No fine for Leon Hall hit that injured Jordy Nelson


Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson won’t play against the Cowboys this Sunday after he broke at least two ribs last weekend when he took a hit from Giants defensive back Leon Hall.

Hall won’t be playing this weekend either because the Packers routed his club 38-13 at Lambeau Field. He also won’t be paying a fine to the league.

PFT has confirmed with league that Hall was not fined as a result of the hit. NFL rules prohibit “lowering the head and making forcible contact with the crown or ‘hairline’ parts of the helmet against any part” of a defenseless receiver’s body and it appeared that Hall lead with that part of the helmet when making contact with Nelson while the receiver was trying to make a catch.

Hall was not penalized during the game, however, and the league office agreed that Hall’s contact didn’t cross the line into finable territory.

49 responses to “No fine for Leon Hall hit that injured Jordy Nelson

  1. I’m an Eagles fan so have no reason to be pro-Giants, but that was not a dirty play. There’s no place else Hall’s head/helmet could have gone. Packerfan needs to quit whining and the Packers need to go beat the Cowboys.

  2. He led with the crown of the helmet. Of course their should be a fine. NFL Roger and owners are not serious about preventing injuries. Should be teaching tackling Face
    mask up.

  3. It wasn’t fined or flagged because it was LEGAL. All players lower their pads to hit, even RB’s.

    The Black Rhinos and their fans are the whiniest in sports. If a GB DB did that exact same thing, GB fans would be saying it was legal, but because their team can do no wrong, it should have been a flag and penalty right mouth breathers? Tell Jordy to toughen up and maybe he wouldn’t get hurt all the time. Next up is Mr Munn this weekend. You know you will be flagged if you fart in his direction, so make the flag and fine worth it.

  4. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 3:50 PM

    and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

    Hadn’t of thrown to him…? What did you of for dinner last night? What are you going to of for dinner tonight?

    This actually explains a lot of things.

  5. Sure looks like he led with the crown of his helmet.

    Proving once again, that alcohol should not be served at NFL headquarters …

  6. and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

    Actually, the correct usage would have been “…if Aaron had not (or hadn’t) thrown to him…….”.

    We should probably just consider the source, and forget it. Stupid is as stupid does, to quote Forrest.

  7. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 3:50 PM
    and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

    And if Sam Bradford had never handed the ball off to Adrian Peterson, he’d still be running the ball today. Well, not today, obviously. I mean it’s the playoffs. What I meant is that he’d still be healthy.

  8. 1 player doesn’t make a team. With or without Nelson, the Pack will give Dallas a helluva test. Yes they beat them in week 5 however Lacy went down, the oline was missing 2 starters and another went down in the game, and the D Backfield was in shambles from injuries.
    The D Backs are still less than desired but playing alot better. This will not be a easy one this time Cowboys fans.

  9. Mike Pereira who is Fox NFL officiating analyst stated ON AIR it should have been flagged a personal foul as either leading with the crown, or hitting a defenseless player.
    So you say it wasn’t illegal, huh ?? DimWits !

  10. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 3:50 PM
    and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him, it wouldn’t have happened at all


  11. I’m a Pats fan with no dog in this fight, but I’ve seen the video several times and it’s abundantly clear that this is an illegal hit under the current definition. A few years ago, it would have been OK, but not anymore because he clearly used his helmet as a projectile into the ribs of a defenseless receiver. I think the photograph above misrepresents the angle at which the collision took place. On the replay, it was a direct helmet-to-rib hit. But I’m not surprised the NFL didn’t fine Hall, because there is no consistency or logic in how the NFL reviews these things anymore. It’s like somebody at 345 Park Ave. is simply throwing darts to see whether or not to fine someone.

  12. annapterp says:
    Jan 13, 2017 4:05 PM
    Legal hit. Look at the picture above. No “crown of the helmet” like some whiners are saying. Clean hit in the ribs.


    It’s a penalty if the defender hits a defenseless receiver with the crown of the DEFENDER’s helmet. Where he hits the receiver is immaterial. Not being allowed to hit a defenseless receiver in the receiver’s head/neck is a different part of the rule.

  13. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 3:50 PM
    and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him, it wouldn’t have happened at all.
    Richard Sherman has proved that theory wrong in more than one game this srason.

    This just goes to show the lack of consistency with the league. I don’t think it was inteional, but there a tons of players whom have been fined when trying to hit a WR lowering his head.

  14. Absolute garbage – there should be a fine. Replay clearly showed Hall lowering his head and aiming his helmet directly into Nelson’s ribs.

    Cheap, dirty, just the kind of play that needs to be fined.

    And cowardly, too – it would have been a ridiculously easy tackle to make, or just shove the guy out of bounds. But instead Hall chooses the dirty option.

    Is this what Steve Spagnuolo thinks is quality football?

  15. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 3:50 PM
    and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him, it wouldn’t have happened at all

    And so are a gazillion other instances in football that have led to injuries, however its pointless explaining it to the chief Packers troll or is it ariani that has that crown?

  16. Personally, I thought it was a clean hit when it happened. It wasn’t until Mike Pereira jumped in the broadcast that anyone thought it was anything other than a clean shot.

  17. Maybe if he would’ve caught the ball on the first attempt instead of tipping it to hisself, none of this would’ve happened. Clean hit all the way. DB did what they teach players from youth.. “separate the receiver from the ball.”

  18. Get a decent angle on the replay and you can see the top of Hall’s helmet get right into the ribs, which should be a penalty, and probably a fine.

    I can’t read the guy’s mind so I don’t know if he meant to injure Nelson, but I still don’t understand the mentality behind this. Why not use your shoulder pads? Same hit, same result, but no chance you wind up with a concussion or serious neck injury.

    I do know there is a technical term for players who do this too often during their careers. They’re known as “droolers”.

  19. The hit was illegal. It was illegal according to the rules.
    I don’t care if you don’t like the rule or the way the game is officiated today.
    It’s basically black and white unless you don’t have eyes to see with.

    I have to agree with some of the posters who have said that there is absolutely no consistency with the NFL’s policies, suspensions and fines anymore.

    Having stated that, it’s football.
    Injuries happen. They happen to every team.
    Nobody knows this better than the Packers.
    “Next man up” has become an all to common phrase in Green Bay.
    The Dallas Cowboys don’t care about our injuries, nor should they.
    It’s the postseason and it’s time to man up once again.
    And no game penalty or fine is going to change anything.

  20. Does anyone know what is legal or illegal anymore? I thought it was illegal for a receiver to push off. I thought it was illegal for a dB to make deliberate contact with the receiver before the ball arrived. I could see blatant holding that wasn’t called. The NFL must want it this way because they don’t do anything about it.

  21. leatherface2012 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 3:50 PM
    and no one has looked into the fact that if erin hadn’t of thrown to him…

    Erin Andrews??

  22. This was not a helmet crown hit, also called “spearing”.

    The type of hit that they are trying to take out of th game is the type where the defender doos not even use his arms to make a tackle, just launching his helmet into the reciever.

    If you put your beer down and watch the play, it was a hit to separate reciever from the ball, which was sucessful, and Halls helmet contact with Nelson’s ribs was incendental to the hit, but not the single focal point.

    Spearing is dangerous to both players, head and neck injury risk for the spearer, and a greatly increased risk of
    injuries such as Nelson’s, which occurred from helmet contact with his unprotected ribs.

  23. ariani1985 says:
    Jan 13, 2017 4:48 PM
    This isn’t going to sit well with turd nation

    Yes, so cool you remind me of the guy in college, scared to talk to women, but goes out gets drunk and pisses his bed & wonders why he has no friends……oh yeah you are from Minnesota….surprise you do have Rosey as your best friend… me some me!

  24. Stop it . He didn’t lead with his crown . Please go post on pro tennis talk .

    Learn the game and it’s rules before you all start yapping

  25. Nelson couldn’t have gotten hit in a better spot than he did right next to the Packers sideline.
    Way to just roll over near the bench like that and prevent another boring commercial break, Jordy!
    Surprised the NFL didn’t fine him for that.

  26. I’m no football player and I dunno how these guys are coached.
    What else was Leon supposed to do?
    Just touch him with both hands and cry out, “Your down!” and that would have been it?
    Could there have been a different way for him to have controlled his body so he didn’t hit Jordy with his helmet or did Jordy somehow shift his body into Leon’s hemet?

  27. This hit was perfectly legal…contact was the side of the helmet not the crown, was to the torso, not head or neck, Hall actually stopped before he made contact so he didn’t launch himself, and he also used his arms in making contact w/Nelson. In this entire year I hadn’t seen one player called for a penalty where contact was below the head and neck area, so the complaints on this not being called and not fined have nothing to do with the rules.

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