Tom Savage won’t be available Saturday

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Not only will Tom Savage not start for the Texans this weekend, he won’t even be active.

Via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said Savage would not be available to back up Brock Osweiler, since he was still in the concussion protocol.

That leaves Brandon Weeden as Osweiler’s backup against the Raiders.

Weeden was active for two games earlier this year when Savage was out with an infected elbow, but hasn’t played in more than a year (Dec. 27, 2015).

12 responses to “Tom Savage won’t be available Saturday

  1. If Ozweiller gets it done, all will be forgiven. His 18MM will have been worth it (well, not really).
    If he loses, he’s a goat.

  2. wow there is a pathetic group of acc playoff teams playing this weekend.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    3 of the 4, Steelers aren’t all the Pathetic.

    Starting to Think Savage is a paper tiger or Bob McNair is meddling in the QB situation.

  3. Brocky will be benched by the 2nd Q. It will then be the battle of the 3’s. Playoff football at it’s finest. Somehow, we need to blame Goodell for this.

  4. Even bad QBs usually have a few buddies in the locker room but NOBODY ever gets upset when Osweiler is benched. There wasn’t a single word questioning him losing the job to Manning last season and even with Manning retiring no Bronco said they’d miss Osweiler. And this year the Texans all but held a parade when Savage took over.

  5. This will have to get the lowest playoff ratings ever. I would love to watch this and cheer for the Raiders if Carr was playing but this is going to be like a bad college bowl game.

  6. This game will hinge on Mack’s ability to get to Brock. Mack sacked him 5 times in one game last season (in Denver) and Brock still hears him under the bed late at night.

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