Matthew Stafford’s not talking about contract situation

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is eventually going to sign a gigantic contract, one which could turn out to be the biggest in the league just by natural forces of time and inflation.

But in the aftermath of losing in the playoffs to the Seahawks to punctuate a season-ending three-game losing streak, he didn’t feel like talking about it.

“I’m not going to deal with hypotheticals, man,” Stafford said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “If they come to me, they come to me. If they don’t, they don’t. I’ll talk to you guys about it then.”

Stafford’s entering the final year of his contract, and if he signs a multi-year extension it could eclipse the $24.6 million a year average of Andrew Luck. But he said it wasn’t his call, so the topic didn’t interest him.

“That’s not up to me,” he said. “It’s up to the people upstairs and the Fords and whether they want to or not. It’s not on the forefront of my mind at the moment. Got a lot of things going on personally that are important to me, so figure that out when I need to.”

Stafford and wife are expecting twins this spring, so he has valid reasons to have other things on his mind. But while the end of the season was unsatisfying (and painful, with the finger injury coinciding with a dip in their results), he had one of his best seasons, including eight fourth-quarter comeback wins.

So whenever he or they decide to start talking about it, the numbers are going to be worth talking about.

24 responses to “Matthew Stafford’s not talking about contract situation

  1. Stafford gets traded and Lions sign Cutler after his release from Chicago. Best case Scenario! GO Lions!

  2. When the old guard retires (Brady, Brees, etc.) Stafford will be in his prime and among the top 5 in the league – he is still a relatively young QB.

  3. Oh gosh…I am worried about him…I really hope that Detroit does not insult him and offer him less that 22m a year. The shame of it all.

  4. This is the first year that he’s been able to justify his salary. Can’t wait to see who gets saddled with his next contract, hopefully the Lie-ins.

  5. Kids got a cannon unfortunatly that team is always on the verge of moderate success and absolute failure at the same time for what seems like forever.

  6. Come to Jacksonville. We’ll roll with Bortles for the last year of his contract then you can move right in. Lots of sunshine, great place for the twins to grow up, no state income tax, good receivers and the 6th ranked defense.

  7. Dude hasn’t won a playoff game yet…..Had to come back in the 4th quarter to win 8 games this year against teams not in the playoffs…..Way overhyped quarterback right now…..when you get a soon to be 91 year old owner involved I see a team that gets hampered in future years with an overpaid QB!!!!!

  8. If the Lion’s pay Stafford market value, they become the Raven’s. Cap strapped, unable to fix holes except through the draft. Something Detroit has historically struggled with.

  9. Caldwell is not a coach. Demand a new coach or leave. Ill go with you. These leaders weve ever had in the Lions organization all suck. Every single one of them for over 60 years. Suck.

  10. I don’t know. Eight 4th quarter comebacks wins are impressive. Its amazing when your head coach is Jim Caldwell. I can’t imagine how many times in those comebacks Caldwell was thinking of just punting on every play to avoid….losing by more points I guess.

    So 8 comebacks are really impressive when you have a head coach with little understanding of game management, or how when you are behind, you have to take SOME risks to get back in the game. If they don’t work, you lose worse. If they do, you have a shot to win.

  11. How many decent players get to spend their careers competing against an all-time level player? Stafford has been contending for basically his entire career with Rodgers. It makes the scrutiny that much tougher when you have to be measured up to a guy like that.

    Just like any QB in the AFC South while Manning was in Indy, or any AFC East QB while Brady is there, and an NFC South comparison to Brees.

    Stafford hasn’t hit that elite status yet, and like his counterpart in Chicago, he has all the tools, but hasn’t really put it together. Not sure at this point either of them ever will. But that won’t stop someone from paying them big $ to keep playing. They can either take over a game or take you out of one. Stafford is a little steadier than Cutler, except for the games against the Bears this year. He was awful.

    Playing QB is a maddening thing to all involved. So much pressure, so much glory, so much focus. Team, coaches, front office, and fans all invest way too much in their QB, and rarely are satisfied with the result.

  12. I like how people talk about Andrew luck like he’s an elite qb saddled in dysfunctional franchise with no running game (better than staffords) and a poor offensive line. Who else does that sound like?

    But when they talk about stafford it’s just about how he can’t take his team to the next level when he has no running game and his recievers are dropping multiple passes in a playoff game that hit them in the hands?. And yet which qb carried,his team to the playoffs?

  13. Wish he could have finished the season healthy. He talked it down a ton, but you know that finger was affecting him, and the stats backed that up.

    Could have hosted a home game 🙁

  14. I dont really buy the whole “never won a playoff game” thing with Stafford. He’s playing for the Lions.

    If you switched Aaron Rodgers and Stafford, I think Stafford will have won a few playoff games….

  15. If I’m Stafford… I’m going where I can hope for far more… than a ticker tape parade… for barely making it to the playoffs.

    WOOHOO!… not.

    Obviously Fords… and Caldwell apologists in Detroit are happy with that.

  16. nukeslovesit says:
    Jan 9, 2017 4:38 PM

    Half the teams in the league would line up for this guy in a nanosecond.
    I would take him over Cutler tomorrow if anyone wanted to make that deal…

  17. Stafford would be smart to wait til free agency to maximize his value plus he would have another year to assess his options. Had Luck waited til this year to sign he would have commanded 30 mil per year in free agency and had the choice to bolt from a dysfunctional organization.

  18. I love the “He hasn’t won a playoff game” stuff…If you actually follow this team, you know the front office up to this season has provided zero consistent weapons other than Megatron coupled with poor to OK defenses on the other side of the ball. Then these same people whine that his stats are hollow… Laughable

  19. By the time Stafford’s career is over he’ll probably have made in the top 10 cumulative career earnings. Seems to me he’s finally worth that high annual take. The Lions would be nuts not to sign him.

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