Sean McVay takes over the Rams

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There’s nothing like another team moving to town to get the Rams to hire a coach.

One day after giving Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay a second interview, the Rams will be making him the youngest head coach in NFL history. The Rams have announced that the 30-year-old McVay will be the next coach of the team.

The Rams were supposedly going to interview multiple candidates twice. They were supposedly going to interview Texans linebackers coach Mike Vrabel at least once. But with the Chargers coming to town and looking for a coach and possibly deciding to make a run at McVay (and in turn driving up his price significantly), the Rams needed to move, and move quickly.

And now the Rams can use a youthful face and voice to market the team to a city that will be choosing between the Rams and Chargers. And the Chargers, who already are one year behind the Rams in the market, will be playing catch up in an effort to make a splash.

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  1. The 30 year old gets the job. I wish him well. Talk about an uphill battle. If he can succeed in L.A. he can succeed anywhere.

  2. I don’t know how long his contract is but I will bet he never completes it!!! This is one of the most dysfunctional teams in the league. If Phillips comes in they will go to a 3-4 but don’t have the personnel for it so it will be at least two years to install it.

    The only good thing for McVAy is that he is now on the “coaching carousel” so he will get other jobs.

  3. Hahaha. Now we have to replace two coordinators, a QB (most likely) and a horrible defense. I love being a Redskins fan…

  4. I would not say the Chargers are playing catch up. If you have a head start, but you run backwards, you are not ahead. The 2016 Rams season did not increase enthusiasm or support it did the opposite.

  5. Look past the age – he’s a hell of a coach and a great football mind. I have no idea if it’ll be “too early” for him this go around, but whether or not it works expect him to be a HC again somewhere. Really smart and passionate football mind.

  6. Florio, your so obsessed with the “splash” coach hires and all this other frilly crap that truly means nothing to the fan base. Personally, I’d rather my team wait till week 4 of the preseason to hire a coach if that’s what it takes to get the right guy. Not the name that looks the best. Fans care about wins and that’s about it.

  7. It’s a risky pick obviously. Many great coaches needed a trial one when they were young. That said, I think he’s the best coach available right now, and he’s going into a great situation.

  8. If the Chargers don’t faceplant their first season they are ahead of the Rams by default.

    Jeff Fisher football was not only bad, it was boring. Kroenke never thought he’d have to put a competitive product on the field to make money.

  9. I’m really interested to see what this guy can do. It’s hard for a young guy to win the respect of a locker room. He never played in the league but he’s got bloodlines. I wonder how this will go. Glad they rolled the dice.

  10. Whether they’ve made a good choice or not will take several years to figure out, but meanwhile we can already figure out that their stated process for hiring a coach — “the Rams needed to move, and move quickly” — is sheer lunacy.

    Hey guys — go find a wife, and quick — it’s gotta be within the few days! Hurry up, find her!!

  11. coaches under 40 dont seem to work out too well, specially real young guys under 35 ie Josh McDaniels, which i feel this situation will end up being. One could point to Mike Tomlin, which is a good success story but Mike Tomlin also had Bruce Arians as OC and Dick LeBeau as DC. McDaniels did not and McVey will not either. seems like a dumb move for a team moving into a new area and still trying to fill seats

  12. How did Kroenke become a mega billionaire is a world mystery. Making a wet behind the ears 30 year old KID your head coach in your shiny new LA stadium?? cmon man.

  13. “Fans care about wins that’s about it”.

    The high amount of posts on articles about “splash” coach hires and “other frilly crap” disagree with you.

  14. Kroenke made his billions by seducing a Walton, i.e., Walmart heiress. What a multibillionaire woman saw in this guy is beyond the comprehension of anyone except the corpse of Albert Einstein.

  15. No one with options would want to tend that dumpster fire. Luckily, with the Chargers coming to town, will be watching the Ramrods.

  16. Young, promising Dave Shula was one Cincinnati’s coaches during their lost decade going 19 and 52….. This hire seems like that.

  17. This is a low cost place holder pick.
    Once the New Stadium is built, when they have to sell the high priced tickets they will need some hype. That’s when they bring in the BIG name , full priced Coach that will get those Stars into the Shiney Luxury Boxes

  18. “Personally, I’d rather my team wait till week 4 of the preseason to hire a coach”

    Because ALL the best candidates are sitting unemployed by the phone week 4 of the preseason? They’d have their pick of Art Briles or Chip Kelly.

  19. In one day, the Chargers have created more talk, excitement etc, than the Rams move did…Now the Chargers forced the Rams hand in their coaching search…

  20. I don’t know about this one, but….

    AFAIC he can call as many fades as he wants. Just about anything a new coordinator/HC brings in will be better than the junk we were subjected to this year.

  21. Wow just as I was thinking the Rooney Rule was paying dividends we get news that a 30yr old just got one of the 32 NFL jobs…what the heck has he done to deserve this? In Washington that’s Gruden offense not to mention their not that good….maybe his grand dad still has some pull in CA….I see mutiny on the horizon unless he is some boy genius or something….good luck with that Rams fan, we will find out if its better than Fisher….

  22. A 30 yr old head coach? Yeah, that’s going to work out great.

    That’s not a shot at him personally simply because he is young (although I personally wouldn’t trust someone that young to lead my team) but rather I fully expect some in the organization to use his age against him and not give him the same respect an older coach would get.

  23. Anybody is better than Jeff Fisher. My dog is better than Jeff Fisher. No idea how everybody loved that guy and he had a job. I’m 57 years old and a Bills fan, have been all my life. My brother is 7 years older than me and lives near Buffalo too, but he has been a Rams fan since he was a little kid, never changed teams, loved them when they were in LA and St. Louis. He goes back to Roman Gabriel. His favorite player of all time. At least you guys have won a Super Bowl, I was happy for my brother when you beat the Tiatins. Looks like a long road for both Rams fans and Bills fans. Hopefully we get there again. You guys have a young coach, funny thing is, his birthday, he turns 31 on the 24th of Jan, it’s my brothers birthday too, he was born in 1952. He thinks this is a great sign!!! Best of luck Ram fans!! Go Bills!

  24. Its a great opportunity, for the young man, but its a been a LONG time, since the Rams made multiple players correct moves.

    I could be wrong but wasn’t the lasat time they were in the playoffs Marc Bulger was the QB?

  25. By all accounts he’s smart and hardworking with lots of upside (‘Skins fan) but he’s not even really in charge of Gruden’s offense.. seems like a very deliberate attempt at a “splash” and generating “buzz” (frankly, very Redskins) rather than a good idea.

    I wish him well but I’ve assumed Goff would get his next coach fired too throughout this process and I don’t think McVay is set up to succeed. That Rams offense couldn’t have less in common with the Redskins offense he’s been calling plays for.

  26. Kroenke probably noted the positive reaction in LA to the Lakers hiring young Luke Walton to coach the Lakers. Not the same thing at all Mr. Kroenke. I haven’t seen or heard about the terms of his contract but since you are paying Fisher for years in the future, I hope this signing isn’t because you can save $$$. He is going to have his hands full with the roster.

  27. The Rams will now be able to get Kirk Cousins and the 2012 draft suddenly gains an odd quirk where the Rams give up the joke Great Gimmick and gets the Redskins best QB which is an upgrade of epic proportions over the garbage they have now.

    Cousins will get a huge contract and the Redskins will pay dearly for being lethargic with Cousins.

    This will be like Trent Green leaving the Redskins to join the Rams.

  28. Grandpa John McVay was a very successful head coach at Dayton at roughly the same time Bill Walsh was an assistant with the Bengals.

    After a stint as coach of the NY Giants, McVay ended up in the 49ers front office, and if I remember correctly, Walsh spent a little time with the Niners as well…

    Back in Dayton, some skinny QB transferred to the Flyers. It was Jay Gruden’s brother Jon.

    The football geek in me likes to see where coaches come from, who they worked with/for, and who their mentors are.

    Sean McVay has lots of connections to coaches in the Walsh/Holmgren/Shanahan tree. That may or may not translate to success with the Rams, but there are some smart people who would pick up the phone if McVay has a question.

  29. “I blame this joker and fatboy Gruden for Griffin not being our QB.”

    Griffin had plenty of chances to be the QB in DC. He failed. It wasn’t the coach’s fault – neither Shanahan nor Gruden. It wasn’t the line’s fault. It wasn’t the receiver’s fault. It’s all on Griffin himself.

    If you haven’t noticed, Cousins has been much better over the past two seasons than Griffin. No, he’s not perfect, but he’s closer to being the answer than Griffin ever was.

    If you guys didn’t notice, the Skins actually had one of the top offenses in the NFL the past two seasons. Football Outsiders has them in the Top 5 in efficiency, behind only Atlanta, New England, Dallas, and Green Bay.

  30. Let’s just wait until they lose a few in a row and we will see how good this dude is at being a HC. See how grown man NFL vets react to him. This could escalate rather quickly. He could just as easily be a good coach as he could get cracked in the jaw by a linebacker for his offenses keeping the Rams D on the field and overworked.

    This is a flashy stop gap.

  31. You know if they wanted to make a real splash they should have hired Bill Belichick’s kid Steve. Don’t tell me head’s wouldn’t explode if another Belichick entered the head coaching ranks!!

  32. Well, Mike Tomlin was 34 when he took over the Steelers, and he’s done an excellent job. I don’t know much about McVay, but he has succeeded in his limited NFL experience. Maybe he said or did something in his interviews that hints at greatness. Who knows? It’s a better bet than picking some 40-something-year-old coach who has proven his mediocrity beyond a doubt. I’m happy to sit back and see what the kid is made of before I write him off. Any way you slice it, head coach of an NFL team at age 30 is a remarkable accomplishment.

  33. Nice!! Now maybe the skins can find a offensive cord who understands the concept of running the ball and can score in the red zone!!! Hope Gurley doesn’t. Mind only 6 carries a game! Lol

  34. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like Coach McVay’s first decision – to take this job so quickly – was a good one.

    I mean, if the Chargers were really going to go after him, he could have significantly upped his salary by just waiting a couple of weeks before accepting.

  35. Seen this movie before. When McDaniels gets his next HC gig, this kid can come to New England and let Hoodie teach him what being a coach is all about.

  36. quackbury says:
    Jan 13, 2017 12:02 PM
    Seen this movie before. When McDaniels gets his next HC gig, this kid can come to New England and let Hoodie teach him what being a coach is all about.

    Great post, you are absolutely right. This kid has no business being a HC in the NFL, but I wish him the best of luck. I really didn’t think his offense with the Skins did as well as they could have, because we had way too much talent not to be more successful on 3rd down. He did not know how to change up the offense when things weren’t going well or the defense had us figured out. He had no real creativity and he doesn’t have enough experience to be an HC at the NFL level. I didn’t even mention how bad the play calling was in the Redzone.

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