Dolphins waive Jason Jones

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Defensive end Jason Jones played in 14 games for the Dolphins during the regular season, but he will not play in Sunday’s Wild Card playoff game against the Steelers.

According to multiple reports, Jones has been waived by the Dolphins on Friday. Those reports also say that Jones’ departure is not due to any legal matter and that he was not expected to be in the lineup on Sunday had he remained on the team. That leaves Mario Williams, Nicholas Williams and Terrence Fede to go with Cameron Wake and Andre Branch at defensive end this weekend.

Jones had 36 tackles, 3.5 sacks and two passes defensed while making five starts up front for Miami this season. He signed with the team in May after three years with the Lions and has also spent time with the Seahawks and Titans since entering the league in 2008.

The move leaves the Dolphins with an open spot on their 53-man roster. If cornerback Byron Maxwell is going to miss the game due to an ankle injury, they could promote Bene Benwikere from the practice squad.

19 responses to “Dolphins waive Jason Jones

  1. Jason Jones was signed for one reason- make Suh comfortable. They want to surround Suh with his friends while he adapts to miami.

    Same reason they signed CJ Mosley last year.

    Look for them to make a play for Devin Taylor this offseason.

  2. Wow seems like a decent depth player. Their secondary is really beat up though so that’s what I would think they’ll use the roster spot for.

  3. If this were the Patriots kicking a good soldier to the curb at the 11th hour this thread would be full of comments deriding them instead of recognizing it as part of the reality that is life at the bottom of the NFL depth chart when the roster requires churning.

    Please discuss

  4. Is it too late for the Lions to bring him back for Saturday??? They have had no pass rush to speak of this year.

  5. Patriots are fourteen and two home field advantage throughout the playoffs. So yeah, everything is about them.

  6. Lions need to sign him immediately. Could provide 3rd down rush up the middle for them form the DT spot. Something they severely lacked all year.

  7. I remember all the flak Belichick had taken over the years for making a receiver inactive one day before the SB and for resigning Russian Ventrone 11 times over the course if a season.

  8. silverhornet says:
    Jan 6, 2017 2:53 PM
    LOL @ Pats fans with nothing to do.

    Our team is on the bye so we’re just checking in on their obnoxious baby brothers.

  9. That’s a picture of Jones right after one of the Steelers pulled off his helmet by the face mask.,

  10. That’s a picture of Jones right after one of the Steelers pulled off his helmet by the face mask.

  11. aweciti says:
    Jan 6, 2017 2:22 PM

    Why bring up the Patriots? This has nothing to do with them.
    A few years ago the Patriot’s cut a guy before a playoff game and the “Self Righteous and Hypocritical” fans of 31 other teams flooded the comments with claims of what awful human beings the the team is. Plenty of the the trolls commenting were also Dolphins fans.
    It’s kind of like deflategate. It is a league wide investigation that could be explained away by simple science yet when the Steeler’s footballs deflated to the same level in similar weather conditions, the “Self Righteous Hypocrites” that condemn the Patriot’s just ignore the story like it’s no big deal. JUST LIKE the comments here give the Dolphins a free pass for releasing a player and when the Patriot’s do it, the message board gets filled with comments criticizing the team. Kind of like the Jet’s got caught taping the Patriots in a December 2006 game in Foxborough yet only the Patriots are called cheaters for the same thing. GET IT trolls? Doubtful

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