Who’ll advance in Atlanta?

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Thursday’s PFT Live has a two-part question of the day, arising from the NFC divisional playoffs.

Part I: Saturday’s game at the Georgia Dome. It’s rematch of the regular-season game between the Falcons and Seahawks, which the home team narrowly won in Seattle.

Four years ago, the Falcons beat the Seahawks in the divisional round in Atlanta. This time around, the Falcons have capped an impressive regular season and the Seahawks have authored an impressive 26-6 win over Detroit in the wild-card round.

So who advances? Answer the question, drop a comment, and tune in at 6:00 a.m. ET for the show, which features a visit from Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls.

11 responses to “Who’ll advance in Atlanta?

  1. For those of you expecting the 2012 Matt Ryan, well, that Matt Ryan actually played well in the playoffs. The defense lost the NFC championship game that year. The 2016 Matt Ryan is 50% better, has more weapons, and more experience. The defense is young but better, too. Watch the actual games, fellas–all season. Then tell us all you supposedly know.

    Falcons 34 Seahawks 24.

  2. Even with injuries and some loss of their usual swagger, the Seahawks will find a way to win this one. It will be no blowout, but I can see them winning something like 31-24.

    The Falcons have improved greatly, but if you neutralize Beasley, you can abuse the defense. The best hope for the Falcons is to score early and often on mistakes and force the Hawks to play in a shootout.

  3. Seahawks win this one. The only reason Atlanta had success against us in week 6 is miscommunication on two big plays that resulted in touchdowns. Kam Chancellor, Mike B, Rawls, Prosise, and Wilson were all hurt in this game. Some of those players didn’t even play in the game (Chancellor, Prosise, Rawls)….It’s going to be a different game cause its in Atlanta and not at home, but I don’t see Atlanta scoring more than 17 points.

  4. If Richard sends blitzes to pressure Matt Ryan like he did last week, the Seahawks will win. If he calls the game like he usually does and gives the QB all the time in the world to throw, the Falcons will win easily.

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