Seahawks make Devin Hester signing official

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Tuesday night brought reports that veteran returner Devin Hester would be joining the Seahawks for their playoff run and Wednesday brought confirmation from the team.

Seattle announced that they have signed Hester to their 53-man roster. Safety Tyvis Powell has been waived to make room for Hester.

Hester spent most of this season with the Ravens and appeared in 12 games before Baltimore decided to move on without him. Hester averaged 24.5 yards on kickoff returns and 7.2 yards on punt returns while with the Ravens and did not add to his NFL-record total of 20 return touchdowns.

The Seahawks lost returner Tyler Lockett to a broken leg late in the regular season. They used Richard Sherman as a punt returner in Week 17, something they’d surely like to avoid as the playoffs unfold even if Sherman fair caught four of the five kicks he fielded against the 49ers.

12 responses to “Seahawks make Devin Hester signing official

  1. Here’s a thought. How about Seattle just start the game ready to play. Not…..Wilson wait til 2 minute warning to complete his 3rd pass, or the D giving up two 80 yard drives before they buckle down.

    The only reason or 2 they looked so good in New England?? Earl Thomas and Pats rushed 3 most of the game and allowed Wilson to have all day to throw.

  2. Knot sure how this got about the pats but the Seahawks had a good win that game. And the pats defense has been much better since. It’s not what happened for either team in the regular season and any game before. It’s how they play now

  3. A post about Devin Hester, and somehow three of the first four comments are about the Patriots.

    Perpetual victims of their own lunacy.

  4. A year ago this might have been plus but he didn’t look too fast in his last game. Couldn’t even beat the punter to the corner.

  5. Haven’t seen him for a while, and doubtless he’s slowed but his instincts are unbelievable. If there are some sparks left (I’m hoping there are), it could be a big boost for the Hawks. For those who don’t know Hester, check out YouTube and be amazed. He might be a great fit for these playoffs. Sure the Hawks will make him feel right at home, and I doubt he’s ever had fan support like he’ll get in Seattle.

  6. Dude killed my beloved Lions while he was with the Bears, like, murdified them. As if Lions fans weren’t already ready to jump off a bridge heading to the great northwest Saturday, this will probably be the gust that blows us over.

    RIP, me.

  7. Sorry to all Seahawks fans but this guy has nothing left it appears. No doubt one of the greats but this year he did nothing but cost the Ravens field position. He would let almost every Punt roll, he also fumbled I think 4-5 times but then would decide to run out of the end zone on Kickoffs and make it to the 15 yard line.

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