Cowboys expect Morris Claiborne, DeMarcus Lawrence to play Sunday

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Several members of the Cowboys defense were dealing with injuries as the regular season came to a close, but it looks like things are trending in a better direction for their first postseason game on Sunday.

During an appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed confidence about getting several members of the defense back in the lineup for the matchup with the Packers. Cornerback Morris Claiborne has been out of the lineup the longest with nine games out of the lineup due to a groin injury and Jones said he expects there to be rust to knock off after such a long layoff, but that he’s optimistic Claiborne can contribute in the secondary.

Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence missed the final three games of the year with a back injury and may need to have surgery, but Jones said Lawrence should be in the lineup this weekend along with defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford.

All of that should leave the Cowboys in strong health as they try to advance to a conference title game for the first time since after the 1995 season.

11 responses to “Cowboys expect Morris Claiborne, DeMarcus Lawrence to play Sunday

  1. we’ve got a tough matchup, even though the seahawks are rated higher than the pack, id much rather play the hawks, the pack are no joke

  2. All hands on deck Sunday, no excuses–let’s get this W to send the ‘boys to their first NFC Championship game in 20 years. Cowboys nation has waited long enough. Let’s go Cowboys!

  3. For the Packers to have any chance at success, they have to do two very difficult things, and one thing they’ve been making look easy over the last 6 weeks.

    The easier thing is to keep the offensive engine running at high RPMs. With Rodgers playing the way he has been, this should be doable.

    The difficult things are to keep Elliott under 100 yds rushing, and get in Prescott’s head with sustained pressure. The Dallas Oline will make both of those tasks very difficult indeed.

    It’s a tough row to hoe for the Pack, but it’s certainly not a forgone conclusion that the Cowboys will dominate. I’m sure Dallas isn’t looking beyond this week’s game. If they are, it’s folly, and could cost them dearly.

    I think the score will be closer than a lot of people think, and it’s not inconceivable that the Packers pull out a win. They’re not the same team Dallas faced in week 5, with or without Jordy Nelson.

  4. I don’t care much who we play. Control the clock and play keep away from Rodgers, Ryan or whoever it is, and score TD on as many drives as you can. Shockingly, we found a pass rush from out of nowhere. The Packers offense is playing better (Rodgers). Our defense is playing better.

    I’m excited. Time to get after it.

  5. No Jordy means ALMOST no chance for Green Bay… We have seen how that offense struggles without him on the field (at 100%). There are no sure bets in the NFL, but I’m guessing Packer fans are in for a long, bad day on Sunday.

  6. cueghost says:
    Jan 10, 2017 12:56 PM
    No Jordy means ALMOST no chance for Green Bay… We have seen how that offense struggles without him on the field (at 100%). There are no sure bets in the NFL, but I’m guessing Packer fans are in for a long, bad day on Sunday.

    that may be although they looked awfully good without him in the second half against a Giants team with a better defense than Dallas has.

  7. This will be a classic matchup of a hot QB with a slightly banged up team, against a well rested, as healthy as they have been all year, very well rounded team.
    Do the Packers decide to double Dez, or do they play 8 in the box? Do the Cowboys sit back and play soft zone, or do they come hard after Rodgers?
    Will the Packers be able to put 4 quarters together because only 2 good quarters like the Giant game won’t cut it? Will the Cowboys be able to hit their stride after not playing a meaningful game for 2 weeks?
    Can’t wait for this one.

  8. I think more focus should be placed on who the Packers beat during their highly touted 7 game streak, not one of those victories was against a team in the top 10 of total offense, including the Giants (obviously) that ranked 25th in the league. The teams that beat them and their (rank): Titans (11), Colts (10), Cowboys (5), Redskins (3) and Falcons (2); the teams they beat: Seahawks (12), Eagles (21), Lions (22), Giants (25), Vikings (28) and Texans (29). Rodgers is playing great, but he is also beating teams that struggle offensively. Sunday’s game will be a challenge, but the Cowboys are rested and have the offense to match Rodgers.

  9. 2years ago green bay was a superior team to Dallas but now things have changed outside of a rookie qb Dallas now is the superior team

  10. To cueghost,

    You say with no Jordy Nelson” there is almost no chance” for the Packers. I can see how they struggled in the 2nd half against the Giants without Nelson.

    I am a Cowboy fan but be assured the Pack has enough receivers to be very dangerous. I think we faced them without their TE Cook last time and he is much more of a key to the Pack offense.

    Cows need to run, run, run ! Ball control should be the order of the day!

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