Woody Johnson jokes about negative Christian Hackenberg reports

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There were no shortage of negative reports about Christian Hackenberg before the Jets made him a second-round pick and there have been no shortage of them since he arrived in the NFL.

One of the most recent ones came just before the end of the regular season when it was said that Hackenberg “couldn’t hit the ocean” with a pass. Jets owner Woody Johnson was asked about that when he met with reporters on Thursday and responded with a swing at humor that also involved a government agency.

“Yes, I saw that. I guess it depends which ocean,” Johnson said. “Maybe it was a small ocean. EPA describes that as an ocean. Anyway, no that’s not funny. You’ve got to ask Todd Bowles about Christian because he’s got some opinions about Christian Hackenberg. I think he has maybe a little bit higher opinion than that.”

Something else that Johnson’s not likely to find funny is a report from Manish Mehta quoting a Jets source that says Hackenberg will “never make it” as an NFL quarterback. That’s not a particularly surprising thing to hear given the dearth of positive notices Hackenberg has received, but that doesn’t make it any better for an organization that’s been looking for a quarterback for most of its existence.

20 responses to “Woody Johnson jokes about negative Christian Hackenberg reports

  1. It’s always good when and owner can laugh of a draft bust, especially an egregious waste of a 2nd round pick.
    If I wasn’t a fan of the team I’d laugh at him, not with him.

    Woody, a 2nd round pick, isn’t worth much, right? No worries since QBs are only found in the first round, right?Has any good QB player ever come from the 2nd round, or later? Other than Tom Brady, Russel Wilson, Tony Romo,
    Brett Favre, Joe Montana. Derek Carr looks pretty good too.

  2. James Franklin became a much better coach and Penn State a much better team after he left. Remember when he was throwing Franklin under the bus pre draft?

  3. When it comes right down to it, the only way to find out about Hackenberg is to give him a fair opportunity to play, and see how he does. Dispense with all the speculation one way or another.

  4. Privately he’s laughing all the way to the bank that the Jets fans are suckers enough to keep paying for the awful product he’s putting on the field.

  5. Woody fiddles while the Jets burn. Instead of cracking wise, he should be asking why they were forced to take a middling QB with a high 2nd round pick.

    What’s next……”Try the Veal” ??

  6. .
    The Jets should hire “Animal House” star, Kevin Bacon to implore fans to ” remain calm. All is well.”

  7. Woody still chasing for anything that will take headlines away from the Giants. I guess he doesn’t realize that the biggest headline he could make is “Woody sells Jets”!

  8. Sure Woody, I am glad our failures are hilarious to you. How about you do all us Jets fans a favor and head to the UK already. It’s always two steps forward and then a gigantic leap back with this guy. What he said about or rebuilding process was 100% true even though some Jets fans don’t want to hear about being patient (me either), but all in all he was right and I am glad he recognizes it. Of course he would top that off with this comment.

    I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a Jets fan during Woody’s tenure, it’s a shame because, Hess finally learned and handed control over to Parcells before he passed away (RIP).

  9. As a Jets fan I have a question – Lets say you really think Hackenberg has what it takes, but has bad mechanics.
    Since these bad mechanics are holding him back, isn’t that the first and ONLY thing you would have him work on.

    Why is it that the Jets did not work with him on his mechanics, planning to do that in the off season? Since he was the #4 QB, why didn’t the Jets do that in 2016? Why waste an entire year?

    If bad mechanics are so easy to fix (just a few months) then how come QBs like Cam Newton (throws off back foot) and Tebow and others can’t fix them over many years?

    Are the Jets coaches so amazingly good that they will correct Hackenbergs deficiencies in 4 months? If so, then they will be the first to do this.

    2nd round pick on a speculative QB? Thats a really bad pick. What does the GM (Maccagnan) have to do to get fired? How many bad drafts?

    And don’t give me that “he needs time to implement his plan”. You could hire me for say $250,000 and I could be just as bad, and plead for an extra year to implement my plan. I could use the old reliable “I wasn’t able to hire MY head coach”. That ought to get me another year.

  10. It doesnt matter if Hackenberg can or cant make it in the nfl. It doesnt even matter of they wasted a pick on him in the 2nd round.

    What matters is that there are quotes by an exec within the Jets org that is saying those things, and saying them to the press.

    Winning organizations don’t talk shop, especially degrading and humiliating assesments, outside of the organization. Even confidentially/off the record.

    You dont hear this kind of nonsense from NE, Denver, Seattle, GB, Pitt.

    Get your house in order first Jets, if you want to see success on the field. Until the mindset changes in the front office, it wont trickle down to the players

  11. I wish the article would have mentioned Manish Mehta sooner so I could have stopped reading earlier.

  12. The only way to know about Hackenberg is to see if he ever cracks the regular season lineup and plays.

    While it is fun to speculate on what a terrible bust he is…we just don’t know. He was only ACTIVE for one game all year. And the plan was not to play him at all.

    Petty didn’t play at all in 2015.

    This is Manish Mehta spinning quotes into a story because he has nothing else to talk about.

    What is the rule on drafting a QB and then deciding when they would play? If they don’t play immediately then they get the BUST label?

    Carson Palmer was taken #1 overall and sat a year. Aaron Rogers fell into late in the 1st round and sat a few years before playing. Chad Pennington with the the Jets did not play right away.

    Now this year Jared Goff goes #1, and the notion that he isn’t ready to play is an overwhelming theme for the media. Until he plays and more or less proves that, yah, as a spread QB coming out of college he needs a lot of work before he can adapt to being under center in the NFL. And probably needs better coaching. But that he missed a wide open receiver vs the Seahawks for an easy touchdown is not a good sign.

    The Jets opt to protect their #2 pick and they get killed for it. I don’t agree with a pick in the 2nd round–was he that high on other teams draft boards? That we don’t know.

    The cowboys are forced to play their QB because of injuries to Romo and his backup Kellen Moore. The irony is he plays really well. Kind of like throwing Russell Wilson into the mix and realizing he can play.

    Is it better to wait a year and see what you have then throwing someone to the wolves and they never pan out? It seems much easier to ruin a good QB prospect than develop them.

    EJ Manuel was a #1 pick and slated to start right away. Did he benefit from the experience or did it just prove he is a fumble machine that REALLY can’t hit the ocean throwing a football on a beach (watch some youtube on him making throws away from every receiver and way into the sidelines from training camp)

  13. Failed owner, soon to be a failed ambassador. God ble$$ america.

    Making the Jets great again…or not.

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