Sean McDermott meeting with Pegulas on Wednesday

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Good news, Bills fans: The team is getting closer to hiring a new coach. Bad news, Bills fans: Same.

At a time when, by all appearances, dysfunction resides at every level of the organization, the search for a new coach has led to Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, McDermott will meet with owners Terry and Kim Pegula in Boca Raton, Florida on Wednesday, with an eye toward hammering out a five-year contract.

McDermott, who has had other interviews both last year and this year, has had no other offers. If he wants to be an NFL head coach now, he’ll need to accept the job in Buffalo. Even if it will be harder for him to succeed in Buffalo given the blurred lines and undefined roles and responsibilities in the front office.

Apart from whether McDermott will have control over the roster and the draft (presumably, he won’t), McDermott needs to know who has the power — both on paper and as a practical matter. What does G.M. Doug Whaley actually do? What does team president Russ Brandon actually do? Who will I be dealing with when it comes to running the team? Which personalities will I have to navigate when attempting to get the things I need in order to coach the team as best I can?

Last week’s press conference from Doug Whaley raised plenty of red flags regarding who has the power, who has the influence, who’s making the decisions, and whether and to what extent ownership “gets it.” McDermott needs to suppress his desire to become an NFL head coach and force himself to ask tough questions that get to the heart of whether he will keep the job any longer than the man he’s replacing.

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  1. What I find mind boggling is that your standard is always changing depending on which way the wind is blowing. The other day and again today you say how dysfunctional Buffalo is. Mindful of the points listed in the fourth paragraph as well as saying that teams that leak info fall into that category. Good teams, you said, don’t let any information out. So maybe Buffalo (Whaley) was supplying misinformation to all who ask questions they/he don’t/doesn’t want to answer. Perhaps it’s not dysfunction after all. It’s just a team keeping it’s cards closer to the vest than the media would like.

  2. People kill me with this “if he wants to be a head coach” stuff. You’re going to be making at minimum $4 million a year on a 4 or 5 year contract. Even if I know I’m going to fail, I’ll roll with that, and something tells me most of these guys don’t think they’ll fail when they go into any of these jobs. It’s like the 49ers will get somebody to try despite the idiot in charge of the team.

  3. I like the idea of McDermott as the HC, and I like the idea even more if he can bring McCoy along although it doesn’t sound like there are any guarantees McCoy comes along with him. What I don’t like is the blurred lines of who has control of what. As Bill Parcells said “if they want him to cook dinner they should let him buy the groceries”. I’m guessing Whaley would give the HC a great deal of input, but the final decision on draft picks and FA aquisitions and trades would fall to Whaley. For me personally the jury is still out on Whaley since no one really knows his role in previous HC hires or his role on some of the FA Acquistions. His role in drafting players seems up in the air as well since he’s pulled the trigger on a few really bad moves and the 2016 draft has Rex’s hand prints all over it. If I’m McDermott, I would want to have some history with Whaley before I put my reputation on the line as a first time HC. As always, as a long time Bills fan, I temper my enthusiasm regardless of who is hired since there has been so many years of disappointment.

  4. I’m assuming that he’s meeting with Terry and Kim will be in the general vicinity of the meeting and not part of the actual meeting.

    This Terry and Kim stuff is a bit odd. Sort of a Barbie and Ken type of fantasy or something? But instead of buying the Malibu pad they bought a football team in Buffalo NY.

  5. I have to think McDermott had better opportunities last off season, and must be kicking himself now. Fresh off a Super Bowl appearance his stock had to be a lot higher. He will regret taking this job.

  6. McDermott will only be as successful if … 1. He is allowed to coach without interference from GM/Whaley. and, 2. He brings in a strong OC as, once again, the Bills HC would be a defensive minded coach. The Bills have drafted well and Whaley probably deserves a lot of the credit. But successful teams let the coach do the coaching.

  7. In 8 years as a DC his teams finished on average:

    18th in Scoring
    10th in Takeaways
    14th in 3d Down Stops

    Of course this doesn’t indicate his ability to lead an entire team but based solely on statistics, he’s an average coach. Add in the salary cap issues the Bills are facing with 24 free agents and only 25 mil (as of now) available, it’s looking like the Bills could be at least 18 years without a playoff appearance.

    Sorry Bills fans because I’m not trying to minimize your hopes that change brings but those facts and the questions surrounding Tyrod Taylor as well as Whaley and Brandon’s role in the grand scheme of things is not a lot to be excited about.

  8. Well, this is pretty common, specifically with owners who aren’t senile or just hands off. I mean, I can’t hire somebody without clearing it with my VP first, same rules apply. This will be a good hire.

  9. Why wouldn’t the owner meet the prospective coach? Doesn’t seem odd to me. I would think McDermott wants to meet them. My guess is also that the dysfunction was more a product of Rex and him having more control. I think Whaley and McDermott (and any other guy they interviewed) will be more on the same page. I feel like Rex was larger than life (no pun on his weight) and sort of grabbed control.
    They saw the error of their ways and are know trying to become more organized with roles.

  10. Regret?
    Like 25 million dollars worth of regret?

    He has a chance to work for an owner with deep pockets, control the roster and control the draft room.
    I would think this is EXACTLY the opportunity any HC would desire.

  11. He shouldn’t be meeting with the owner and his trophy wife, he should be meeting with the GM.

    The structure there is all wrong and doomed to fail, just like the Sabres.

    Wide right, you lose again.

  12. Dont get the trend with teams picking a DC as head coach (again) when clearly the offense needs help. Wouldnt it be better to hire an offensive-minded coach (take your pick) who hires a badass DC (Wade Phillips)???

  13. Meeting in Boca Raton? On the other hand, it’s better than the great frozen north wasteland. I just hope McDermott realizes that’s not where he’ll be coaching.

  14. Name one owner that will NOT meet with the new prospective HC. There is none. I would like to see them keep Lynn as the OC. Buffalos offense did very goodn if they had any type of defense they would have been in the playoffs.

  15. The one posted made sense . In all of this dysfunction that people like to point out. Rex Ryan’s name is never mentioned. If you break into percentages who was responsible for the dysfunction I would put Rex right up the at the top. I mean he ran over Whaley (note I am not Whaley fan here) I mean look at the roster. It was filled with ex Jets. 3/4 of the players brought in had direct ties to Ryan. So who was doing what for the past 2 years. Look at the mess that was left behind in NY when Ryan left. I think McDermott would be a solid hire. Could they do better YES is he the worst name out there NO! Especially if he brings McCoy along with him.

  16. The offense needs help? You mean the #1 rushing offense? The top-10 scoring offense? Does the passing game need help? Yeah, but that’s not a HC thing. You hire people to do that for you.

  17. Btw, not that HC is the same as being a super coordinator and delegating the other side of the ball and special teams, but he would have a philosophy as a coach, namely as a defensive coach, which is the Jimmy Johnson DC scheme of pressure on the QB, which is Brady’s one weakness if he’s ever had one. Spagnolo was the DC of that first Giant Super Bowl win that hit him on every play and rattled him. McDermott is from the same tree, so this philosophy wise makes a lot of sense to see if another one of those disciples can lead a whole team and implement that kind of defense.

  18. meldboy says:
    Jan 11, 2017 10:38 AM

    I have to think McDermott had better opportunities last off season, and must be kicking himself now. Fresh off a Super Bowl appearance his stock had to be a lot higher. He will regret taking this job.
    His stock was high last year, but the openings weren’t there. He was a finalist in Cleveland and Tampa, but by the time the Super Bowl was over, the jobs were taken.

  19. “McDermott needs to suppress his desire to become an NFL head coach and force himself to ask tough questions that get to the heart of whether he will keep the job any longer than the man he’s replacing.”

    Maybe he’s already asked himself those questions, and maybe he asked them during his first interview. Before last week, McDermott was barely mentioned as a candidate for this job (it was assumed Lynn would keep it full-time), and he was more closely associated with the Chargers and 49ers jobs. Then reports started breaking out about McDermott interviewing really well in Buffalo and was suddenly the leading candidate. It could be that he asked those types of questions, and presented a good plan on how to improve the team.

  20. As a longtime Bills fan since being born and raised in Buffalo; I’m bored and irritated with this organization…I’ll say it again: “get rid of Brandon and Whaley so successful football executives can be brought to One Bills Drive.”

  21. One, no one is going to regret being paid millions to be a HC. No matter the franchise. He can’t lose. If he fails, people will blame the dysfunctional Bills. And he still gets paid. If he succeeds, people will credit him for the turnaround. And he gets paid more. Either way, he gets paid a lot.

    As for the nonsense that your position dictates your team’s chances at success for that side of the ball (or limits it) I will point to Tomlin (defensive coach) who routinely has had one of the better offences (since hiring Haley) but has had challenges with the secondary (his specialty). Hire the right people, draft the right players and the wins will follow.

  22. Yeah, like a new head coach is going to make a difference in barfalo. Get rid of the Pegulas, the GM who doesn’t know what his job entails, the arena league caliber players, the second rate stadium and start from scratch. Maybe the jills can be like the Browns. Just disappear and then reappear 15 years later. But, just like the Browns, they’ll still suck.

  23. Joe………aka peytonmanningsforehead and widerightyouloseagain. You ever get tired of being a jerk? Still butt hurt Toronto has no NFL and never will? Who 60 yr old man posts under 4 IDs on every Bills thread. You are the most pathetic person on this board.

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