NFLPA will conduct its own investigation of Matt Moore situation


The NFL will be investigating the question of whether Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore’s quick return to Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh violated the concussion protocol. The NFL Players Association will be investigating it, too.

The NFLPA has announced that it “will review the application of the Concussion Protocols by Miami’s medical staff in connection with the hit by Pittsburgh’s Bud Dupree on Miami quarterback Matt Moore in Sunday’s Dolphins-Steelers game.”

Moore missed only one play after being blasted by Dupree, and some believed that it seemed at times after his return that Moore may not have completely had his wits about him.

Prior to the 2016 season, the league and the union agreed to a procedure that entails both sides conducting their own investigations, with an arbitrator ultimately resolving any impasse regarding whether a violation occurred. The Cam Newton situation arising from the first game of the regular season resulted in a joint agreement aimed at ironing out lingering loopholes that rendered the failure of the independent monitor to remove Newton from the field technically justifiable.

This time around, it will be interesting to see if the NFL and the NFLPA agree on whether a violation did or didn’t occur and, if so, what will be done about it.

The mere existence of the investigation doesn’t mean there was a violation. However, the investigation confirms that at least  some suspicion exists that something may have gone wrong — and the circumstances are potentially more egregious than they were in Newton’s case because Moore’s hit came in the first half. Newton’s happened late in a close game.

It’s understandable that, with so many people having the ability to yank a player off the field for a full evaluation, each will be inclined to let someone else be the one who pulls the trigger. That temptation should be reduced in the first half of a game; the fact that it was a playoff game may have contributed to the collective failure to be more vigilant about getting more properly checked.

19 responses to “NFLPA will conduct its own investigation of Matt Moore situation

  1. Last I checked, the chin is part of the head and you can easily get concussed by a shot to the jaw. I was shocked to see him back in so fast. I figured he was done as soon as I saw it happen.

  2. Looks like the league was doing a solid for the Dolphins. The alternative is that they get a replay of the Houston/Oakland debacle from the day before. They weren’t gonna let the Dolphins play Pittsburgh with a 3rd strong QB. Because you know, integrity and all that. It’s more probable than not that the league was generally aware that the Dolphins 3rd strong QB would have been a horrid display of playoff football

  3. I don’t know how they’re ever going to make this system work well because absolutely nobody wants to see guys still ambulatory kept off the field. The league doesn’t want that, the teams don’t want that, in the heat of the moment even the players themselves don’t want that. And the fans certainly don’t want that.

    If some major star took a hit and wasn’t allowed back in you’d instantly see conspiracy theories about how the game had been rigged. The debate would center on how the rules needed to be loosened up. We all know that is how it would play out.

  4. He was confused because he was wondering how he ended up signing with the Dolphins.

    I think Dolphins fans just want a reason as to why they sucked.

  5. He was outside of the pocket which makes him a running back, isn’t that Blandino’s explanation when it happens to Can Newton?

    That said, I give Moore credit for coming back, that took some serious guts.

  6. Duoree needs a season ending fine! If he makes 1 million during the playoffs then his fine should be 1 million.

    My wife asked about Matt Moore coming back and I explained that there were trained medical staff in the booth that would direct the Dolphins to keep him out if they thought he was injured. I was amazed that Moore was able to play. Does Matt More have a concussion?

  7. The Chiefs will return the favor next week. Big Ben will be lucky to finish the game. It’s called karma.

  8. If Burfict laid that same hit on Big Ben he would be kicked out of the league for a year. This is the problem with the NFL, penalties & fines depend on who does the hitting and who gets hit.

  9. I watched the highlights of that game and I thought the steelers d kept taking head shots at defenseless receivers and spearing. I didn’t see any calls either.

  10. The saltiness of you Cheatriot fans tears are delicious. KC vs Pittsburgh will be a game that will be tough for both teams. However, that said, I love watching pats fans shaking and crying in forums. It’s almost as good a sport as watching the games themselves. Keep crying…

  11. This is how the Steelers’ Bountygate is going to come to the surface, exposing that dirty team for everything it is. Add an asterisk to Sunday’s playoff win. Steelers are the new Patriots. Even worse.

  12. petedutcherjr says:
    Jan 9, 2017 5:56 PM
    He was confused because he was wondering how he ended up signing with the Dolphins.

    I think Dolphins fans just want a reason as to why they sucked.
    The reason was clear, Moore and half the team were backups, some straight off the street. Amazingly, they made the playoffs because of great coaching (and the other FLA teams did not). See you next year in Miami.

  13. Crybabies everywhere! Dude was out of pocket on the run. Dupree is running full speed to dump him, and initial hit was on sternum and it climbed to his jaw as he followed through the hit(watch in slow mo). It’s a man’s game and that was the nastiest hit I’ve seen in 10 years, not malicious tho IMO.

    Love the Pat’s fans chirping that they will roll the Steelers up if we get there. The Pat’s haven’t beat a quality opponent in weeks with that cupcake schedule over past 10 games. VERY suspect defense that will be exposed when Steelers march in next Sunday.

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