Chiefs blocked Chris Ballard from interviewing with 49ers

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The 49ers entered the process of searching for a G.M. with one primary target in mind: Chiefs director of player personnel Chris Ballard. He was, as one source put it, San Francisco’s “first choice, second choice, and third choice” for the position.

Reports that Ballard wouldn’t interview for the job created the impression that he declined. Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Chiefs actually decided not to grant permission for the interview.

For G.M. positions, a team can block interviews of front-office employees until the playoff runs ends. It’s an odd contrast to the rule for coaching jobs, which permits assistant coaches to be interviewed before their current teams’ seasons end. Last year, for example, the Packers decided not to allow Eliot Wolf to interview for the G.M. job in Detroit until the Green Bay playoff run ended.

The 49ers could wait until the Chiefs’ season ends and try again. However, they’d have to wait at least another week. Even then, Ballard may not be interested in leaving Kansas City.

15 responses to “Chiefs blocked Chris Ballard from interviewing with 49ers

  1. A smart GM could ball out in SF. Jed wants to hand the key over to someone who knows how to build a team. Got the #2 pick, nearly $90 million in cap space, can hire your own HC, and aren’t stuck with a franchise killing QB (and lack of picks that comes with it) like Goff. It’s a blank slate with all the resources a GM could want. Whoever takes it, of up to the challenge, will turn the 49ers around a be hero in the Bay Area.

  2. I doubt anyone believes York would stay out of it for long. If the new GM and coach even look to be turning things around, York will start meddling again.

  3. Lets see. Living in beautiful SF, one of 32 NFL GM jobs, big money…………………or living in the corn stalks, small market, small job, only real source of entertainment is the weekly Hay Dance at the YMCA…………..yeah, I would want to stay there.

  4. As a 49ers fan, I hate to admit that the owner is the single biggest problem. Jed was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and doesn’t have a clue how to run anything. He was handed the ownership and hasn’t had to lead anyone or work to get to a leadership position in his life.

    Eddie DeBartolo, please take YOUR team back from your nephew!

  5. York has made the 49ers a cemetery for careers. Whatever gm worth his salt would say to the owners leave him s alone and let us do our job! But Jed’s ego is too fragile, so he won’t hire or pay guys like that. ( harbaugh intimidated him) He’ll probably dumpster dive like he always does because he’s too dumb to know how gnorant he is. If he were smart he would hire mike and kyle Shanahan. Working together will not be a problem. The younger can groom the next qb, mike is respected n the NFL and is known for drafting ol and robs in Denver where he was gm/hc. That would also give an olive branch to old 49ers and fans who he’s alienated. Win win, they do he work take the heat and Jed gets the glory and more importantly the money. But then again no one ever has accused the Yorks of being smart!

  6. Sigh… This is why I am so glad fans don’t get a say despite all the whinging and crying.

    Belichick has yet to produce a quality coaching tree. Yet the fans all clamor for New England picks.

    Saban ran away from the NFL after going 6-10 his second year. He’s a college coach where recruiting is king and any kind of half-*** coaching will produce a winning team.

    O’Brien, so far, is the best of the bunch with 3 years of 9-7 as the former ‘offensive coordinator hot pick’ has, year-after-year, made the Texans’ offense worse, not better. He’s riding on the coattails of the defense.

    Weis fouled up two college programs.

    McDaniels over-saw a 1 3/4 Charlie Foxtrot in Denver where he alienated the team and tried to trade Cutler for Cassel and ran Marshall out of town. He follow that up by leading the Rams to one of the worst offensive performances in modern history at 12.1PPG. Even this year’s Rams at 14.1PPG were better.

    Crennell failed twice but, with tons of talent on defense, can manage to build a second-tier playoff defense (usually around 7th).

    When you hire a Belichick flunky history has taught us that you’re getting a glorified administrative assistant, not Belichick’s brain.

    Yet that’s fan wants…

  7. So, coaches who are crucial to game planning can interview, but management guys who aren’t involved in the day to day planning can’t interview until their playoffs are over? Makes sense.

  8. The San Francisco job is one of the best GM jobs to come along in awhile. The entire team and cap has been gutted to start over. Whoever the GM is, is going to have 84 million dollars in cap space, the number 2 pick in the draft, an owner willing to spend and over spend in free agency(see Torrey Smith). Just like in 2011 the team is pretty much already built on the defensive side of the ball, they just have had some terrible luck with injuries and some bad coaching. All these factors and being able to shape a roster to their system is also why you are hearing it is the #1 coaching job for Shanahan and Mcdaniels. As much as Florio continues to try ad grind his axe against the organization, all the other news that comes out contradicts what he says. The Riddick/Mcdaniels combo is what has been coming out of the building since day one.

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