Report: Bears part ways with two assistants

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The Bears opted against making a change involving head coach John Fox after a 3-13 season, but they are making changes to his staff.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that the team has fired offensive line coach Dave Magazu and assistant defensive backs coach Sam Garnes, both of whom coached with Fox in both Carolina and Denver before coming with him to Chicago.

At a Wednesday press conference, Fox didn’t confirm the departures and said the team is still figuring things out. He did confirm that running backs coach Stan Drayton is leaving the team in order to take a job at the University of Texas and that there won’t be changes involving the team’s coordinators.

Magazu joined up with Fox with the Panthers in 2003, so his departure ends a long run for the two of them. There’s no word on a replacement, but the Bears did have assistant offensive line coach Ben Wilkerson and longtime NFL center Kevin Mawae working with their offensive linemen this season.

Garnes began working with Fox in Carolina for the 2010 season and the former NFL safety worked with players at that position in all three stops.

16 responses to “Report: Bears part ways with two assistants

  1. Why did I know the Bears would fire their OL coach? Because that was one of the few units on the team that actually did their job relatively well this season. I hope they at least have the good sense to keep Kevin Mawae, whom I believe played a huge role in Cody Whitehair becoming one of the best young centers in the league despite no prior experience at the position.

  2. They only wish they had the dynasty foundation that has been put in place in Minnesota.

    Vikings will win all 25 games we play next year for yet another championship!

  3. Stupid. In fact, it’s so stupid that I agree with bassplucker! More buffoonery from the top dogs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to renegotiate Howard’s rookie contract because he dropped too many passes. Imbeciles.

  4. John Fox=good man, above average regular season coach, below average playoff coach. Not the brightest bulb on the tree. Was ecstatic when Elway cut him loose.

  5. The Bears O-line looked pretty damn good against my team last Sunday, and if memory serves correct, that was with at least two quality starters on IR. That may be a miniscule sample size, but methinks the O-line coach wasn’t a problem.

  6. How in the heck are the Bears not at least replacing the strength / conditioning / training staff? The amount of player/games lost to injuries this season was absurd. 19 players on IR at season’s end plus other key players not on IR but playing much of the season considerably compromised (Porter, Willie Young, McPhee).

    That’s more than bad luck. Something isn’t right in how these guys are being prepped against injury and/or treated when it happens.

  7. Foxy is an average coach but someone you would enjoy having a beer with. If you want to read what a true leader/mentor is, see Von Miller’s tribute to Kub. And he played for Kub for two seasons, and how many for Coach Fox? Says it all IMHO. I wish Coach Fox well, he’s likable, but will never take his teams to the ‘glory land’.

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