Ryan Tannehill “getting better,” not sure he could play next week

Getty Images

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill took a few snaps at Dolphins practice on Friday, but the return to the field for the first time since injuring his knee about a month ago won’t extend to Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh.

Tannehill will be inactive with Matt Moore remaining in the starting lineup, although a win over the Steelers would open the possibility that Tannehill could play in the divisional round against the Patriots. Tannehill said “it’s tough to say” how likely it is that things will play out that way at this point, but that he is making progress.

“It’s getting better every day. That’s what we’re working for — to be able to move, protect myself, to be able to move in the pocket, evade the rush,” Tannehill said, via the Miami Herald. “That’s what we’re working through — range of motion, strength and everything to make that possible.”

Tannehill added that his knee’s reaction to Friday’s work would help set up next steps and said surgery hasn’t been ruled out as a possibility for the offseason. He won’t have any hand in determining whether the offseason starts on Sunday, though, and that leaves a lot in the hypothetical column for the Dolphins quarterback.