Jaguars’ owner says new hires will change, “establish” franchise

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The Jaguars have made the hirings of head coach Doug Marrone and executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin official, as well as announcing that the contract of general manager Dave Caldwell has been extended.

In a statement, Jaguars owner Shad Khan said these hirings will one day be looked upon as “the moment that inspired and ultimately established the Jacksonville Jaguars as a football team that wins, week to week and season to season.”

Marrone served as the team’s interim coach last month after the firing of Gus Bradley. He and Coughlin will be formally introduced by the team on Thursday.

I am particularly enthused to introduce Doug Marrone as our new head coach,” the statement by Khan said. “Doug is a strong football man in every respect and offers us qualities that will serve us well in all facets of the team, from the meeting rooms to game day and much more.

“The results will speak for themselves in time, but with Tom coming in to join Dave and Doug, there is no question the Jaguars are a stronger football team today.”

Coughlin was the Jaguars’ head coach from 1995-2002 and interviewed last month for the team’s coaching position. He stepped down last January after 12 years as head coach of the Giants.

“I am honored to welcome Tom Coughlin back to Jacksonville, where winning was customary under his leadership,” Khan said. “I know he expects the same in his return to head our football operations, and that’s good news for us and Jaguars fans everywhere.”

36 responses to “Jaguars’ owner says new hires will change, “establish” franchise

  1. Knowing the owner, he hired Marroon not because he was the most qualified but because he was the cheapest. So, Jags fans can look forward to a few more years of sucking. Coughlin will only help so much.

  2. I’m not unhappy with the Marrone hiring, but in typical Jaguars fashion, they’ve left my underwhelmed. There’s just never a WOW moment with this team.

  3. Wish them well! Not only do their fans deserve it but Coughlin deserves a better end to his footbal life than that farce Mara screwed him with.

  4. Not a Jags fan, but having TC as your VP of Ops and establishing Marrone as your HC are positive steps for this organiztion. Gus was a great guy, but this franchise obviously needed more backbone and grit with the current roster. With these two guys, both of those qualities are at a premium.

  5. Titans fan here….. I heard all the same noise from Titan fans about Mularky when he was hired as HC…. And you can see the results… Quality HC’s only go as far as their QB will take them. Titan up.

  6. Now just change those all-time-worst uniforms, and you’ll be in business.

    Really. The unis are hideous. Simplify. Pick a color. Lose the black. Man, they’re awful.

  7. their unis are now worse than baltimore’s

    at least jax has better font and a better logo

    baltimore is mortifying

    it’s been funny watching people think it is cool or tough

    ugly, forced and lame

  8. Any chance the “change” talked about here can start with some professional looking uniforms and not what Nike’s President’s 5 year old nephew drew on a napkin with crayons at dinner?

  9. I like the attitude of this owner. I think they have a good young core of defensive players and a good young QB. Blake Bortles might have caused a lot of people to lose faith in him, but he’ll be back. He’s still so young. I generally wouldn’t like the idea of bringing in Coughlan, but I think it’s the perfect thing to do at this point in Tom’s life, and with a QB who could use some stability. I think Jacksonville might just shock a bunch of folks as early as next year. If they have a good draft and add a couple more studs to that defense, they’ll be tough. Roll Tide! I mean, Go Jags!

  10. Mr. Khan is too smart a man to hire someone as inept as Doug Marrone.
    Apparently, you’re wrong.

    How long until owners and GMs around the league realize the pool of prospective hires, is not really any better than the dudes who just got fired?

  11. Go ahead NFL land. Dump it on us. We are used to it.

    When we start winning, whenever that may be, I’ll be hammered … and ready to soak up the glory.

  12. Still have doubts about Caldwell…we will see now if it was Gus or the people he was given.

  13. Maddenisfordorks- it took 41 years for the Patriots to win it all and when they did, the party was glorious.

    The only decent alternative, for me, was Mike Smith but that didn’t happen, so what. I didn’t want an inexperienced coordinator (especially Kyle Shanahan whose meddling Dad likely tags along). Nor am I a Josh M. fan…Doug Marrone is a fine compromise.

    The party goes on in the Tailgater lot regardless.

  14. This move reminds me of when the Bills brought Marv Levi back out of retirement to work as an administrator…..did not end up well.

  15. I could foresee some confusion there, with spillover into each other’s areas of responsibility. Especially since, as such a longtime, passionate HC, Coughlin might be sorely tempted to semi-coach the team as well as be the overall director of football operations, which you might also think would be the purview of your GM?
    It could work out, but I wouldn’t be too sure…

  16. BigVinnyInJax says:

    I’m not unhappy with the Marrone hiring, but in typical Jaguars fashion, they’ve left my underwhelmed. There’s just never a WOW moment with this team.
    You are incorrect. First time I saw their uni’s, I said “ummmmm… WOW!”… so there was a wow moment…

  17. Don’t know if they will win the Super Bowl but they will be a better team having TC involved. I agree about the uniforms. I cant stand some of those Nike designs. Some of the Thursday night uniforms were better than the uniforms they wear all the time. The Saints , the Steelers all black with the different numbers are two of the best I had seen all year.

  18. Absolutely love this pairing. Tom C is a proven winner and is going to bring toughness and accountability to this franchise.

    In Marrone I see a guy with conviction and foresight. Seems like his decision to walk away from Buffalo was the right call..

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