Chargers plan to play at StubHub Center in 2017-18

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The Chargers will indeed return to the city in which they were founded, 57 years ago. And they’ll be spending two years in a 30,000-seat stadium, playing at the StubHub Center until the stadium they’ll share with the Rams opens in 2019.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Chargers waited until after Wednesday’s meeting of the league’s stadium and finance committees to make the final decision to move. The team didn’t expect anything to happen at the meeting to change the mind of owner Dean Spanos, but Spanos wanted to wait.

After the meeting ended, Spanos informed Commissioner Roger Goodell and several owners that the move will happen. The decision will be shared with the staff and with elected officials in San Diego and Los Angeles most likely on Thursday. The team will deny the decision is final until those things happen.

The StubHub Center gives the Chargers a chance to market a very unique experience, giving fans an intimate environment for watching a pro football game. The limited time for the limited-space event should give Chargers games a sense of intrigue and exclusivity before they go toe-to-toe with the Rams for customers at the stadium to be built in Inglewood.

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  1. Well at least one team in LA will sell games out….maybe. But in all seriousness that will be a great fan experience in a smaller setting like that.

  2. “The StubHub Center gives the Chargers a chance to market a very unique experience,”

    Come see an NFL simulation of that game the Baltimore Orioles played in front of a totally empty stadium during the Baltimore riots!

  3. Oh yeah, that will be a cool place to watch a game… Also, should be all Charger fans at 30K and scalping will be at a premium if they are any good. It will be interesting to see if it will be loud at all… It looks pretty open. Redskins I think will be one of the opponents to visit in 2017.

  4. This is a ploy to get a better deal out of San Diego.

    They’re not building anything, so no losses there. The relocation fees would be rescinded. The only downside is the Spanos family would be hated by the fans…oh…that happened long ago.

    They have nothing to lose!

  5. If the Chargers can play at the Stubhub Center, the Raiders can play at San Boyd Stadium until the new stadium is built. Sam Boyd Stadium can be expanded to 40,000 seats.

  6. Wow. What a joke of an organization. How can the NFL let this happen?

    Because spending 2 years in a 30,000 seat stadium beats having a two year repeat of the debacle that happened in Cleveland in 1996.

  7. I have no fan support for chargers but 2 teams in LA is a mistake. Nfl should do what the NBA did a couple years ago and force sell. And build a darn stadium. To be honest t g email nfl should pay for every stadium no tax payers

  8. Smaller stadium + DTLA means ticket prices will skyrocket. These will probably be some of the most expensive tickets in the NFL. If the Chargers win some games … ticket prices will be insane.

    I’m wondering what claim, if any, current season ticket holders will have on seats at the new facility? Spanos doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who cares about whether people have been loyal to his team – or for how long.

  9. Not a lot of options during the next two years. Coliseum has USC and the Rams. They could share the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with UCLA. Not sure why they are going with Carson option.

  10. Lol at Fader fans talking about seat sales.

    So nice in SD now, great beaches, weather, no LA sleaze dripping everywhere.

    Might take the boat out this weekend.

    What you got?

    Weird how everyone on this site bitches about how bad the NFL has become, then acts indignant when fans don’t go to games. Make up your minds.

  11. The Greater Los Angeles Metro Area has a larger population than 46 states in the union. The NFL and I are confident the area can support two NFL teams with a brand new stadium. Not every city can be as great as Los Angeles and New York, I’m sorry the rest of America.

  12. NFL didn’t get where it is without knowing how to follow the dollars. This mess with 3 teams moving at the same time makes you wonder though.

    And for people talking smack about fans of these respective teams, don’t be so short-sighted. Patriots nearly got relocated before3 Kraft stepped up. Ken Behring tried his best to move the Seahawks around the same time. Cleveland and Baltimore lost storied franchises in my lifetime. Bills almost moved, Giants and Jets can’t even play in tgeir own state. So, nobody ia safe, and it has nothing to do with fan loyalty. Sympathize with the people of Oakland, St. Louis and San Diego, you never know when your favorite team may do something to tear out your heart and stomp it to bits.

  13. Appropriate.

    Because by week 4, 75% of the tickets to their games will be available on Stubhub.

  14. Can’t bring myself to root for the Chargers anymore. They had an appeal to them when they were underdogs in San Diego. Now they are just another B.S. LA team owned by greedy billionaires that demand too much from hard working tax payers.

  15. Dean Spanos, nice to see your last tax payer ripoff failed and now you are taking your ball to another neighborhood. Make sure to tell them about how much money you need to support yourself at your level. Need some moving boxes, I will only mark them up like you did for beer prices at the game.
    So if you have a 30K seat stadium at your disposal, how much do thing you can charge for tickets now?
    Maybe you should of taken the Qualcomm deal after all.
    This former Charger fan says, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  16. Dean Spanos’ $800 million dollar team is about to become a $3 billion dollar team thanks to the L.A. market alone. Would not be surprised to see him cash out in the near future once the value is confirmed.

  17. This all screams bush league. The logic– don’t they have to pay a massive transfer fee. Per usual for Chargers, poor judgment. Either Petco Park adapted for football in SD or San Antonio. Bad business decisions made by incompetent businessmen.

  18. La finally gets rid of Donald sterling just in time to inherit dean Spanos. That’s hilarious

    Rebrand as the Los Angeles cartel. After all Dean spanos has certainly left dead bodies all over the place

  19. They probably won’t sell out the stadium with Chargers’ fans. I would expect many of the current Chargers’ fans would feel betrayed and too bitter to further follow/support the team in anyway.

    I would think that the worst place for them to move is Los Angeles. That they would be much better off finding a new state to move to. Somewhere, where they will put up with a horrible team, simply because they love the NFL.

    With a relocation fee, and I assume rent, that is a lot of money to spend to move to an area without a fanbase.

  20. I like it. Smaller venues will bring more fair weather LA fans out to the game cause they won’t be sitting in the nosebleeds.
    Or it just gives the away teams fans that travel well another home game in LaLa land.

  21. It took me two hours to get from LA to Stubhub Center to watch a Galaxy game once. I missed the entire first half. The fact that an NFL team will be playing in a 30,000 seat stadium is a joke. Goodell must go!

  22. You’ve got to be kidding me. Most college stadiums
    have more seats than that. Where are those box suites?
    Why couldn’t they just stay in San Diego until the new
    stadium was complete? Still trying to figure out how
    L.A. is going to support two teams. This debacle should be
    fun to watch.

  23. What will really be funny is at each home game the empty seats and away team fans being louder than the 16 Chargers/Carpetbaggers fans who actually show up….

  24. snakesmileyface says:
    Jan 12, 2017 12:00 AM

    Only 30,000 seats?

    Where are the Charger fans going to sit when the Raiders come to town?

    2016 aside, Raiders fans haven’t been seen since 2002. They are not as powerful as a few think they are

  25. Although it would never happen, maybe the NFL should consider contraction.
    Too few quality QB’s, coaches, personnel. Might enhance the product instead.

  26. djstat says:
    Jan 12, 2017 8:55 AM

    2016 aside, Raiders fans haven’t been seen since 2002. They are not as powerful as a few think they are

    But they can front run and bandwagon with the worst of them.

  27. That’s 3 teams that will relocate in two years. In other news the NFL announced today that 10 more teams will move to California. 8 of those teams will play in LA. There will be 4 new stadiums built that will hold 100,000 fans each. Every Super Bowl , NFL draft , TV network , Presidential debate , Olympics , Pro Bowl , College Championship game , Academy Awards and movie premiere will be held there. NFL also exploring other teams moving to LA area as soon as they need new stadiums. LA Bills , LA Saints , LA Titans , LA Jags. No other cities will be considered .

  28. Ironically, this could be the future of pro sports – smaller stadiums and more people watching at home on TV. Maybe not in the next 5 years, but in 15-20, it would not surprise me.

  29. twinsfan24……………You are so right. Baseball is already building smaller stadiums. Average fans are going to priced out of PSLs and season tickets. Add in concessions , parking and in some places weather , its much more comfortable to watch a game at home . Own food, drinks ,bathroom, replays and watch any game you want. Take the PSL money and buy a really nice TV, have money left over to get the NFL package. I know its not the same as being there but its pretty close. There is no need for 80,000 to 100,000 seat stadiums anymore. Where does the NFL get most of their money ? TV contracts. Have some suits for the ultra rich and about 45,000 to 50,000 seats , sell out every game.

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