Bill O’Brien may still be on the way out in Houston


Yes, Texans owner Bob McNair won’t be firing coach Bill O’Brien. But that doesn’t mean O’Brien will be coming back in 2017.

The chatter that emerged last week couched the potential divorce as the product of a mutual decision. Per multiple sources, the situation is much more about O’Brien not being happy with the Texans than the Texans not being happy with O’Brien.

The situation arises from friction between O’Brien and G.M. Rick Smith. But the team’s position is that, in an intense industry like football, people aren’t going to always get along. They don’t have to get along; they just have to work together.

The team’s position also may be influenced by a sense that O’Brien was hoping to get a free-and-clear release from his contract, with the ability to pursue a vacant head-coaching job. If someone wants to hire him, they’ll have to contact the Texans and negotiate compensation in advance of negotiating with O’Brien.

The end result, for now, is that the six teams with vacancies know it’s a possibility. Whether someone commences that process remains to be seen. Regardless, it’s now widely known that O’Brien is potentially in play.

54 responses to “Bill O’Brien may still be on the way out in Houston

  1. Dude isn’t worth the headache. He was mad at Pen State, so he left for the Texans and now mad there as well. He even got into a yelling match w/ Brady.

  2. If the Raiders were smart, they would dump the Del Rio Clown and make a play for some real coaching talent. Oakland has a lot to offer! Franchise qb, other good pieces, potentially new state of the art stadium……………their days of dumpsta fire coaches should come to an end.

  3. I Don’t blame O’Brien for being unhappy with McFool and Dick Smith making the decisions for the Texans; when your working for Heckel&Jeckel, what do you expect? Certainly, no smart football decisions.

  4. O’Brien is still under contract for at least a year or two, he’s not leaving $10M on the table after posting 3 winning seasons and 2 playoff appearances just because people think he’s unhappy.

  5. If Obrien is fired, the GM will probably be gone in 2 or less years, when they find out that good coaches are hard to replace.

    I am not sure why Teams don’t learn their lessons. Coaches are harder to replace than GMs. Look at the 49’ers.

  6. Worst division in football past couple years with the best Defensive player the past couple of years and they can barely get into the playoffs. Good Riddance O’Brien. Not sure what everyone see’s in this guy.

  7. I agree that Rick Smith is and has been the problem there for years, but some of you are out to lunch if you think the personnel evaluator isn’t the more important job. I can name a host of coaches who are okay at their jobs who have won Super Bowls, but I can’t name too many so so GMs or personnel chiefs who led a team to a title. Doesn’t happen. The teams that win Super Bowls hit on lots of draft picks, and that’s usually the teams with great GMs or personnel guys because rarely can a coach do both or even do well when they pick a guy to just rubber stamp what they want to do.

  8. Lol! Seriously Mike, getting along is how people work together! You don’t have to like each other (although it makes things a hell of a lot smoother if you do) but respect each others ideas and opinions and display equal effort to the tasks at hand and things can be accomplished. I’m in computer engineering with some of the strangest, emotionally devoid, robotic, knobs to walk the earth. Be that as it may, I’m nice, courteous and helpful and even when I don’t get the disposition I prefer for the most part we work good together. That’s from a guy who’s worked in the tech industry for 28 years starting in manufacturing and then on to corporate.

    Either way a win against the pats is a tall order for any team particularly a team that only got in because there division is trash. I wish them luck either way.

  9. Pats blow out the texans next saturday night. Yawwwwwwwwnnnnnn.

    Lets hope the fish can bring the upset.

    Literally the most boring matchup you can imagine. Game will be over by half.

  10. AFC south might be weak ,but they are the champs of that division and while it seems far fetched, they are 2 wins from playing in the Super Bowl. A lot of organizations would like to be in their position. Why start over now, trying to install new schemes along with a new philosophy. Give it at least two more seasons,then see where the team is headed.

  11. Bill O’Brien has always struck me as a grumbling malcontent. As I recall, he griped about players and scholarships and the whole situation at Penn State, then got out in a hurry. Now he’s grumbling about the situation of an NFL operation. Houston could probably do better with someone who accepts the racket as it is and doesn’t gripe so much.

  12. How do teams with coaching vacancies know O’Brien wants out? Because a no-name source floated some story out there?

  13. Whoever is responsible for the Texans QB problem needs to go and whoever got the Texans into the playoffs and led them to advance needs to stay. So in that case it clears BoB deserves to stay and whatever clown in management needs to hit the road.

  14. edsbay says:
    Jan 7, 2017 9:38 PM

    Worst division in football past couple years with the best Defensive player the past couple of years and they can barely get into the playoffs. Good Riddance O’Brien. Not sure what everyone see’s in this guy.
    Perhaps everyone is seeing that having the “best Defensive player” doesn’t mean squat when your QB sucks.

  15. Bill O’Brien is a decent coach. I’d be ok with dropping him if we could pull a miracle and persuade Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy or Bill Cowher to replace him.

  16. Bill O is a good coach who thinks he is and potentially will be a great coach… but he is a fuss pot. Not sure he will ever find the perfect place to land. Texans would be crazy to fire him, but how you keep someone like that happy, I dunno. Draft the next Tom Brady I guess

  17. Oh, and Baalke vs. Harbaugh is a bad example. Just about every impact player on those teams were drafted by Scott McCloughan, and even his best draft, the one that they got Bowman in, McCloughan put that board together and got fired like a month before the draft because he was boozing. Some people like me pointed out that he wasn’t hitting on draft picks while Harbaugh was there and the talent was eroding. Surprise, surprise, they fell off of a cliff once a lot of those players quit the team or got injured in short order.

  18. I can recall when Marty Schottenheimer was fired after leading the Chargers to a 14-2 season. The reason given by the owner was “a dysfunctional situation” between the coach and GM A.J. Smith.

    And losing to the Patriots certainly played a role…

  19. Folks act like he’s a coaching wunderkind. It’s not like the team made a great leap from Kubiak to O’Brien, it’s just everyone else in the division is a tad bit more mediocre than Houston. I doubt they collapse if he bails. Face it, Osweiler is the QB and pouting about it doesn’t change anything.

  20. I can recall when Marty Schottenheimer was fired after leading the Chargers to a 14-2 season. The reason given by the owner was “a dysfunctional situation” between the coach and GM A.J. Smith.
    …..and they’ve never recovered.

  21. I keep seeing posts that a good coach is worth more than a good GM. I don’t agree with that at all. Look around at all the stable winning teams in the league and you will see many have good GMs and their success started with good GMs.

    Is Jason Garrett really that good a coach or did his success start once Stephen Jones started making GM decisions?

    Oaklands rebuilding started with a good GM.

    Detroit got what seems like a quality GM and started making the playoffs.

    Carolina took a big step back this year but last year’s success can be traced to their GM.

    Seahawks same story.

    Steelers same story.

    The reason most teams want a GM in place before hiring a coach is the GM’s vision for the team and personal, player and coach included, is usually what drives a franchise.

  22. I can imagine Houston collectively looking at Obrien and saying the same thing Curly Bill said in Tombstone when Wyatt said that he was leaving town.

    Well. Bye.

  23. If you were O’Brien and you could land somewhere with more talent and more control, why wouldn’t you do it? It’s been apparent for quite a while he and Smith don’t get along. He’s probably smart enough to know the Texans are going nowhere with Osweiller and they are stuck with him for a couple more years. I could see him walking for the right situation

  24. -Jacksonville- will not give up any compensation (read draft pick(s)) for him; also a division rival
    -San Francisco- he’s too smart to go there, that place is for an untested OC/DC
    -Buffalo- see SF
    -San Diego- possible, but I see BO as an East Coast guy
    -LA- same thing but, for some reason, I wouldn’t rule this out
    -Denver- hmmmmm…

  25. In years past, Houston’s GM could never put enough talent on the field to give them a chance to win. They never had a QB. They finally have a QB, plus they have Clowney and Watt. I’m not sure if the coach knows how good Osweiler is. Maybe the coach gave up on Brock too soon, and that started a rift. When/if Houston gets J.J. Watt back, and he comes back and plays at the same level, they’re going to be a great team. Clowney and Watt together on the same field is like having Reggie White and Deacon Jones. It effects every play. If O’Brien leaves, someone like Gruden will not be able to resist coming out of retirement. When I heard Gruden do something he rarely does (criticize O’Brien a couple times), it made me wonder if Gruden is already making plans. Just a note to Houston fans: Don’t lose any sleep if O’Brien steps away.

  26. Osweiler played pretty well yesterday; and this was his first full season as a starter in the NFL. Maybe the light has come on after his benching? In any case, he’s owed a lot of guaranteed money next season; and at the least, he’ll be involved in a competition with Tom Savage for the starting job.
    I recall that it was widely reported that the Texans signed Brock Osweiler, even though O’Brien had never met him? And the jury may still be out as to whether Osweiler can be their long-term QB. Maybe, maybe not, but I don’t think the final chapter has been written there…
    And remember, Smith I’m sure has been instrumental in bringing in much of the Texans overall talent, especially all those outstanding defensive players, which seems to be being ignored?
    You would think that O’Brien and Smith might have a sit-down over a beer or two, and see if they can mend whatever fence might be frayed?

  27. If He wants out of his contract he should have Texans wear letterman jackets to face Pats next week. He’s sure to be fired. That is if Pitt beats Fins as they should.

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