Richard Sherman officially launches media boycott

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Last week, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman opted not to conduct his weekly podium press conference. But he still spoke to the media from his locker, in order to explain that he won’t be talking — and to promise that we’ll all miss him when he’s gone.

This week, Sherman again didn’t speak at the podium. He also declined to speak at his locker.

Via Curtis Crabtree of KJR and PFT, Sherman said he wasn’t talking because everyone ticked him off. Sherman also said that he’s only talking to Ed Werder of ESPN and through Sherman’s social media accounts.

It’s unclear why Werder is the chosen one. Apparently, he’s the only one who hasn’t ticked Richard off.

Sherman became ticked off in the aftermath of last month’s Thursday night game against the Rams, when he was criticized (and aggressively questioned) for criticizing the team’s offensive play calling. More than two weeks ago, Sherman punctuated a midweek press conference by threatening to “ruin” a reporter’s career over the issue, comments that clearly landed Sherman in hot water with the team — although it’s still unclear what if anything the team did about it.

If Sherman refuses to speak to the media, the league eventually will do something about it. He’ll be fined in increasing amounts, like his former teammate Marshawn Lynch was.

It’s disappointing that Sherman is lashing out over fair criticism of his words and deeds. Then again, it must be hard for him to adjust to the sudden abandonment of the at-times exhausting narrative from some in the media that Sherman’s Stanford education makes all of his comments above and beyond any sort of reproach.

Even the smartest people at times say stupid things. And it’s very stupid for smart people to ignore the fair criticism of the stupid things they say.

99 responses to “Richard Sherman officially launches media boycott

  1. Just play football you ungrateful man child.

    You know you have gratitude issues when talking to the media about a game mostly children play is a problem.

  2. Sherman knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He’s following the Marshawn Lynch blueprint for generating more media attention on him… DON’T TALK. The media outlets will send more people to cover him and he’ll generate even more attention. Genius!

  3. Nobody smells more like one and done more than the Seahawks this yr. We’ll, maybe the winner of Oakland/Houston

  4. Sherman plays better when he’s mad at the media. I think Seattle is the dark horse in the playoffs this year. They could sneak into a Super Bowl if their guys play with an edge.

  5. Change it up…

    Have the media refuse to talk to Richard Sherman

    If there is no outlet what you see on the field will speak volumes and his 15 mins will be up

  6. ctiggs says:
    Jan 4, 2017 6:25 PM

    We continue to LOL at the PEDhawks
    The Rest of the NFL continues to LOL at the 49ers. So keep whining buddy.

  7. Poor, poor, Richard Sherman…for such an articulate man from Stanford, he sure does get misunderstood a lot …

  8. And if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Just ignore the “smart” idiot already as who cares what he has to say off the field? Some people (network executives) might have to pretend they care in a few years when he’s hired to be a talking head, but until then, who gives a rip if he doesn’t talk to the press? That’s just less stupid takes from Richard for us to hear about which can’t be anything but a GOOD thing.

  9. His Stanford scholarship was for football, not academics.
    You only need to be intelligent to attend if you need to rely on grades to get in.

  10. It would be nice if the league could overlook this one and we could just not hear from Sherman again.

  11. maust1013 says:
    Jan 4, 2017 6:35 PM
    Did he stamp his feet, hold his breath and start trolling the Pats too? Or in Seattle is that just reserved for the 12’s?

  12. Great !! Whooppee!! I’m so glad he thinks anyone actually cares. I wish he’d go away and never be heard from again, and everyone I know feels the same way!!!

  13. As a Seahawks fan, I find myself Thumbs Up’ing most of the comments here. I don’t like this any more than you guys do.

    Regardless of his mouth, he’s good at what he does. Even so, his mouth is an issue. I wish Pete would trade him away and get us some O-line.

  14. Wow…everybody seems to hate the Hawks almost as much as the Patriots. Hmmmm.

    And by the way, Sherm graduated from Stanford: last I checked, that school doesn’t just hand out diplomas.

  15. Good move by Sherman.

    Should help minimize TMZ style media distractions and allow team to focus on the football [something the media is not really interested on].

  16. tedmurph says:
    Jan 4, 2017 6:30 PM
    Nobody smells more like one and done more than the Seahawks this yr. We’ll, maybe the winner of Oakland/Houston


    You do know that “one and done” means that the team LOSES the 1st game of the playoffs, right? Not win one, then lose the next one. That would be “two and done”.

  17. I really need to play the lottery today. Moving trucks seen in front of the White House and now this.

  18. Thank God! What’s the over/ under on how long this “boycott” lasts? Dick Sherman LOVES to hear himself talk incessantly. I give it one game. He can’t stand it when the cameras and microphones aren’t on him.

  19. His act used to be good, as a loud mouth who was also smart. Now he’s just being an act to be an act though.

    I wonder…does he realize talking is mostly why he is famous? He doesn’t have beef jerky commercials for sound fundamental football play, its because he talks and talks and talks.

    What is Richard Sherman w/o talk?

  20. I wish Sherm would have done this six weeks ago on Thanksgiving Day — it would have been one more thing to be thankful for.

  21. When I was at the UW, there were a few giant guys you’d only see on exam day. Maybe they were like
    Sherman, so undeniably erudite that they didn’t need to waste time attending classes.

  22. I know it’s part of the gig but I don’t blame the guy. The media is annoying and always looking to poke a stick. Especially with resistant people like Sherman.

  23. Yo Richard – you were admitted to Stanford to knock heads on a football field.

    Your participation degree reads “communications”, not economics, not chemistry, not computer programing, not astrophysics, not chemical engineering.

    And based on the submarginal enunciation and diction, apparently you didn’t participate too heavily at that.

  24. “Look at me,everyone! I refuse to talk to the media!” Guess what,Richard? They don’t care…. your act is completely played out,and your skills are headed in the same direction. You think a little too highly of yourself.

  25. I still fire up the Seahawks last offensive drive from Superbowl 49 just to see this guy’s reaction when Butler intercepts the ball. Priceless.

  26. Can’t read all these posts but as a true Seahawk fan I have to say, THANK YOU. Just go play the damn game.

  27. I love that he’s haunted by the famous Super Bowl interception. I think it’s at the root of his anger,but only his shrink really knows.

  28. egbrady says:
    Jan 4, 2017 7:47 PM

    When I was at the UW, there were a few giant guys you’d only see on exam day. Maybe they were like
    Sherman, so undeniably erudite that they didn’t need to waste time attending classes.


    I think trying to say that Sherman is a football player so he couldn’t have attended Stanford on academic merit alone is a bit short sighted. He’s a smart dude.

    Many intelligent people don’t like the media. Ask Donald Trump!

    Good use of erudite in a sentence but a tad pretentious.

  29. That is wonderful news. Now for an added bonus, could he leave the country along with the all of the celebs who are still butt hurt over the election?

  30. I don’t blame him. More players should boycott. There are enough divas and players that want to build their brand to talk with the media.

  31. Petulant (which I’m sure he knows the definition of with his Stanford education) Jacka$$ (he may need to look that one up). He and Marshawn Lynch make/made it very hard to tolerate the Seahawks. It would serve them right if ALL of the media boycotted the whole team. Empty press conferences for everybody. That might get a reaction from the team and league to make these disrespectful turds to get in line.

  32. I don’t know this to be 100% true, but what seems to be the problem with Richard Sherman is that while he is incredibly bright, he comes off as the type of person that thinks that if you aren’t on his intelligence level, then you’re beneath him.

    He always comes off as having an “I’m better than you” attitude and I think he genuinely believes that media will legitimately miss him and that he’ll have them eating out of the palm of his hand.

    I think he’s gonna soon realize, the media can do just fine without Richard Sherman. And then knowing Richard, he’ll probably start to miss the spotlight, realize it’s actually the other way around and that HE misses the media, and then will say something a little outlandish to get the cameras and mics back on him.

  33. I hope he stops talking to the media until he retires. LOL We don’t need sewage coming out of the mouth of Richard Charmin. The less he talks, the better. He has been covering his mouth with adult diapers while he is playing. Just keep those diapers on all the time.

  34. tedmurph says:
    Jan 4, 2017 6:30 PM
    Nobody smells more like one and done more than the Seahawks this yr. We’ll, maybe the winner of Oakland/Houston

    Wouldn’t the winner of Oakland/Houston be a two and done (at worst)?

  35. I hope you learned your lesson, evil reporter who asked Richard why he throws temper tantrums. He will ruin your career and stop talking to you. Time out time naughty boy!

    Note to reporters: Richard will only answer questions such as: why are you such a great football player? How did you become so much better at life than Skip Bayless? What are your thoughts on racism? Stay within his narrative and he’ll give you the “privilege” of asking him questions and basking in his presence.

  36. Weird how Pats fans hate on Seattle as much or more as everyone else hates on the Pats…and what’s their line of logic? Oh yeah, all those other teams are jealous of the Pats’ greatness.

    So I guess we know who those same Patriots fans have on their minds, whose greatness they are jealous of

  37. Going to Stanford does not guarantee intelligence. Especially when that degree is in communications. The world is grateful captain gum flap has shut up even if it will only be an instant due to his ego.

  38. Based on the comments and upvotes, seems like a lot of people will miss him. Whining about him that is. Don’t worry, the headlines will keep coming, haters.

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