Dean Spanos confirms Chargers are going to L.A.

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Word broke on Wednesday night that the Chargers would be moving their home from San Diego to Los Angeles for the 2017 season and the team confirmed it on Thursday.

Owner Dean Spanos announced the team’s plans in a letter posted to the team’s website and to their renamed Twitter account.

“After much deliberation, I have made the decision to relocate the Chargers to Los Angeles, beginning with the 2017 NFL season. San Diego has been our home for 56 years.  It will always be part of our identity, and my family and I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the support and passion our fans have shared with us over the years. But today, we turn the page and begin an exciting new era as the Los Angeles Chargers.

L.A. is a remarkable place, and while we played our first season there in 1960 and have had fans there ever since, our entire organization knows that we have a tremendous amount of work to do.  We must earn the respect and support of L.A. football fans.  We must get back to winning.  And, we must make a meaningful contribution, not just on the field, but off the field as a leader and champion for the community. The Chargers are determined to fight for L.A. and we are excited to get started.”

The letter did not include specifics about where the Chargers will play, but they are expected to make the StubHub Center their base for the next two years before joining the Rams in the stadium being built in Inglewood.

78 responses to “Dean Spanos confirms Chargers are going to L.A.

  1. Seems lazy, that he didn’t look anywhere else between L.A. and San Diego. Are there no other teams in America (or out of America) that want an NFL team?

  2. Ooof. Ashtray to the face of San Diego, although they instantly become LA’s best team.

    LA Chargers. Sounds weird.

  3. The funny thing is the Rams had second highest total home attendance in the NFL last year. Noobs are focusing on seating percentages, but conveniently ignore the fact that the Coliseum seats more than 93k.

  4. Given the lack of decent coaches and competition in the league, maybe the NFL should reduce the # of teams to increase the competition.

  5. Yeah, we’re not going to support the “LA” Chargers.

    Supporting Spanos and the Chargers is similar to dating someone who abused their ex and trashed them afterwards.

  6. The 10 fans the chargers had from their 1 season in la 50 years ago are likely dead now. And what exactly does “fight for la” mean? Dean is a classless moron

  7. The Galaxy, Kings and UCLA will all be above them in the pecking order. Massive, massive mistake.

  8. LA Thespians….

    To give up on a city and fan base is sad and devious. Maybe those are the type of fans the Spanos’ want for their franchise, and are looking for them in LA.

    I fell bad for the players… and declining franchise!

  9. LA Chargers and fans, Welcome to Raider Nation! If you thought Raiders fans taking over Sandy Eggo was bad, wait till you see SoCal Raiders fans chapter. Can’t wait to play those 2 LA teams…2 extra home games.

  10. The sadness of the loyal fan base these fools are leaving behind will be rivaled only by the magnitude of fail in this move.

    Stadium issues. City officials. Plain and simple capitalism – whatever the motivation, justified or unjustified: the ungrateful and alienating ownership leaves behind a loyal fan base who will be missed so colossally once the team settles in as the permanent stepchild to the Rams… blows the mind. There is ZERO demand for this team in Los Angeles. Zero. And Lord help your Powder Blue undies when the Raiders, Las Vegas or otherwise, come to town. Praying for ya.

    I hate the Chargers but I’ve respectfully battled with their fans – some, friends for decades – long enough to know this is a point-of-no-return, crucial-moment-level move. Hate to see it.

    – Raider fan

  11. I can’t say whether this is a good or bad thing, nor for whom, but I can say its sad to see them leaving SD given the many years of history they have there. Just part of our ever changing recycling world of sports I guess.

  12. The fact that Mr. Spanos is quoted here as referencing the team as the “Los Angeles Chargers” essentially means that the rebranding idea is not going to happen.

    That’s too bad from the point of view that should the opportunity for another team to locate in San Diego arise, they will need to, in effect, rebrand.

    At the minimum, Spanos could have left the name there.

  13. Why do so many people think it’s the Chargers fault? It’s not.

    55…55…55 years and not even a renovation since 1967.

    Chargers have brought millions and millions to the City. Takes money to make money and every City contributes.

    The City BLEW IT.

  14. So instead of staying in SD (where he’s made 100’s of millions) he’s gonna go play 2nd fiddle in LA where the fans don’t care about the first team that moved there (Rams one and only sellout came in the first preseason home game)

    Instead of ponying up 550 million of his own dough to help build a stadium in SD he’s gonna pay the huge relocation fee and then pay rent to Stan Kroenke. This sounds like a ploy to try and get SD to cave at the last minute.

  15. Anyone want to bet that the lease between the Chargers and Rams has an opt or buy out or some attendance key performance indicators that will allow the Chargers to void the lease and move to another city in a few years? This is all part of a long term plan to expand to other markets or return to San Diego in several years. Perhaps the San Antonio / Austin area (@4.4 million people) will make a play for the Chargers if they can get Jerry Jones to agree; maybe San Diego will beg the Bolts to return or maybe St Louis got a side pledge if they can get a stadium deal done? What about Mexico City? The owners are businessmen so this is part of a strategic development plan that will remain secret until it comes to fruition in four or five years. The talking heads are now telling the fans that the decision was an emotional response to sixteen years of frustration with San Diego. That’s a ridiculous insult to the intelligence of the businessmen that run the NFL. The plan is there … it just hasn’t been shared with PFT.

  16. L.A. already had a professional football team in town the whole time the Rams were in St. Louis and the Chargers were in San Diego.

    They are called the USC Trojans.

  17. I am 100% against any tax payer money being used to fund any stadiums for professional teams — ever.
    The NFL has more money than they know what to do with. They could fund a stadium in San Diego or anywhere else without even blinking.
    Let the players chip in to build it, too. After all, it’s them and the owners who rake in the millions from playing in these stadiums.
    So let the Chargers go wherever they want, as long as they foot the bill. If anyone thinks Spanos (or any other owner) really gives a rats behind about the fans, think again. All he cares about is money. He’d move his team to the Middle East if it meant more money in his wallet.

  18. As a browns fan, this is a shame, to rip a team away from its fan base is just cruel.

    Can someone explain to me why a multi billion dollar industry can’t just add a couple teams? Makes no sense to me why they’d move teams.

  19. Some rebranding is in order:

    presenting your

    Lo$t Angele$ Irrelevant$

    Can’t use the powder blues would be mistaken for the UCLA JV team, maybe greed green would be good

  20. corchamp says:
    Jan 12, 2017 11:17 AM
    Next move is Vegas. Then London. Then Mexico City. Then wherever. Then the garbage can for the entirety of the league.
    Yup, the Raiders will move to Vegas and then the Bills will move to London in 3 years.

    Who ends up in Mexico City, I have no idea but some team will.

  21. He walks away from $300m handout from the NFL, and instead decides to pay a $650m (?) relocation fee.

    That’s nearly a $1b switch.

    Which is about what a new stadium would have cost to build in San Diego.

    Boy, rich people sure do have a funny way of looking at things…

  22. Funny how no one is talking about the complete lack of support the chargers got in San Diego. Opponents regularly took over the stadium and no new stadium despite over a decade of the NFL and the team trying to get one.

  23. Bronco Country welcomes all the abandon fans… Looks like the AFC West really only has 3 teams now. We all get to scrimmage the LA whoever 2 times a year during the regular season… I hope a lot of those player look to go somewhere else with a lack for marketability and low fan base.

  24. Wow, just a few short years ago the media and fans had Jacksonville Jaguars relocating. Since, 2 different teams have relocated with a 3rd on the horizon.

  25. polegojim says:
    Jan 12, 2017 11:27 AM
    Why do so many people think it’s the Chargers fault? It’s not.

    55…55…55 years and not even a renovation since 1967.

    Chargers have brought millions and millions to the City. Takes money to make money and every City contributes.

    The City BLEW IT.


    Qualcomm was just renovated 13 years ago, which was why they hosted the Super Bowl in 2003.

  26. I don’t think Rivers wants to uproot his 8 kids from SD. Actually, living in Newport Beach and practicing in Costa Mesa is O.K. It’s commuting to Stub Hub field and then to the” hood” which he won’t be around to do. let’s pack in a few more professional sports teams into L.A. When Spanos starts writing the $12 million check to Qualcomm, the $650 million check to the NFL for re-location, the multi-million$ check for the Costa Mesa practice facility, he might think twice, but I don’t think so. A sad ending to a sad story. Obviously, he’s setting up the team to be sold.

  27. The whole NFL is off the rails under Goodells leadership. There is zero integrity! The entire league is nothing but a money grab for a bunch of ridiculously wealthy owners. Nobody seems to care one iota about the fans of San Diego who have faithfully supported a franchise and the league over the years. It is complete garbage!

  28. polegojim says:
    Jan 12, 2017 11:27 AM
    Why do so many people think it’s the Chargers fault? It’s not.

    55…55…55 years and not even a renovation since 1967.

    Chargers have brought millions and millions to the City. Takes money to make money and every City contributes.

    The City BLEW IT.

    Classic case of blaming the victim. Spanos is the abusing husband who beats his wife (San Diego), demands changes to the house and refuses to put one single cent towards the renovation. Then he gets this grand idea of getting neighbors to pay for the house. Finally he leaves the family high and dry.

  29. How about the NFL institute a policy that all new owners must finance their own new stadiums.

    This will never happen as it goes directly against the politics of the wealthy republican owners. Remember it’s only a wrong to get public assistance if your poor and truly need help. If your wealthy it’s your right to keep all your money and have a direct line of public cash dumped into your coffers. You won’t even have to contribute to the public portion of the funding because you won’t be paying any taxes.

  30. Great this means on 10 years from now 2 cities will be able to get a NFL team when both want to move out. LA can’t support 1 team let alone 2. The problem with the NFL today is it is not about winning games, it is about making money. Some teams measure their success by the bottom line not wins and loses.

  31. And their new logo is a blend of the Dodgers LA with the Harry Potter scar. It just keeps getting better for this dismal organization.

  32. The NFL does not seem to care about it’s fans or communities. It’s all about the shiny new stadiums they want taxpayers to help fund it. Got it.

  33. good. i’ve been a charger fan for 20 years and seeing this team going nowhere. well, now they’re actually going somewhere literally!!!

    more surfing, hiking, mountain biking, soccer, baseball, basketball for me and my kids.
    Great move!!!

  34. “…my family and I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the support and passion our fans have shared with us over the years. In other words, thanks for the money, but sorry, you wouldn’t pony up enough “support” for a new stadium so ef you.”

    “L.A. is a remarkable place, we must get back [some]..meaningful [financial] contributions, not just on the field, but off the field.”

    Fixed it for you Spanos.

  35. If Spanos thought negotiating with the city of San Diego was difficult, wait till he negotiates with a fellow NFL owner. These guys are good at one thing and one thing only: squeezing nads.

  36. So, $650 million relocation fee, $100 million physical relocation cost, $12 million to end Q lease, next coach and star players would want more $$ since the franchise is worth more, pay rent to Kroenke, play in a city where they are not welcome and all of this based on phantom money (can’t sell team for 5 years) assuming the NFL doesn’t continue their downward spiral in TV ratings and hurt its franchise’s net worth. Is it really worth it??

  37. Three NFL cities have lost or will be losing their team in 2016-2017. Either move was about fan support, it’s all about chasing more money. The NFL makes asinine decisions to its own detriment and without integrity. The whole NFL shield and we care about the fans is complete b.s. Which city will be next, it may take a few years but the musical chairs will continue as stadiums age and cities are held hostage.

  38. Might as well get started on that minor league mindset (think “Los Angeles Clippers”) by playing in a 30,000 seat stadium.

  39. polegojim says:
    Jan 12, 2017 11:27 AM
    Why do so many people think it’s the Chargers fault? It’s not.

    55…55…55 years and not even a renovation since 1967.
    Stadium was upgraded and renovated in the late 90’s so it would continue to receive Super Bowls. It got a grand total of one. The logical option given the tremendous existing location would be to either renovate Qualcomm or build a new stadium NEXT to it. The Chargers refused any option that was not downtown.

  40. It’s sad when a community loses its team, but at least in this case the Chargers didn’t move very far. San Diego fans can still have season tickets and watch on TV if they want to. The Vikings have season ticket holders in North Dakota and Winnipeg that come to every game, so a couple hours up the coast is no big deal.

  41. The best line from the movie Wall Street when describing how wealth is obtained is appropriate here:

    “…one third comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons…”

  42. Not sure why people are saying they need to fear the Raiders.

    Over the last 14 seasons the record is something like 21-7 in Chargers favour.

    And this season, when the Raiders are supposedly suddenly fearsome again, they win by a massive 3 points.

    Woop de doo.

  43. I have a hunch that Spanos won’t be required to pay a 650 million relocation fee with this arrangement. Paying 650 mil to be 2nd to 5th fiddle in LA just doesn’t make sense. I’ve yet to hear Goodell or Spanos talk about the fee. I’d also be a little surprised if the Rams have to pay 650 mil. It was the NFL that wanted a team back in LA all along. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a little back room dealing going on with the NFL and these 2 teams to get back in the LA market.

  44. is it me or Spanos look like Art Modell in this pic?
    this is the Cleveland Browns moving too Baltimore, Maryland 2.0 with just a shade less REBRANDING “didnt change the name and or colors/jerseys too much YET?” be strong san diego so im guessin SPANOS is the new art modell?
    this is crazy
    IF IM PHILIP RIVERS I DEMAND AND TRADE OR GET RELEASED/RETIRE, i can already see or hear him going nuts cause a TMZ reporter was following him or his 11 or so kids

  45. These NFL billionaires were stupid with the handling of this whole situation! The only way they could make this work in their favor is to remove the Charger name & logo and start new… Rebrand that entire franchise to a spicy and hot name & logo…. The name should be “The Los Angeles Guerrillas!” The name is catchy, ferocious and the locals would eat the merchandise up with an awesome logo! No matter…. I’m a RAIDER!

  46. I don’t know all the facts of why. I just know how I feel and its not good. The love for football has become less and less.

  47. Sorry Chargers fans. I really feel for you guys. Sucks that your team is being taken away. As a Bills fan, I had to live with that fear for a LONG time. We were very lucky that we got to keep our team, so I don’t know the full pain of losing your hometown team. But I definitely sympathize. San Diego was a loyal fan base. They deserve better than this. It’s a shame…

  48. If you were to merge the two LA teams (Rams & now Chargers), you MIGHT get a 7-9 team out of the deal.

  49. Pure greed. All about the benjamins. It’s that simple. Unwilling to construct a new building for his business out of his own pocket, and instead expecting the locals to cough up hard-earned money to help him, he’s off to La La Land. As the St. Louis fans probably still feel, good riddance.
    It’s an over-saturated sports market, so not sure it’s a great move, brand new stadium to share, or not.
    To contribute public tax dollars to help a billionaire business person improve his privately owned business, would set a precedent that would involve those same tax dollar sources to be used to improve the local wine/flower/tailor/barber shop. No difference.
    Pure greed.

  50. They’ll be back in San Diego in two years, probably in a new stadium, when it doesn’t work out in LA.

  51. As a Browns fan, I hate seeing a team move. I never liked the Rams leaving LA to begin with, so I accepted their return, even though St. Louis has been screwed now twice. I know the Chargers started in LA, but that was too long ago to count.

    Boo to the move. May you be in last place longer than the Browns.

  52. I don’t blame Spanos for moving. San Diego voted down a stadium plan that would have been partially funded by tourists. The Chargers need a new stadium and couldn’t get one after 15 years of trying. However, I think he should have given STL and San Antonio a closer look. Red McCombs wants a team in San Antonio. Jerry Jones would vote no, but he doesn’t have additional authority to deny them a team.

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