49ers interviewing a pair of Packers for G.M. opening today

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The Giants aren’t the only team rolling into Green Bay this week with a lot on the line.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, 49ers officials will be in Wisconsin today to interview Packers executives Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst for their vacant General Manager job.

They’re also scheduled to meet with Vikings personnel man George Paton on Friday, making a quick lap through the NFC North as they conduct coach and G.M. searches simultaneously.

Wolf, the son of Hall of Fame G.M. Ron Wolf, has been viewed by some as a possible or eventual replacement for Packers G.M. Ted Thompson. He came through the pro personnel ranks and is now Green Bay’s director of football operations, while Gutekunst was promoted to director of player personnel after rising through the college scouting ranks.

17 responses to “49ers interviewing a pair of Packers for G.M. opening today

  1. Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers.

    They have no defense.

    Haven’t had one since 2010.

    All anyone knows of Eliot Wolf is he is Ron Wolf’s son.

    Can anyone point out the players Wolf has scouted that Green Bay has drafted/signed? The Packers beat writers certainly can’t.

  2. I think the 49ers are just using these interviews to see what all these other guys’ thoughts are on Colin Kaepernick, and how they rate the QBs coming out in this year’s draft. They’re going to talk to as many people as they can, but I’ll bet those questions are going to be at the top of their list. They should be. Years ago when they hired Scot McCloughan (a former Green Bay guy), they had the number one pick, and they chose Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers ended up in Green Bay. The last decade could have been very much different had the 49ers chosen Rodgers instead. Mike Nolan might still be coaching, and Jed York might be known as one of the best owners in football, and all these guys from Green Bay might not be looked upon as young geniuses. That one little decision can go a long way. Whatever the 49ers do, they have to get the QB right. The last time they picked from the Green Bay tree, they got it wrong.

  3. Wow – these activities really bring out the non-playoff Viking commenters in droves.
    They must have been out scaling lutefisk when their team was collapsing at Lambeau.

  4. These angry peasant uprisings out of MN can only mean one thing. It’s playoff time, and the Vikings are once again home watching the Packers on TV.

    So nice.

  5. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 5, 2017 8:48 AM

    To learn how to draft a good QB and the rest absolute garbage?

    Finally came up for air, eh?

  6. Reggie Mckenzie was the director of player personnel, for Green Bay, before he became the Raiders GM. I think you can say he did a pretty good job so far.

  7. Why would any coach, GM or player want to go the Santa Clara York Niners who are without question the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL?

  8. ONLY the Patriots have a better record than the Packers over the past 10 years. This is what is known as an actual, verifiable, fact.

    The facts are simply the facts and purple delusions are simply delusions.

  9. Seeing as how it’s an NFCN interviewing round table, I wonder when York will interview executives from the Bears and Lions?

    Reading above, apparently cheesers believe people aren’t allowed to comment if their team is not in the playoffs — wonder if they’ll shut up when their turn comes.

  10. your green and yellow trash is so amusing, please do hand over the keys to your franchise to some 30 year old because he dad made a few good moves. only in moronville would they do that.

    Enjoy your offseason starting in a week or two. the refs can’t bail out your defense all postseason like they do your offensive line and wide receivers all regular season.

  11. Give it up, Frazier. Leatherface is The Purple Head. While you were hiding in shame, curled up in the corner, licking your… wounds… old Leather was right here, trolling HARD.

    Nope. I’d have to say that you wouldn’t even make a good vein on The Purple Head. Maybe next year.

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