Jets hire former Bears assistant Clint Hurtt


The Jets have begun filling in the blanks after making some significant if not wholesale changes on their defensive staff.

According to Alex Marvez of the Sporting News, the Jets are giving a two-year deal to Bears assistant Clint Hurtt to be their new outside linebackers coach.

He’ll replace Mark Collins, who was a part of last week’s shakeup which also saw defensive line coach Pepper Johnson and defensive backs coach Joe Danna shown the door.

The Bears blocked Hurtt from going to the Dolphins last year, but his contract expired and he was free to go this year.

Most of Hurtt’s experience has been at the college level, and was sanctioned by the NCAA for some recruiting shenanigans at Miami. He also coached at Louisville.

6 responses to “Jets hire former Bears assistant Clint Hurtt

  1. Hurtt was sanctioned by the fraudulent organization that is the NCAA. However, that is far from all of the story. In fact, Louisville kept him on staff after the show cause was issued for the Mami issue. Louisville AD Tom Jurich effectively told the NCAA to pound sand. If only more schools would do the same. People should have listened to Jerry Tarkanian a long time ago.

  2. Peppers was a fine coach when he was with the Patriots. I’d look for him to end up back in Foxboro. Maybe even before New England plays Houston next week. Unless Osweiler stinks it up.

  3. tbisgod says:
    Jan 7, 2017 6:27 PM

    The sad news is the Jets were better than Chicago….Sorry, bearsbus


    Yea because finishing outside the playoffs with 2 more wins is so much better. Plus you have all the old Bears garbage anyways, may as well take their cut coaches too.

    Sorry Cork!

  4. “Peppers was a fine coach when he was with the Patriots. I’d look for him to end up back in Foxboro.”

    Great LB coach. He used to have a drill where he would whip a football as hard as he could at each linebacker from about 10′ away.

    They had to keep doing the drill until every LB made a catch in the same round of throws.

    As a result Pats linebackers had more INTs every year when Pepper was coaching them than anytime since.

    Not sure he’ll go back to Foxboro though. He was really disappointed he wasn’t promoted to DC last time there was a changeover, that’s why he left in the first place. Not sure he’d want to go back to being a position coach with the Pats again knowing he’s not likely to get the DC job.

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