Report: Vance Joseph wouldn’t keep Wade Phillips

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Dolphins defensive coordinator Vance Joseph is one of a handful of candidates to replace Gary Kubiak as head coach of the Broncos. If Joseph gets the job, Kubiak won’t be the only big-name coach leaving the team.

Alex Marvez of reports that Joseph would promote defensive backs coach Joe Woods to the position of defensive coordinator. This means that defensive coordinator Wade Phillips would not be returning.

Phillips already may be destined to leave; with Washington firing defensive coordinator Joe Barry, the next move could be to bring Phillips to D.C.

However it works out, the coaching carousel is spinning at multiple levels, and it’s unclear where everyone will be when the music stops.

48 responses to “Report: Vance Joseph wouldn’t keep Wade Phillips

  1. If true, that decision alone should disqualify Joseph from the job. What, Phillips hasn’t done a good enough job? Denver has had the best defense in the league, or close to it, for the last two years. Phillips is the ONE guy you have to keep, assuming he wants to stay. His contract is up.

  2. Bad idea.

    Philips will retire soon, then you can bring in your own guy. Keep Philips and you have an easier transition with senior management, fans and make it easier to manage. If Philips loses it, you replace him, give you an extra year of being safe. If he does good, you look good

  3. Fire Wade and let Green Bay pick him up so they release Capers. So much talent and high draft picks on GB defense yet it consistently under performs. Wade would get that defense to make them scary good!

  4. “Wade Phillips is a lousy head coach” is a complete myth. 82-61 record. He didn’t get ‘er done in the playoffs but to call him lousy, as if he’s Gus Bradley, is laughable. Fire KNJ and bring him to Oakland!

  5. WOW. This is really weird for Dophins fans. We’ve gone so long without one real head coach and now we apparently have two on our staff with Gase and Joseph. Somebody pinch me. This must be a dream.

  6. A defensive minded HC will always bring his guys in to run his defense….the only way Wade stays is if Elway hires a coach from the offensive side of the ball….this has nothing to do with arrogance, just common sense….

  7. Denver needs to keep Philips.

    Kubiak is retiring for health reasons, but it’s clear that his offensive approach is antiquated this past year.

    Hiring Kyle Shannahan to work with the offense while retaining defensive continuity makes the most sense.

  8. Wade is an all time great defensive coordinator and his group won them a super bowl and was very good again this year. To say you’re going to get rid of him should disqualify you for the job.

  9. mcjon22 says:
    Jan 5, 2017 10:29 PM
    Well, since he has already worked with Gase multiple season’s in Denver, I think Miami would be a logical landing spot for him.

    Gase left with Fox. Phillips came in with Kubiak. Gase and Phillips have no history.

  10. I thought Phillips was unemployed. If so, it’s not a matter of keeping but proactively re-hiring. I know plenty of people who’ve had to reapply for their jobs after a regime chance.

  11. Not sure why this surprises anyone. NFL and most sports leagues is about who you know, who you trust, or maybe best put, how best you can look out for yourself. He knows Phillips wants something more and may undermine him, meanwhile, this Woods guy will work like a dog if given the chance and Joseph has complete control of Woods.
    Goes for players too. You know the right coach or assistant or quality control guy, you’ll have a better chance coming of the practice squad then some guy who may have more talent, but no one really knows.

  12. Joseph will be gone quick just like Josh McDummy. Firing a Super Bowl-winning DC for a no name like Joe Woods just because he’s black is a pathetic move. If Elway was smart, he would avoid Joseph and just hire a legit candidate.

  13. Why wouldn’t any coach keep Wade Phillips? Defense was definitely NOT the problem for Denver. The man has forgotten more about football than these young wanna be head coaches will ever know about it! Don’t play with fire, youngsters!

    If Denver doesn’t want him, I hope the Saints kick no-talent Dennis Allen to the curb and get Wade to come back home. I bet he’d have that defense playing far superior~with the same talent!

    I have tons of respect for Wade Phillips. The game hasn’t passed him by. This time last year he was about to win a Super Bowl with a ferocious defense!

  14. This Guy is a joke….already deciding who he is going to replace before he even gets the interview or the job

    not only no but hell no

  15. This has nothing to do with Joseph being black or some Rooney rule. This guy would have been the DC beore Phillips if Cincy would have allowed him to interview for the job years ago. Philips was only hired because they couldn’t get him. So, yes, he would have been the natural replacement Rooney rule or not. Now, let’s get out there and make America great again.

  16. I am a Dolphin fan and I believe that Joseph is a good coach but I don’t understand how he received amso many interviews. Miami won despite its defense this season not because of it. They have the 30th ranked defense. They have a ton of injuries but again how does a first time cordinator running the worst defense in the NFL get interviews with 5BEL teams?

  17. mcjon22 says:
    Jan 5, 2017 10:29 PM
    Well, since he has already worked with Gase multiple season’s in Denver, I think Miami would be a logical landing spot for him.

    Phillips never worked with Gase in Denver.

    Joseph’s name just came off the Denver list.

  18. mcjon22 says:
    Jan 5, 2017 10:29 PM
    Well, since he has already worked with Gase multiple season’s in Denver, I think Miami would be a logical landing spot for him.

    Phillips never worked with Gase in Denver.

    Joseph’s name just came off the Denver list.

  19. What has Joseph done to deserve a head coaching job? Dolphins defense has been pretty bad all season and below league average in every key stat. As a dolphin fan, I wouldn’t be upset to see him go.

  20. It’d be cool if Son of Bum would come to Nashville and work with Dick LeBeau, eventually replacing him.

    Granted, he’s not a spring chicken either but he’d be welcomed back to the franchise!

    Luv Ya Blue!

  21. John Elway isnt this stupid to allow the D side of the ball to be dismantled. I doubt Vance Joseph is even a serious candidate. More like a name thrown out to fulfill the Rooney rule. If he was a serious candidate he isnt one now.

  22. Oakland would welcome Wade for sure… Bye bye Norton
    Oakland would never hire Phillips while Del Rio is the HC. Wade humiliated Jack by taking his same 11 defensive starters and turning them into a legendary, SB winning defense. Jack doesnt want to be reminded of that, ever!

  23. I don’t get it–Denver would hire Vance Joseph because….he worked with Gase? Seriously? and if Fins let Joseph go, then I am sure Wade Phillips would do a better job on Miami’s D than Joseph (really, for first time in forever, Miami’s O was far betteer than Miami’s D, which basically blew the Pats game in Miami! but I am sure injuries had something to do with that…no safeties, no LBs, etc.)

    But Phillips ain’t coming to Miami, so let’s keep ol’ Vance, shall we?

    Oh,, and or those who wonder why Vance is getting all these interviews? Rooney Rule. Period. End of story.

  24. Can’t help but think that this would play out like Rex Ryan’s “fixing of the Bills defense” that wasn’t broke.

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