Dolphins name Matt Burke as defensive coordinator

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Vance Joseph is the head coach in Denver and the Dolphins have a new defensive coordinator.

A day after Joseph agreed to take over the top job on the Broncos coaching staff, the Dolphins have announced that Matt Burke will take over Joseph’s previous role as the top coach on the defensive side of the ball in Miami.

Burke was the linebackers coach for the Dolphins in 2016, which was his first year with the team. He had the same job with the Bengals in 2013 and 2014 before coming to Adam Gase’s staff along with Joseph, who had also been an assistant in Cincinnati. Burke spent previous five seasons with the Lions and has also worked for the Titans.

Burke will be charged with helping to boost the production of a defense that finished the year 29th in yards allowed and 30th in rushing yards allowed. While that didn’t stop Miami from qualifying for the postseason this year, better work from the unit will increase the likelihood that playoff trips become a habit rather than a rarity in South Florida.

15 responses to “Dolphins name Matt Burke as defensive coordinator

  1. Did not realize Miami was ranked that low against the run. Didn’t they spend a Ron of money on their Dline last year and this year ?

  2. Great move…no change in calls or formations..keep the progress train moving forward! I will assume all the thumbs down will be from people that don’t root for the Dolphins. I will be shocked if a Dolfan would give this move a thumbs down. Go Dolphins!! The future is looking super!

  3. squintyeyedjoe says:
    Jan 12, 2017 6:02 PM
    Maybe he understands that linebacker play was the reason for the lack of a run defense. Maybe he doesn’t.

    He does. That is why Gase hires him. Let’s hope that Tannebaum understands that you need NFL caliber LB if you expect to have an NFL defense.

  4. Burke helped identify the holes at LB and found guys like Paysinger, Butler, Hull, and Hewitt as the best patchwork LB’s possible. You never know if a guy is THE guy until you give him the job, but Burke’s experience this far along with the continuity of defensive scheme makes him the best choice for the job.

  5. One thing for sure, he will know what the real problems on defense are. I wish him well. Bill

  6. I’m optimistic with this hire for the sole purpose if Adam Gase believes he’s the right guy for the job I have no reason not to trust him as Gase has done a terrific job since coming to Miami. Gase has been the biggest free agent this franchise has got in some time. He’s the young Don Shula that Ross was looking for when they hired Philbin. It will be interesting to see what another draft and free agency season brings to this team as I feel like for the first time in a decade this franchise is finally on the right track to being consistently good year in and year out.

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