Eight teams can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks in 2017


Fans of the Ravens, Browns, Titans, Colts, Eagles, Bears, Buccaneers or Saints may get an up-close view of their training camp this summer.

Those are the eight NFL teams that can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks this year if no other team volunteers.

A team can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks if it meets the following three conditions:

1. It hasn’t appeared on Hard Knocks in the last 10 years.

2. It hasn’t made the playoffs in the last two years.

3. It doesn’t have a new head coach.

If a team volunteers to appear on Hard Knocks, that team would appear on the show because the league prefers not to have to force a team to do it. But in many years, no team volunteers because coaches typically don’t enjoy the intrusion into their training camps. So it will probably be one of those eight teams appearing on HBO this summer.

92 responses to “Eight teams can be forced to appear on Hard Knocks in 2017

  1. If the Bills appeared on it, no one could watch it during dinner time without getting ill.

  2. Its sad to see Ravens, Saints and Colts on this list. Those were some great teams recently even, yet they’ve fallen far. I would assume it would be one of those teams… I think we can all agree no one wants to see the Browns.

    Though I hate him, I would think Harbough and the Ravens would be the best choice. Sean Peyton is just too mellow to be interesting.

  3. “2. It hasn’t made the playoffs in the last two years.”

    That’s nice, you haven’t made the playoffs for 2 years in a row or more so lets shove an additional distraction down your throat.

    way to go NFL

  4. I like the show. It usually does a good job of focusing on the non star players as much as the big names. I like the back of the roster battles and they get really good shots of practice. Nfl films is great and I hope it’s the Eagles this year. They have never done it and this fan base would eat it up. Also next year should bring some roster change and movement forward of young players.. should be compelling

  5. The Cleveland Browns get enough media exposure already. Their players have been featured on the CMON MAN segments for the past 20 years.

  6. For the NFL to force a team to be intruded upon during training camp shows where the NFL’s prioritie$ are. Simple answer here folks – don’t watch it and let the ratings “deflate”. Sorry, couldn’t resist that.

  7. It would be exciting watching the Browns in training camp.
    I can imagine the scenes where the squads are gathered together reviewing film.

    “Hey XXX made a tackle, nice job”.

    “Well, we finally made it into the red zone, that’s a victory of sorts”.

    “Good job QB, stringing together 4 straight completions and 2 first downs before we had to punt” OR
    “Cool, a turn ove rfree half”

  8. Maybe the 49ers ownership got it figured out: get a new Head Coach each year, and you’ll never have to do Hard Knocks. To think, I thought they had no method to their madness.

  9. Does anybody watch this show anymore? If Jeff Fisher hadn’t blessed us with his “8-8 or 7-9 BS” comments last year, nobody would have even known the show was still on.

  10. Still think the Colts, Bears, and Saints may end up with new coaches by weeks end. That leaves a less than perfect group of 5 options. Probably TB or Philly getting the nod.

  11. I have never watched Hard Knocks, and probably still won’t, but I think the Bucs would be the most entertaining of those choices. Jameis Winston is quite a personality. The Titans might be the next best choice.

  12. HBO should film Hard Knocks at the league office and at owner’s meetings and see how Goodell likes being followed around with cameras. Would love to see him tell a player he’s getting fined.

  13. Instead of following a team how about they follow the executive side of the NFL? Clubbing baby seals. Drowning sacks full of kittens.

    The NFL will probably make a team fly to London just to be on Hard Knocks.

  14. littleseizures says:
    Jan 4, 2017 6:10 AM
    This reality show garbage is out of control

    Meh. It’s marketing and essentially free publicity for the league during the dog days of summer. You can always flip the channel if it bothers you that much. As a bonus if enough people flip the channel HBO wouldn’t be able to justify the show

  15. As a lifelong Browns fan, I think the Browns should be forced, so everyone can see how clueless the front office is. People with no football background forcing football, player personnel and roster decisions on the coaches.

  16. This is another stupid thing the NFL is doing under the leadership of Goodell. Forcing any team to be on Hard Knocks is ridiculous.
    I’ll tell you another thing which is ridiculous, too. Changing game times at the end of the year to put them in prime time is ludicrous.
    First, it’s a big time difficulty for those fans who are driving or flying in from another state and have to change their travel plans. But we all know they don’t count, because the NFL doesn’t care about the fans.
    Second, look at the Lions. They had to play late Sunday night and now they have to travel to play on Saturday to Seattle to play them. That’s unfair to the Lions, and once again points out that the NFL does not give a damn about player safety, either.

  17. The League wants to be Professional yet, they put a Team which, is trying to build itself through a negative situation. The environment along with the distractions are already difficult for success. It is nothing but hoping there will be a train wreck. Just an asinine way to promote the League.

  18. Somebody is watching it. A lot of somebody’s. If HBO and NFL Films were losing money on the deal they wouldn’t keep doing it.

  19. The league office would actually look better in the public’s eye if its own rules about Hard Knocks made logical sense.

    1. The team hasn’t been featured on the show in the last 10 years. – Okay, makes sense. The league surely wouldn’t want to keep featuring the same few teams on the show, so variety would be good.

    2. The team doesn’t have a new head coach. – This one makes sense too. A new head coach is getting to know his own players and setting his own system in place. In fact, it’s also likely that at least some of the coordinators and assistant head coaches are all new as well, so the new coaching staff wouldn’t want their system on display on TV.

    3. The team hasn’t made the playoffs in the last two years. – This one has me lost. Why should it matter whether a team has failed to make the playoffs in the previous two seasons? If anything, wouldn’t the league want to feature teams who have been in the playoffs recently? Those teams are theoretically closer to winning a championship, so they would be more interesting than a team who has struggled for at least the previous two years. I don’t get it.

  20. Forcing teams to take part is so counter-productive only the NFL would consider that option.

  21. They ought to do a show on “A Week in the Life of Adam Pacman Jones”. Watch him head butt the cameraman, slap a cheerleader and wrestle with Geno.

  22. The Bears have dodged a bullet on this for quite some time. It might be their year.

  23. I don’t get why everyone complains about all the great football related shows… you all seemm to hate hard knocks, hate Thursday night football, hate monday night football…

    I’ll take any of the above over the other 99% of tv.

  24. It is not the same sport as in past years. Too many teams with terrible ownership and management that cannot compete against quality teams. In theory with the draft and salary cap it should all be equal opportunity for winning but Reality bits you in the A$$ when you factor in ownership/management like with Cleveland, San Francisco & Los Angeles. They cannot last long term against teams like Pittsburg, NE & Seatttle….and never will since we can’t fire owners.

  25. rexdarteskimospy says:
    Jan 4, 2017 9:34 AM
    The league office would actually look better in the public’s eye if its own rules about Hard Knocks made logical sense.

    3. The team hasn’t made the playoffs in the last two years. – This one has me lost. Why should it matter whether a team has failed to make the playoffs in the previous two seasons? If anything, wouldn’t the league want to feature teams who have been in the playoffs recently? Those teams are theoretically closer to winning a championship, so they would be more interesting than a team who has struggled for at least the previous two years. I don’t get it.
    Because a growing percentage of the population in this country identifies with this dysfunctional, loser mentality.
    We now have millions of people that believe that being ignorant and living your life like a drunken cat fight in the trailer park is attractive. It is okay.
    Stupidity and failure is not only accepted now, it is encouraged and even rewarded some times.
    They want to see the bottom of the barrel because they connect with that.
    It is who they are and what they strive for these days.

  26. The show is great and has had some amazing moments. Sexy Rexy was hilarious, Mike Vrabel stole the show when the Texans did it. Billick had some good ones too. Many more great moments over the years.

    The only one that truly was a bore fest was this year with the Rams. Jeff Fisher has all the charisma of a bowl of oatmeal.

    I guess he was really focused on winning games and getting to the playoffs…

  27. While I’m a Titans fan and think it would be fascinating to watch Marcus Mariota rebounding from a more serious broken fibula (5 to 6 month recovery period–likely due to ligament damage?), I don’t know that the Titans in general would make for “good TV.” The new GM is placing more emphasis on character than his predecessors and our head coach is one of those nice guys/players’ coaches–hence less likelihood for controversy. … That said, we still have a few characters like Taylor Lewan in the locker room.

  28. WOW! Now I know why my Giants worked so hard to get in the playoffs. Thanks, guys, I really think the show is for fans who have little more in their lives than football.

  29. I wouldn’t watch this crap no matter which team it is.

    That being said…
    It would be funny to flood the air-waves with the dysfunction of the Colts, for all to point and laugh at!

    They certainly have plenty of time to hone their acting skills.

  30. This show needs to go away, and no team should be forced to do it. This is a money maker for the NFL, and if they want to force a team to be on it given those stipulations, the team should be awarded a compensatory pic at the end of the first round.

    That would get more volunteers, and then you state that you can’t be on Hard Knocks unless you meet the same criteria.

  31. Gotta be the Ravens, golden opportunity to get them. They would probably be pretty interesting to watch and I hate them…

  32. I know this show can be a huge distraction for a team, but I would the Vikings to volunteer.

    With all the stuff they have had to put up with this past season, plus Zimmer; Bridgewater’s injury recovery; Peterson’s future with the team; Bradford’s return to being a viable starter; Thielen’s progression from a local tryout; The new stadium that will host the Superbowl; plus a lot of other interesting bits and pieces would certainly make for good viewing.

  33. Browns. It would be fascinating to see the process to becoming the leagues worst franchise. There has to be the “watching the train wreck” aspect to this. It’s dreadful to watch but you just can’t turn away. Besides the fans need some reason to actually watch that god awful team on a football field. Why can’t Emperor Goodell fine and do whatever he see’s fit to punish the leadership of a franchise clearly not trying to put an NFL caliber team together?

  34. Who cares?
    When you’ve seen it all once you’ve seen it all.
    Every show, every team looks the same year after year.
    Of course I would get hooked into it while waiting for the season to start.
    Grateful now to have gotten rid of HBO so I don’t waste time with it anymore.

  35. t
    nhpats says:
    Jan 4, 2017 9:22 AM
    The NFL should cancel “Hard Knocks” and Thursday Night Football.


    I could not agree more. And I’d throw in Monday Night Football and games played outside the U.S, too.
    Those of us on the east coast never get to see the whole Monday Night game most of the time anyway, because we have to get up early for work the next morning. I’ll be damned if I am going to sit through 3 1/2 hours of the Monday Night games enduring constant stoppage of play for commercials, reviews, and stupid penalties which should never get called when I have to get up at 5:00 a.m. the next morning. There should be a rule that no NFL game can ever start after 7:30 p.m. eastern standard time. It’s all about the left coast fans not being able to see the early part of the game, but it’s okay to screw everyone on the right coast who can’t watch most of the second half.
    The reality is it’s all about the players. Here’s what I know — if the players don’t stand up in the next negotiations and tell the NFL no more Thursday Night Games, then too bad for them. It tells me they are just as greedy as the owners and I don’t ever want to hear anything from them again in regard to scheduling. I don’t care if they have to play on crutches.

  36. It’s funny how none of the teams want to be on Hard Knocks but gladly accept the money from HBO. Same goes for London games and Thursday night football. Some teams refuse to give up home games for London yet have their hands out.

    How many players will cease complaining when the salary cap goes DOWN instead of up? How many owners and GMs will shut up when their profits go down.

    EVERY team should be on the show and not create silly rules so they don’t have to appear, yet gladly take all the money.

  37. That show is a plague for whichever team is doing it, and I’m an Eagles fan, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing it be them.

    If there was ever a time when it would be okay, it would be now. They’re not close like the Falcons appeared to be when they went on Hard Knocks. They’re not defending a title like the Ravens were. They’re rebuilding. Not much is at stake. Put the cameras on them.

  38. I think I finally figured it out!

    The show incentivizes teams to win… else they end up on the dam show.

    Don’t wanna be on the dam show, get out there and win baby!

    hee hee

  39. The NFL missed a great opportunity….Part of the Patriots penalties for their non-crimes could have been appearing on Hard Knocks.

    Nothing would have been worse for Belichick.

  40. Ravens!

    We want to see how many times they’re on the phone to Park Ave with Goodell conjuring up ideas to frame the Pats.

    We also want to see them practicing how to defend an ineligible or eligible receiver with “deception”, since it’s oh so confusing.


  41. They are not an ideal ratings draw but no franchise is more interesting to follow than The Browns. Especially with their unique strategy for team building. It would be cool to see The Browns braintrust( insert joke here), and how they operate. I kind of wish Hard Knocks would follow a team during the entire draft process and free agency. Like a spinoff show called Rebuilding or something along those lines.

  42. Eagkes are closer than you think. They lost 6 games by one score. They beat 4 teams that have 11 wins or more. Heck there were 3 games they had in the bag or easily could have won (Lions, Cowboys, and Ravens). Adding 3 more wins to their record and you are talking about a 10-6 team who is only going to be adding some weapons for Wentz in the offseason.

    Eagles really are not that far off. Which is why they dont need the distraction right now.

  43. You know you have a solid TV product when your participants are only there against their will.

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