Joey Porter hit with five charges, posts $25,000 bond

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Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter scored more charges than the Steelers scored touchdowns yesterday.

Following his arrest last night outside a bar following an altercation with a police officer, the Steelers outside linebackers coach was hit with five charges.

Via Dan Gigler of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Porter was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He was released from Allegheny County Jail early this morning after posting a $25,000 bond. His first court hearing is Jan. 19.

Police said they came to the scene outside a bar after a call from a restaurant: “due to an unruly customer who was in the process of assaulting the doorman.”

Witnesses said Porter was asked to leave the establishment several times and did not.

The Steelers issued the usual “gathering information, no further comment” statement, and haven’t added to it yet. The league will likely begin its own investigation soon as to whether Porter violated the personal conduct policy, which applies to coaches as well as players.

31 responses to “Joey Porter hit with five charges, posts $25,000 bond

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    Dan Rooney will make a couple of calls. Then, Porter will be named the Walter Peyton Man of the Year while the doorman will be deported to Libya.

  2. $25K bond for essentially yelling at a doorman and arguing with the police? Outrageous. No wonder our jails are overcrowded. The “average joe” posters are always championing could never get prior to trial.

  3. You have got to be kidding. After his behavior at the Cinn game last year it is time to part ways with old Joey. Who needs this type of crap from a man that is supposed to be a role model for the players.

  4. dickroy says:
    Jan 9, 2017 7:57 AM

    I’m a Steeler fan, but I just read Porters list of run ins with the law over his career. The Steelers should set an example and fire him now. Is this the kind of example a coach should set for the players? He is not even a good outside linebackers coach! Dump him Mr. Rooney!

  5. >>The Steelers issued the usual “gathering information, no further comment” statement, and haven’t added to it yet.

    Well, what should they do?
    A person has rights too.
    There have been plenty of cases where charges are dismissed.
    There was a case last year where some off duty cops started something with LeSean McCoy. Nothing came of it.

    And theer was a linebacker who was arrested due to some altercation with a woman. Turns out she started it, and nothing happened to him.

    Let the courts decide THEN take action. Don’t try someone in the media.

  6. This is not a good look at all for the Steelers. He has to be put on leave. Makes entire coaching staff look bad.

  7. Looks like somebody got overly enthusiastic about beating a team with a backup QB — just ike last year when you picked a fight out on the field. Don’t worry, Joey. Your vacation starts next week anyway. HAHAHA!

  8. As long as he’s only hitting someone Goodell won’t care. Now if it was the wrong color sneakers or something like that it would be a national emergency.

  9. The referees were not here to back him this time, thy are notorious for pretending to not see how this jackass provokes on the field. I’m sure this will get brushed under the rug but he must’ve been really bad for the police to be called as the city does everything it can to protect the team from bad ink.

  10. Gets drunk. Gets arrested. Well, if the Steelers fire him the good news is the Patriots may hire him–being a drunk and arrested doesn’t matter to them.

  11. Porter was one of those you like only if he’s on your team. To me by his actions, he’s s till the entitled man child he was as a player.

  12. Steelers’ fan, like Joey Porter, but enough’s enough. Like I said to my son, a recent college graduate . . . you are in the big boy world now, time to stop the partying to the point of no return . . . college days are over.

    Joey, you had a good gig here in Pittsburgh . . . why can’t you just get out of your own way?

  13. Steeler fan here, have been since 1976……don’t like Porter or his antics dating back to his playing days. He had talent, but couldn’t control those emotions.

    I said it then and I’ll say it now. Porter needs to go. Too much of a distraction. They don’t need this crap. They are hanging in there barely, and have a chance to go further. But not with this crap!

  14. nufcedmcgreevey says:
    Jan 9, 2017 10:43 AM
    Just another maggot steeler getting arrested, nothing new here now move along little ones.

    31 26
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    I the years of getting beat by the Steelers has made a bit salty to say the least… grab a snickers and set in the corner grumpy.

    Joey needs a last chance warning as no one was injured and we don’t have all the facts, but having managed a restaurant/bar in the Burg……it doesn’t look good for Joey.

  15. Let’s see leadership from Tomlin. Be a man and fire Porter, if this was a player he’d be swiftly suspended.

  16. Joey must have forgotten to call Lt. Jack Kearney aka “The Cleaner.” He has covered up so much of the steelers multiple incidents like this in the past

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