Jason Pierre-Paul says he’s not signing a one-year deal

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The Giants didn’t give Jason Pierre-Paul a chance to come back quickly from groin surgery.

And he said he’s not coming back at all on another prove-it deal.

As the Giants packed up for the offseason following yesterday’s loss to the Packers, Pierre-Paul told reporters he’s looking for a long-term deal when he’s a free agent in two months, feeling like he’s proven himself as a pass-rusher after coming back from the fireworks accident that cost him a quarter of his total number of digits.

“There’s not really a guy like me out here doing it with seven and a half fingers,” he said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday.

Well, he’s got us there.

Pierre-Paul had seven sacks this year in 12 games, and he said if the Giants had made it to the Divisional Round, he’d have definitely played to try to add to that total.

Now, he can give himself plenty of time to recover, and get ready for a chance at a truly open market which he lost along with his fingers. Given the deals people are handing out for pass-rushers these days, there will certainly be a healthy market for him. And while he said he’d love to return, he admitted this time was a “business decision,” so it sounds like he’s prepared to look elsewhere.