Woody Johnson: Todd Bowles doesn’t have a playoff mandate

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Jets coach Todd Bowles missed the playoffs in his first season as head coach in 2015, then took a step backward in 2016. So does that mean he absolutely must make the playoffs in 2017 if he’s going to keep his job in 2018?

“No,” Jets owner Woody Johnson said when asked that question at his end-of-season press conference. “I don’t really like mandates because they normally don’t work – lines in the sand or whatever. You don’t want to judge it that way. The way we’ll judge it is getting better each and every year, and seeing it in our players, our young players – are they getting better or are they going the other way.”

The Jets did not get better in 2016, falling from 10-6 to 5-11. There’s a real chance they won’t get any better next year, either, given their uncertainty at quarterback and precarious salary cap position.

But Johnson says Jets fans should be confident that the team is heading in the right direction.

“I think that they have to have confidence,” Johnson said of Jets fans. “This is their team. They have to see what’s happening and have confidence that we have everything in place to make it better and give them what they want. So they can be proud of their team.”

Proud of their team or not, Jets fans may be getting impatient, as the Jets have missed the playoffs for six consecutive seasons. No Jets fan will want to hear that making it seven in a row in 2017 is acceptable.

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  1. Of course Bowles doesn’t have a playoff mandate. The Jets never make making the playoffs a high priority.

  2. Its really time for a fan revolt against these horrible teams.

    Johnson essentially just said he doesn’t care how the team performs as long as the $$$ keep rolling in.

    Turn your season tix in. Don’t go to the games. I stopped watching every game but the Pats this season and had no problem finding other ways to entertain myself. Don’t buy merch, don’t watch the games on TV.

    Give the league mostly empty stadiums and shut down the live game revenue, and then you’ll see these crappy owners actually trying to put a successful product on the field again.

  3. People who are in their position because of rich parents are really smart. Just ask Donald Trump.

  4. You think you’d only be able to go up from 5-11.

    I don’t really have much say about the Jets since my favorite team is in the NFC and I don’t watch the Jets unless they’re on primetime, but it’s confusing how their defense (dominate D-line, great all-around) had such an underwhelming year.

    They have the pieces on offense to do above-average, but it’s hard to believe Fitzpatrick is holding them back that much.

    I don’t know. Jets fans, what was their issue this year in your opinion?

  5. Soon the Jets will be walking by a fifth Giants Lombardi trophy inside that enormous, neutral building without even the most basic sense of identity named MetLife Stadium.

  6. Thank God my father made me watch the Giants as opposed to the Jets back in the late 70’s. Thank God.

  7. That tampering Jets’ genius, The Woody, has mortgaged the near-future so much on mediocrity that he now has little option to say anything else.

  8. If we had even serviceable NFL QB play this year and went 5-11 he shoulda been fired.

    Of course, if we had serviceable NFL QB play we’d have been between 7 and 10 wins

  9. As a Jets fan what I’m hoping for is:

    1. The Jets don’t draft as poorly as they have done since 2009. Mike Maccagnan has also drafted poorly (outside of Leonard Williams who fell to him). Imagine drafting 2 above average starters. When is the last time they’ve done that?

    2. the Jets go 1-15 and have the chance to draft a franchise QB (not Ryan Leaf or Jarred Goff either). I ‘ll settle for 0-16 too.

    3. the Jets fire their GM (Maccagnan) and the HC. And let the new GM hire a decent HC.

  10. I’m a big Jets fan. I don’t know a single Jets fan who expects us to make the playoffs next year. We have no quarterback. We have no secondary. In fact, we are basically building from very little. We have one OL worth anything (James Carpenter), 2 good veteran WR and some DL. That’s it. Revis is shot; Mangold turns 33 this month and is often injured; David Harris is also turning 33. We are looking at a multi-year development phase. We are not a good team that had a bad year in 2016. We are simply a bad team. Any objective analysis of this roster would yield the same conclusion.

    The roster GM Mike Maccagnan inherited was low on talent. There were some good veteran players and we had a ton of salary cap space. He made some shrewd, inexpensive moves that allowed us to have a winning season in 2015. But for the long term this team needs to build through the draft. His draft results have been mixed so far. Leonard Williams is excellent, Darron Lee has a lot of athletic ability and we have gotten a couple of decent LB in the 3rd round. But the 2nd round picks have failed and every report I have ever read about Christian Hackenberg has been negative. But I don’t think Maccagnan should be fired yet. I think he deserves another draft class and round of free agency at a minimum. Todd Bowles did a good job in 2015. Again, the talent for this year was not good. So I wouldn’t see the point in firing him either.

    I’m glad that Woody Johnson is seeing the roster correctly and understanding the situation correctly. It would be delusional for anyone to think that this club should make the playoffs next year. So how could you give your coach a playoff mandate?

    Good job by Woody. He’s really not a bad owner. He badly mishandled the Tannenbaum/Rex Ryan/John Idzik situation and that set us back several years. And it may be that he does not have a good eye for hiring GM. That would be a very bad thing. But all told, he is willing to spend money and doesn’t make knee-jerk reactions.

    Any long-term Jets fan is used to a lot of losing. But you have to look at the current situation and understand this won’t be a quick fix. We have very few good young players and the veterans are now getting too old. We will probably have a couple of more years of losing. I accept that. It happens with almost every team.

  11. >>But Johnson says Jets fans should be confident that the team is heading in the right direction.

    “I think that they have to have confidence,” Johnson said of Jets fans. “This is their team. ”

    No, it’s YOUR team. And you have hired poor people to run it for years. The latest GM is no better, he hasn’t improved the team in the two years he’s been here.

  12. The Bills slide one game back from last year, after being a credible playoff threat until late in the season, and fire their coach. The Jets win half as many games this year as last and fire everyone around the coach, but not the coach.

    And people wonder why the Pats remain dominant in that division.

  13. Woody gave the Jets a brand new practice facility [top 5 facility in NFL – ask any player] and brand new stadium in which they shared – which I still don’t understand considered a bad thing because its technically better for the environment by using less supplies & money.

    Jets have made playoffs 13 times in 50 years! Woody J has owned the team for 5 of those playoff teams.

    Why all the hate on this guy? Of course he has not been perfect – but who is.

  14. Hey Woody – You just stated on National TV that your focus is on winning!

    Now you say there is ‘No Mandate’ to make it to the Playoffs !!!!!

    OK – I Get It – Your definition of ‘Winning’ is beat the Patriots once a year and hope for the best after that.

  15. Woody is finally making sense, you can either fix it with band aids, high priced FA that don’t perform up to the salary they’re being paid or start with the draft, coach em up and then add some good value FA 2-3 yrs down the road and be good for the next 5 yrs ….draft this yr and next with the OL and defense, build the foundation first then worry about skill players….

  16. intrafinesse says:
    Jan 6, 2017 11:39 AM
    As a Jets fan what I’m hoping for is:

    For my team to be good enough that I can get over my constant visceral insecurity for all things Patriots and resist the urge to compulsively troll them.

    Distilled that down for you.

  17. Kevpft says:

    And people wonder why the Pats remain dominant in that division

    Absolutely right–the Pats have been (until this year anyway) the ONLY team in that division who did not have any level of dysfunction. Folks you cannot have dysfunction on a team between coaches and administrators and owner and still be a dominant team. In 2016, the Jets, unfortunately for them, resigned Fitzpatrick—and of you studies his history with the Bills, where he got a 59 mil extention in 2011 then played badly the rest of the year (won one game out of final 8), and keep signing older players, drafting only D-linemen, relying on a diva receiva, washed up O-linemen FAs, etc….or the Bills, relying on a HC that can’t coach offense or even care about it, then putting ten men on the field against a team with a RB that kept torching them, and with a poor GM and poorer ‘czar’ that did not tell the GM the coach was fired…

    I thank God that finally, finally, the Dolphins got the dysfunction out of their systems and hired Gase, perhaps the next Shula. Now, finally, there will be a team in the AFC East that will legitimately challenge the Pats.

  18. Bowles was a hell of a DC at AZ. Not an expert evaluator, but I think he is strong HC material. He has been hamstrung with the QBs on the team and that needs to change. Give him one more year.

  19. I could have told Woody that resigning Fitz was a bad idea–remembering back to when the Bills did it in 2011 when the Bills were 5-2 or something…the they resign Fitz and they go 6-10! and, while the Bills are clearly dysfunctional, it could be the Jets will become that again–and I really like Todd Bowles.

  20. @fredsingleton

    Our secondary failed this year because of Gilchrist’s play/injury which forced Pryor into coverage from his normal box safety position in which he excels and plays at a pro bowl level in, with Revis’s decline and forcing Skrine to play outside with Marcus Williams injury we got lit up because teams got the ball out fast which made our D-line ineffective except for Leonard Williams. The Decker injury also impacted Brandon Marshall and Quincy Enunwa, Enunwa played great but he is even better in the slot. Injuries to the offensive line effected us too.

    There is a lot of young potential on this Jets team with our wide receivers Enunwa, Anderson, J.Marshall, and Peake. Our offensive line has a lot of potential too, Winters has played great the past two years after looking like a bust, James Carpenter seems to play better in a non zone blocking scheme, and Brandon Shell seem’s to be a steal so far. Leonard Williams looks like an all pro and Darron Lee seem’s like a good pick he just needs to let the game slow down for him. It’s gonna take a while to build a winner but we have good pieces it’s all about depth and taking the BPA from here on out in the draft.

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