Chargers to announce move to Los Angeles

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The San Diego Chargers appear to be no more.

PFT has confirmed that the Chargers will soon announce their intention to move to Los Angeles.

The NFL had given the franchise an extension through the weekend on their option to join the Rams in L.A. In the end, the Chargers didn’t need the extra time to make the decision. The Chargers have played the last 55 seasons in San Diego after moving south after one season in Los Angeles in 1960.

The Chargers will join the Rams as a second team in the L.A. market. They were given a one-year option to move the franchise to Stan Kroenke’s stadium in Inglewood when their joint proposal for a stadium with the Raiders in Carson, Calif. was rejected last January. After a failed ballot initiative for a new stadium in San Diego failed in November, the Chargers have elected to exercise that option to move.

The ESPN report says the Chargers have informed Commissioner Roger Goodell and owners of their intention to move for the 2017 season. However, a formal relocation letter has not yet been sent to the league.

162 responses to “Chargers to announce move to Los Angeles

  1. Lmao. Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, yet Raiders will still have more fans there than each team combined.

    Wonder how long til those teams leave LA? I get the appeal of LA for the NFL seeing as it’s such a major market, but it’s just not an NFL city.

  2. ratings in southern california absolutely tanked when the rams moved to LA.

    maybe the chargers will finish the job.

  3. Am I the only one who sees this as a horrible move?
    La has never supported an NFL team let alone two teams!
    They will both be looking to move agsin in 5 years. Dumb!

  4. No problem with franchise moving, it’s part of professional sports, the leagues franchises take the best deal. The only issue remaining is that the team be forced to leave the Chargers name,logo and history with the city of San Diego in case an NFL team returns and wants to restart the tradition. Look at it like the Browns and Baltimore. If the Chargers want a real chance to build a fan base in LA they need to rebrand the franchise giving everyone a fresh start.

    * the lone AFL season doesn’t matter one bit.

  5. It is a simple fact that the Spanos family does not have the financial ability to bridge the $175+ million gap for a new San Diego stadium. It is a totally different situation from $650 million relocation fee. That can be paid over 10 years.

  6. Cool. Now the RAIDERS will have an extra home game every year.

    Going to just say what everyone knows. This will not end well for the Chargers.

    Sorry, us residents of Inglewood have ZERO interest in the Chargers. Lennox, Torrance, Hawthorne, L.A., etc. There is not a fan base for the Chargers.

    The closest the Chargers claimed to have support is the OC, which is a whole other world from L.A., and I STILL doubt that there are that many people even there that care much about the Chargers.

    The Rams, I thought would do a little better with support last season, because I have actually seen active Rams fans in L.A. campaigning for the Rams to come back. If you live in L.A., or have been to any USC Spring Game, you always see the “Rams” supporters. Yet it still wasnt enough to make noise this season.

    So Spanos believes that moving a team to a city where a division rival still holds claim to the majority of fan support is a good thing?

    This is going to be hilarious.

    RAIDERS are going to own the Forum.

  7. too bad for SD….when the ownership doesnt make the right moves to make a team successful…unlike baseball LA doesn’t have what it takes to support 2 NFL teams for the long run

  8. Such a dumb, dumb move by a dumb, dumb owner. Spend $550Mil+ to move away from whatever fan-base you had to a new city who doesn’t care one iota about you. Smh, everyone but the Spanos clan can see the death spiral of a franchise. 😦

  9. 20+ years ago LA wouldn’t support 1 bad team so they moved. Now they are going to have 2 bad teams with new coaching staffs and dysfunctional owners, what could possibly go wrong with this picture? Wonder how long before the LA Chargers are looking for a new home? I heard St. Louis was looking for a team.

  10. San Diego is a disgrace. It’s the eighth largest city in the country, with property values that rival those in Manhattan and similarly astronomical taxes, and it can’t manage to do what it did for a far less popular franchise, the Padres.

    The Chargers brought so much love and joy to the city, and San Diego is just letting them walk away.

    Absolutely pathetic. The city will never ever be the same.

  11. Annnnd my heart just broke….

    Still holding out till its OFFICIAL Official… but man. The Chargers is all I’ve ever know in my 34 years… Poof… Gone. Torn away.

    My dad and my two brothers had such an awesome time cheering, hugging, high fiving and flipping out for the Atlanta game… and to think that was the last time.

    In just an instant I’m left here a grown man with tears welled up in his eyes. The passion of a fan is so powerfully insane.

    I dont even know what to say right now. Im in shock.

  12. Born and raised in San Diego and I had season tickets for 30 years from 1979 to 2013. This is a terrible event caused by per greed from the NFL’s worse owner Dean Spanos. I hope you rot in hell Dean! My dad moved to San Diego when he was 6 months old now 71 battling cancer and this is your thanks to loyal fans? You are a piece of trash and your worse days are ahead of you. SD fans will show up in LA to protest against you.

  13. This will clearly work. LA deserves a shot to have two teams. If only we had some sort of history to go off of we’d know for sure how this will turn out.

  14. The billionaire boys club can go suck themselves with this retarded move as well as the Raiders expected departure. As a Pat’s fan, I am severely disappointed in Kraft’s support of these moves. The fans deserve better!

  15. This is gonna be a bust for both organizations. It couldn’t happen to nicer owners. Now Spanos and Kroenke can drown in their greed.

  16. 55 years of loyalty. Gone.

    This is a really bad look for the NFL.

    Lots of blame to go around.

    San Diego Hoteliers
    Tourism Industry
    Lazy San Diego Media

    My hope is this is reaction to Kroenke taking a hard line stance against Spanos and there is still a chance for compromise. If not, the NFL made their own bed here and it’s not going to be pretty.

  17. I still think this is posturing by Spanos to screw over San Diego and the taxpayers. He won’t contribute a penny yet he’s going to pay $650M to share a stadium and probably not be the favorite team in town? I’m not buying it.

  18. San Diego had a chance to secure the Charger’s future and expand their economy with measure C. They shot it down. Now here is the consequence. I pushed and almost begged people to vote in favor of measure C on this message board. Not enough people listened.

    Hopefully the Chargers rebrand and play in the Rose Bowl for a couple of years. There will be no travel expenses when the Rams play the Chargers in preseason. Like I said, the AFC West will look very different for 2017.

  19. LA head two teams before, we already know how this story ends. No one in LA cares about football, nothing has changed in the last 20 years – this isn’t a city on the rise, it’s a city waiting to fall off into the ocean.

  20. Well rams fans have got to be sick….. Now..after only one season…theyve turned from being the main nfl team in la to being their leagues clippers..ouch. Plus the owner doesnt have to worry as much about fielding a good team to put butts in the seats cuz the la chargers will.
    As for san diego….now youll know what my hometown..houston…went through. Anytime someone complained about not having a nfl team they were told something like if yall.wanyed to keep your team you shouldve done whatever it took. We wouldnt build bud a stadium so he left. the same.issue with the chargers. Sad. I know yhey own the team but they have too much power. Give me what i want or im gonna move.them. smh sad

  21. In a market (LA) that seems to already be marginally interested in the CURRENT bad NFL team they already have….

    …The league wants to move a SECOND bad team there?

    This smells like a disaster of epic proportions.

  22. Chargers, Rams, and Raiders all playing in the same radius. Oh yeah…this is gonna work.

    All three teams are gonna be looking for new homes in 10- 15 years. The casual fans down there has too many options.

  23. Still rooting for these losers from FL but if they rebrand from “Chargers” to some other lame nickname and change the colors I’m done!

    So sorry for the people who grew up in San Diego and have this happen to them.

    My dad grew up in SD but moved to Los Angeles when he was in high school, maintaining a Chargers fanship amongst thousands of Los Angeles Raiders fans (he happened to move to LA the year the Raiders won the Super Bowl in 1983). What a guy! He and I will always share the Chargers bond and I would hate for that to end!

  24. Big mistake, LA will never support one team, let alone two. They didn’t previously support the Rams and they didn’t support the Raiders. LA is not a good pro football market.

  25. The political environment in San Diego has been a joke over the last 16-years. They never had a chance with the procession of clowns in political office. They will make Spanos the villain, but it the leaders on the public side that are at the root of this.

    In addition, California is a legislative nightmare for stadiums as the 49ers, Chargers, and Raiders have struggled for decades to build stadiums. The 49ers did it, but had to move 50 miles away in a less than great spot.

  26. All that move does is dilute a market that already doesn’t care about pro football. You really think LA will be excited about the chargers after we just had a horrible season with the Rams?

  27. Yahoo!!!

    And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

    OK, San Diego, let’s use the tourist tax for our infrastructure!

  28. F You Spanos!! We are and have loyal fans here in SD, but we all understand we’re a transplant city…all I ask is rebrand and change the name….Chargers name belong to us

  29. Are there a significant number of Chargers fans in the LA area? Truly, I don’t live in CA and am not familiar with the area, I’d like to hear from anyone that does and is. Just on the surface it seems that what NFL fans exist there are mostly comprised of Raiders, Rams, and other teams from those persons that relocated there. Maybe the Spanos’ spreadsheet shows them they make money in the move (shrugs shoulders).

  30. I also think that announcing it tomorrow is Dean Spanos way of flipping off the City of San Diego and the NFL. The City of San Diego has its annual,”State of the City” press conference by the mayor scheduled for tomorrow. And the NFL just extended him 2-more days today and he immediately announces his intent to move. I think Spanos is still stinging from the NFL dumping his Carson plan for Kronke world.

  31. This is really sad and will turn out to be a terrible decision. LA will struggle to get fully behind the Rams and now you have a 2nd team to split the market further. It’s laughable that Goodell and his billionaire cohorts cannot see the obvious.

  32. Spanos couldn’t come up with any cash for a new stadium in SD despite paying almost no rent but he can pay Kroenke in LA and come up with $500 million for the relocation fee? How does that make sense?

  33. LA can’t support one team, let alone two…but greedy NFL can’t resist tapping that huge market.

  34. What’s better than one lousy team in a disinterested major market? Two lousy teams!
    They should merge the Rams and Chargers, call them the L.A. Charmers.
    Take the leftover guys, have a modified expansion draft and put a new franchise in Las Vegas.

  35. Do I hear “Trial Balloon?” — Chargers aren’t going anywhere; LA doesn’t want them. NFL should force the sale of the team by Spanos and get a winning ownership that wants to stay in San Diego and preserve the San Diego market.

  36. Maybe this “leaked” before the official letter to garner some leverage from one interested party that doesn’t want them to go….? Kroenke pay off?

  37. i remember the last time time LA tried to hold 2 NFL teams, do you?

    They’ll be back in San Diego with a new stadium when people remember how much they liked having them in town.

  38. Oddly, I thought the Vikings would make this move. They suck, they have fair weather fans, and their new stadium has more flaws than a typical Minnesotan (which is saying quite a bit).


  39. I feel bad, for the fans of the SD Chargers. I know how much I worried, when I thought my team would be moving because of the stadium issue.
    I certainly understand the feelings, and thoughts expressed by the citizens of SD, when a team asks for the city to put up more money, and in turn the city, or state finds a way to tax everyone, even those who do not use the facility. Then the people want the teams to foot more of the bill. That said, if the team does put up a lot of money or all of the money then they have exclusive use of, and are entitled to all of the revenue generated by that stadium. (except for tax revenue of course, and the states will milk the owners of that building, for all they can get). Point being, those buildings generate a whole lot more revenue than people think. Additionally, those who work at or in support of that Chargers are now gone, once that team goes away.

  40. Sorry but i am really trying to see why this is as big of a deal as everyone is making it. I feel as if another team moved to another city within the state it is located, it wouldn’t be a big deal, especially a state that already has three other teams. Even though the distance is over twice as great, i still believe that this is more comparable to the 49ers move to Santa Clara than to the Rams move to LA. I have some sympathy for Chargers fans i guess, but as a former Sonics fan, having the team move 100 miles to where i could still conceivably catch a game whenever i please doesn’t really seem too bad compared to having the sport completely removed from the state and my team essentially erased.

  41. I’m not a fan of this. I love the Chargers brand, so if the NFL plans any expansion I hope the Chargers name remains in SD…as long as the LA team isn’t lame. Nobody creates cool names anymore. You end up with the Wizards, Pelicans, and Thunder.

    I guess you get used to seeing the new names and they become less lame over time though. Except the Wizards. That still sucks.

  42. Adios losers. Couldn’t even win us a Super Bowl in 5 and a half decades. We are better off without you sorry losers. My merch is getting nuked tomorrow.

  43. And the team that should be in LA, and the team that LA actually wants, will now soon be in Las Vegas.

    What a mess. No team should have to relocate after over half a century.

    If the NFL thinks two crummy franchises in one Southern California city is going to work out better than the way it was, they aren’t super smart

  44. St. Louis fan here. If it’s any consolation, you have a city in the midwest that is hoping for the NFL in LA to fail. We’ll be happy to visit your beautiful city, have some fish tacos, and watch some billionaires lose a bunch of money together (hopefully).

  45. hey I got an idea…. why don’t they go to Oakland…. and then the LA team eventually relocate to San Diego, maybe the las vegas team will find that the city doesn’t really support football and move to St. Louis

  46. At San Diego against the Chargers was always a home game for the Raiders anyway. At Los Angeles will be even more so.

  47. I think the writing is on the wall for public funding of stadiums, at least for the NFL.

    People are sick of helping make rich team owners richer — ponying up tax money to support a football team they can barely afford to take their family to see a couple times a year.

    That, and study after economic study shows that these stadiums don’t pump nearly as much into the local economy as the NFL claims. The hundreds of millions of dollars Spanos was asking for could be used on infrastructure, education, and law enforcement — stuff that benefits everyone on a day-to-day basis.

    Spanos wanted prime downtown real estate and a bunch of money to help him build a stadium whose main purpose was to make him tons of money. I don’t blame the people of SD for telling him to pound sand.

  48. Stupid, stupid, stupid… The Rams just relocated there and you would think with such a large city with fans starving for NFL football, that despite their team not doing so hot, still failed to fill the seats this entire season. So tell me why the Chargers decided to relocate there too? I hope this bites them in the ass.

  49. I feel bad for the fans, but the city deserves credit for not being forced to play for another stadium.

  50. As a former Charger fan, as of today, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of San Diego. On second thought, let the door hit you on the ass on the way out of San Diego.

  51. I don’t feel bad for SD fans…they’ve basically been discussing this for 15 years. You can point at this year and say San Diego doesn’t have the money, but they had any number of chances to find a compromise deal in all the years that they’ve been going back and forth on this. Once again, the media picks out one point in time and makes the story all about that instead of telling it in its entirety (because people are too stupid to figure out that’s what they’re doing). The best description for this entire mess is “No harm, no foul”, but they want to make you think it’s all about evil owners.

  52. I knew this was coming since the stadium vote failed in the biggest election day in our generation. If it fails then, there is a nil to no chance of a new stadium happening in San Diego even if the Chargers were to stay. Yes it sucks, but it’s not like they didn’t have an opportunity.

    The only ones that deserve to grieve are those who voted in favor of the stadium on election day. The rest that voted against the stadium or otherwise stayed home can now enjoy Sacramento with a beach and make the drive to Inglewood to see their original team play against the Rams and Chargers.

  53. My favorite road trip without question was going out to see Pats in San Diego. Cool Gas Lamp district. Could never understand why they couldn’t fill that stadium. Good, competitive team. Until the Pats fans came and purchased over 10,000 seats the game was going to be blacked out. Don’t like the move and don’t understand why the league continues to try and shoehorn franchises in LA, they never last and now they think putting two there will work? No chance.

  54. I feel for Chargers fans, having went through this when the original Hornets moved to New Orleans. Very painful.

  55. Usually I’m all about the incompetence of Chargers management, but this time they actually scooped the Rams on this. The USC stadium is smack dab in the hood. It’s why the Raiders got a gang following when they were in town (along with their colors) and why those games were not well attended and I’m guessing the Ram games from this past year would have struggled as well. Everyone else can say what they want, but there is a serious danger in going to South Central with LA’s gang culture to watch a football game that most normal people aren’t going to be interested in. The Chargers using this intimate stadium could build them a buzz if they hire the right coach because they have some talent on that team, just not much depth. They remind me a lot of that Panther team’s difference from 2014 to 2015 when Gettleman improved that and everything broke right for them. The Rams on the other hand are a mess top to bottom.

  56. The only team LA wanted was the Raiders.

    Now they have two teams they didn’t want.

    I am sure this will end well.

  57. I think if Alex Spanos was still healthy, there is no way he would let his son move the team out of San Diego.

  58. This is pitiful. This never would’ve happened under Tagliabue, he at least at some loyalty to the fans.

    Goodell only has loyalty to $$$….

  59. Sorry, Reno – – San Diego is now the biggest little city in the world.

    Feel most sorry for the Chargers’ fans who live outside of San Diego city proper. The real fans live in El Cajon and Oceanside; Escondido and Spring Valley. Those fans weren’t able to vote on the stadium referendum. My sympathies go to the real fans.

  60. The real shame is that we’ll also have to say goodbye to that funky song they play when the Chargers score.

    Los Angeles Super Chargers doesn’t quite roll of the tongue the way San Diego Super Chargers does.

  61. When are they going to get that no one in LA is from LA. That city is the capital of “insert your team” bars for a reason. And the NFL is not like baseball or basketball, the stars don’t want to come watch a football game live, it’s just not an event like a Lakers game. Greedy nfl gets it wrong again

  62. Can’t feel sorry for San Diego whatsoever. You had all the time in the world to figure it out and couldn’t do it. Little old Green Bay came up with the $300 Million needed ($295 to be exact) and the Packers have turned that into a modern day Colosseum with new development all around it. If a market the size of San Diego, with the money coming from hotel tax, couldn’t pass it then tough sheet. It’s your own fault they’re leaving.

    Once they hit LA its a matter of which franchise can start winning first. It’s no secret how fickle the LA fans are and without question the first team to start winning will see market share rise.

  63. What a bust.

    After 55 years, without even a renovation since 1967… this is not the fault of NFL or Chargers org.

    Doing business costs money, yet the City has enjoyed immense revenue benefits. In 55 years, Nobody thought of saving some to keep them at QualComm? Why can even comparative micro markets like Minnesota get it done?

    Poor job San Diego

  64. Absolute disaster for NFL. Fast money grab leads to no butts in seats. How is LA the most pretencious band wagon city going to full two teams. A great vegas long term bet will be who leaves first?

    As a Viking fan that saw the horizon I’m just as pissed for SD a awesome city with a fan base and a tradition to be gone. The NFL will soon be gone with plays like this.

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