Report: Vance Joseph reaches out to Mike McCoy for OC


When Vance Joseph interviews with the Broncos Tuesday, he may be selling them a familiar face as his offensive coordinator.

Via Alex Marvez of the Sporting News, Joseph has reached out to former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy about the possibility of being his offensive coordinator.

McCoy was previously the offensive coordinator in Denver under both Josh McDaniels and John Fox, before getting the Chargers head coaching job in 2013.

The fact that McCoy has worked with a number of different quarterbacks and styles of offense is a major plus for him, for many openings.

McCoy was a West Coast offense quarterback in his playing days, but leaned more toward the traditional Air Coryell style after working under veteran coordinator Dan Henning in Carolina. Since then, he’s worked with quarterbacks of varying ages and skill sets (from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning), generally with good results.

Joseph also seems to be leaning toward hiring Joe Woods as his defensive coordinator if he gets the job, which would send Wade Phillips out into the market.

The Broncos have also interviewed Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub.

21 responses to “Report: Vance Joseph reaches out to Mike McCoy for OC

  1. Vance Joseph may be putting the cart before the horse here. Denver ties aside, Denver is better going elsewhere.

    All things considered, his work as Dolphins DC was mediocre. Cameron Wake was going to be his usual standout self, but Suh (waste of $$$) and the Chip Kelly rejects (Maxwell, Alonso) were underwhelming in the scheme he used. Hell, I would scratch him off my list based on the Steelers game from yesterday. His teams don’t attack or defend well.

  2. He hasn’t got the job yet, how can you do that?? I thought he was interviewing Tuesday? Wishful thinking maybe.

  3. Together with yesterday’s “performance,” if he doesn’t plan to keep Wade Phillips, he has no prayer of winning the job. Mark it down.

  4. It takes a little more than being built like a brickhouse and strutting around. You have to produce a good result which he didn’t in Miami. Say goodbye to your team Broncos fans!

  5. WikiLeaks is ruining the hiring process. People haven’t even interviewed yet but names are being thrown around as being connected with the candidates. In certain situations, some of these leaked names could be deal breakers.

  6. In what world did this guy prove he can be a head coach? As much as we were cheering for Adam Gase yesterday, Joseph laid an egg on National TV. Elway better take his time with this. No time for re-treads!

  7. Really? Was you mind even in the game this weekend? What’s so great about him????

  8. I do not understand what Elway see’s in VJ. I could get behind McCoy as OC, however, I do not want to see Wade go. The team would like him to stay, He wants to stay. IMO there is too much at stake to experiment with VJ. Again, a guy I do not see as worth the look.
    I have noticed there is too many chairs available when the music stops over the past 7 years with the Broncos head coaching. We are starting to look like the Browns and 49rs. When you start looking like them, you start acting like them.

  9. Putting together a staff before even getting a job, AND letting that go public is hubris of the highest order. That alone ought to be enough to disqualify him from consideration. Add to it that as a defensive coordinator his defense was average on its best days and horrid on its worst, and why is he even being considered as a head coach at all?

  10. I’m a Dolphins fan…while I like him to stay on as DC for Miami…considering how depleted their defense was by injury all year, I don’t see where the Head Coach hype is coming from. I’d like to see him stay in Miami with an offseason to get healthy and build players around Suh, Wake, Kiko, the rookie Howard and Reshad Jones…if healthy, with a few more pieces added they could be a top 10 unit next year…IF they stay healthy and get some depth

  11. As a Patriots fan I fully endorse the Broncos hiring VJ over K-Shan.

    It makes no sense to me why they would do that.

  12. They need to find someone who will retain Wade Phillips on defense AND get McCoy or better for offense. The only answer may be Toub

  13. “I do not understand what Elway see’s in VJ.”

    Not saying this is the only reason but each team looking for a HC is required to interview at least one minority.

  14. you know, any HC candidate does get a possible team together. It happens every year and has for years. They reach out to other guys to see if they want to join them. I am not sure why some of you think he is “putting the cart of before the horse”. I think is better to say he is getting his ducks in a row.

    I am not saying I think he deserves the chance or not, but this is what head coaching candidates do. In fact, I bet even Gruden has a list of guys he would ask, if he ever decided to come back to coaching.

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