent tomb, until the Raiders come to town anyway.

  29. Born and raised in San Diego, been a Chargers fan since I could remember.. If Spanos and the general public think there aren’t a lot of Charger fans in San Diego, wait until they realize there are even less in LA.

    Prop C may have failed as a rushed attempt to get a stadium in San Diego, but over 200k people voted in favor of it (41%). Probably would have been higher if Spanos didn’t do what he did the year prior to the vote.

  30. I live a few miles north of San Diego and I’ve been in CA since the Navy brought me here in 1972.

    I can tell you that San Diego is a Paradise of a city. LA, well, it’s something else. The fact is that San Diego does not need the Chargers football team. Ten minutes after Qualcomm Stadium is torn down, the site will be redeveloped with something substantially more beneficial than a playground for millionaire players and their billionaire owner.

    Go, Chargers, GO!!!

  31. Why not build a cheaper stadium so the tax payers don’t have to fund $350 million of it? The last plan was to build a $1.9 billion stadium. Cut out $350 million of it. Done.

  32. Instead of searching for new fans to scam, how about putting together a good team in your current city? My guess is they’d have an easier time drawing a crowd if they didn’t stink so bad.

  33. “The population of Las Vegas is 574,274.
    North Las Vegas is 226,877.
    Henderson comes in at 285,667.
    All of which are not tourists.”

    The population of the Oakland-SanFran Metro Area is over 4.5 million… and growing!

    Yes, the Raiders have to compete with the 9ers in the market… but that’s not looking like much of a competition at the moment.

    I think the NFL will work in Vegas… but I don’t think the Raiders should be the team to move there. 30 years from now, it will have been a H-U-G-E mistake. Just like the Sonics move to OKC.

  34. Times are changing and taxpayers building stadiums for Billionaire Sports owners is starting to become a bigger and bigger challenge. California has two things working against it: Expensive real estate and expensive income/property/sales tax. There is no “free” land to be given to an owner and the local citizens are taxed up the wazoo. No measure will be passed in Oakland or San Diego that includes taxpayers footing the bill. Kronke is funding his stadium himself. Neither Davis or Spanos have the financial ability to do that themselves. The NFL only wants to help so much because it is a bad precedent for them to set. If Spanos can afford a relocation fee of $550 million why can’t he put that amount into building a stadium?

  35. San Diego has a viable plan for a stadium. 375 million in public money from SDSU (100 mill), City (200 mill), and County (75 mill). That’s more than any other city in California has put up for an NFL stadium. It’s on the NFL to adjust their G4 loan for inflation of stadium costs, and not put that burden on the city. The gap is roughly 170 million. A small price for the NFL to keep the Chargers out of LA.

  36. Wait til Rams and Chargers fans get the real ticket prices and PSL prices when the new stadium is built. Right now Rams tickets are cheap because they are playing at the Coli..Rams/Chargers will need big time ticket sales to corporations to succeed.

  37. “the challenge will be to get the locals to hitch their wagon to the team more likely to become a thoroughbred.”

    Now that’s quality comedy right there!

    The idea that the Rams or the Chargers could “become a thoroughbred??” – Ha!

  38. Why don’t they just stay put and focus all of their attention on putting a winning football team on the field?

    The voters might have approved a new stadium if the Chargers weren’t a perennial sub-.500 team.

  39. Just move to Orange County already!!!

    For those who have never been, it is NOT Los Angeles, despite their geographical marriage they are quite different.

    Dodgers/Angels, Kings/Ducks, Rams/Chargers.

    Lets green light this thing!

  40. LA is gonna be stuck with 2 garbage teams for a LONG time. Congrats! You could’ve had the 12-4 Raiders with an up n up roster of young stud players…..instead you got a dud #1 pick and no coach. But hey, Kroenke got his new stadium, so there’s always that!

  41. San Diego and Los Angeles are both awesome cities that stay 72 degrees and sunny most of the year. Not to mention that the Chargers have offensive and defensive centerpieces with Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa. If I was a coach I would still love to have that job.

  42. Dean Spanos is making a big mistake if the Chargers move to Los Angeles and don’t rebrand,but they really should stay in San Diego. The Rams are the only team that should be in Los Angeles. They will be LA’s team for future generations to come. This isn’t so much about now, but the kids of tomorrow. The Raiders belong in Oakland or approve them to move to Las Vegas which is what Mark Davis wants. The Southern California based Raider fan base can drive down Interstate 15 and make a weekend out of it to watch their team in Sin City. If the NFL can build a new stadium in San Diego with a public-private partnership you will have a fantastic Super Bowl venue in one of America’s most beautiful cities. This would be the ideal. Super Bowl venues in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. It just makes too much sense. Don’t blow it, Dean Spanos and NFL owners.

  43. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The NFL needs to face the new reality and evolve. They need to start building smaller stadiums and make the home viewing experience more interactive.

  44. The owners will be approving two franchise moves:

    Raiders to Las Vegas

    Chargers to San Antonio, STL, or Los Angeles. Spanos and Kroenke made a tentative deal last year. Spanos just has to exercise that option.

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