Mario Williams’ end in Miami is drawing nigh

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There was a lot of noise surrounding the Dolphins’ addition of Mario Williams last offseason. But it appears his time there is going to end quietly.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Williams will be released this offseason, before they’re on the hook for any more of the two-year deal they gave him last offseason.

Williams was a healthy scratch from last week’s game against the Patriots, making it clear he’s not in their plans. He started the first five games of the season and had one sack. He was then benched, called out by defensive coordinator Vance Joseph and continued to do not much. He didn’t have a single tackle in December.

He’ll also turn 32 later this month and would be expensive in 2017, making it an easy call. He has the sixth-highest cap charge on the team this year.

The Dolphins would have to guarantee $3.5 million of his $8.485 million salary if he’s on the roster the fifth day of the league year (in March). He will not be.

24 responses to “Mario Williams’ end in Miami is drawing nigh

  1. Belicheck got rid of Chandler Jones pre season and then Jamie Collins mid season to the browns.

    Our 2 best players on defense and yet we still got better.

    Belicheck plays chess while other coaches play with play doh.

  2. His production was hard to figure when he was in Houston. One game he had 3 sacks and the next five was crickets. I remember watching a game and first defensive play he bullrushed his guy right into the QB and got the sack.

    Never heard his name called the rest of the night…..

  3. God given talent.
    Absolute laziest and most hollow player with that God given talent in the history of the NFL.

  4. He had some good years in Buffalo. Looks like they got rid of him at the right time.

  5. They took a chance on a mid range 2 year team friendly deal that didn’t work. Dolphins are finally learning how to build through the draft and supplement in FA. Bills and Jets are currently mired in dysfunction meaning with this coaching staff and a couple more drafts, the Pats are finally going to have a division team pushing them.

  6. From what I read and heard this once great player stopped trying
    when he was in Buffalo. He allegedly took series off swhile on field, rather than taking a play or two off. Perhaps the Dolphins thought
    they could change his attitude and get effort. Looks like it did not work.

  7. Mario is a disappointment and thankfully we’re not on the hook to pay him next year. Syonara!

  8. Remember when the whole town of Buffalo went crazy because they managed to sign him by overpaying him so much?

    They were so proud.

    Good times.

  9. if only they had a young, up and coming talented defensive end on the roster like Olivier Vernon. oh wait……

  10. Big deal. The Dolphins gave him a shot and it didn’t pan out. They are not on the hook for a big contract, so this just proves the front office finally is learning how to run a successful winning organization. The irony of all you claiming the “I told you so” were also the ones stating we would win 5 games or less and would miss Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi has a knee bone on bone injury in the draft so he will be a bust. Anyone have a Stock tip for me?

  11. strctlylo says:
    Jan 4, 2017 9:46 AM
    if only they had a young, up and coming talented defensive end on the roster like Olivier Vernon. oh wait……
    Why overpay for an average player. It’s cheaper and better to draft one. Besides, Wake had more sacks than Olivier.

  12. If only we wasted millions on overhyped youth.

    Giants paid Vernon $29 million this year.
    They got 8.5 sacks.

    Dolphins paid Wake $8.5 million this year
    They got $11.5 sacks

    The Dolphins signed 27 yr old Andre Branch to replace the
    26 yr old Vernon. $2.75 mil in 2016. 5.5 sacks.

    Don’t forget Mario Williams was signed as insurance in case Wake was healthy, or didn’t return to form after his Achilles injury.
    $6.5 mil for an insurance policy, both Branch & Wake COMBINED with Wake’s salary is still almost half of what the Giants wasted on Vernon.

    $3.4 mil a sack??? 😂

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