Sean Payton fires five Saints assistants, including Joe Vitt


Saints coach Sean Payton is making a major change to his coaching staff.

Payton has fired five assistants: Joe Vitt, Bill Johnson, Greg McMahon, Stan Kwan and James Willis, according to Alex Marvez of Sporting News.

Vitt is the most noteworthy name on that list. He has served as Payton’s assistant head coach since 2006 and was the Saints’ interim head coach in 2012, when Payton was suspended for Bountygate.

Also noteworthy is that Payton clearly thinks it’s time to improve his special teams: McMahon was special teams coordinator and Kwan was assistant special teams coach.

Johnson coached the Saints’ defensive line, and Willis was a linebackers assistant.

41 responses to “Sean Payton fires five Saints assistants, including Joe Vitt

  1. Making the Saints great again despite every effort by the dictator Goodall to sabotage the franchise.

  2. Special teams was a real problem so that’s no surprise.

    The fact that he let Vitt go is a shock.

    The defensive firings is just the new DC clearing out RR’s trash.

  3. Long overdue. Moe(Vitt), Larry(McMahon) & Curley(Johnson) should’ve been gone st least 5 years ago.

  4. I understand certain fan bases like the Saints and Pays hating Goodell but I have never understood why so many others hate Goodell. People do realize that Goodell is emplywd by the owners and that he executes what the owners want to see happen right? If you do not approve of the direction that the BEL is headed then blame the owners because they are the individuals truly calling the shots.

  5. Hmm, that’s enough to make me think there might be a common factor connecting ALL 5 of YOUR assistants, Sean, but I can’t quite put a finger on it…

    LOL – they’ve almost enough Fall Guys to make a new series – somebody get Lee Majors on the phone!

  6. It’s pretty simple for teams around the league: 20 years ago we were just as bad paying 10 assistants compared to the 30 assistants we pay now. Fire 10 assistants and don’t replace them or you’re all fired.

  7. Getting bizarre how Saint fans never criticize Payton. He gets treated like he is the new sheriff for in town cleaning up other people’s messes when he’s the one who hired all these guys. He’d have been on the hot seat already a couple years ago virtually anywhere else.

  8. yo Sean, is the job really worth it if you have to stab the assistants YOU hired in the back? Brees is on the downhill side of his career. Payton will be out the door next year.

  9. Preliminary estimates are that Vitt will land with the Dolphins, especially if their DC is tagged for a HC job. Vitt is Gase’s father-in-law.

  10. I get the folks that think payton is the problem, i do, because i do believe the offense is as good as it is soley because brees is good enough to make any pass heavy offensive scheme work,…

    BUT pretending that special teams making SOOOO many mistakes over the last 3 years is paytons fault,… and pretending all coaches stay at the best skill level all the time,… is the most asinine thing i have EVER heard,… like really dumb.

    the defense got way better under allen,… chances are suggestions to drop those guys were made by allen, after this year I’D take his word very seriously! and if you can’t figure out why they’d need to get new special teams coaching in there, please go become a falcons or panthers fan, those idiots will love you.

  11. The Saints went 7 and 9 three years in a row. I think 90% of all Saints fans agree that the defense and special teams was the reasons. What was coach supposed to do. Heads had to roll. I think it was a long time overdue. I believe Vitt has been a huge negative to the Saints for years. I am very glad Vitt and McMahon are finally gone. As long as Payton fills those spots with high quality productive replacements the defense and Special Teams will definitely improve. Now we need to draft defense defense defense! Geaux Saints!

  12. Needed this badly. With a great offense, the defense and special teams need to get on board for Brees last year’s to be sucessful.

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