McVay: Rams will be “built on character”

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The Jeff Fisher Rams periodically drew criticism for chippy play that often crossed the line. The Sean McVay Rams apparently won’t be that way,

“[W]e’re going to be a team that’s built on character,” McVay told reporters on Friday. “We feel that true leadership is about building and developing relationships that are going to help us create a unified vision that’s sustainable over time.  Our character will be the foundation and it will be the glue that holds us together as an organization. We’re going to be committed to our process and we’re going to be committed to a standard of performance. And those things are going to be focused on – daily improvement and daily excellence. That’s what’s going to help guide us on our journey to try to achieve a world championship and bring it to this great City of Los Angeles. . . . .

“[W]hat does a Ram look like, what do we want our tape to look like? A Ram, for us, they’re going to be mentally and physically tough players that are smart and love to compete. And our tape is our resume and we know that. But, in order to be able to put out that product that our fans deserve, that we want to see that’s going to give us a chance to compete and win games week-in and week-out, we’ve got to be committed to that process and that standard of performance. And that’s something that we will be doing.”

Those comments imply plenty about the status of the Rams organization before McVay’s arrival. These comments do even more of the same.

“[W]e know that before we can become a consistent winner, we have to act like winners – and that starts with implementing a culture,” McCoy said. “So we want to set a culture, maintain a culture and then that’s going to allow us to achieve that sustained success. The similarities in what we believed we needed to implement in this organization — creating a culture of we, not me — are the things that really excited me about the opportunity to work with [COO] Kevin [Demoff] and [G.M.] Les [Snead].”

Those comments imply that the culture previously was one of me, not we, and that the players aren’t acting like winners or otherwise demonstrating character. Which surely had to make things a little awkward for Snead, since he had a direct and significant role in creating the culture that McVay is determined to change.

Snead’s presence at the press conference in front-and-center capacity, including having a hand on the jersey with McVay’s name on it for the photo op, would tend to suggest that Snead’s status may not be as tenuous as previously believed. McVay’s comments, however, subtly but clearly suggest that the person who set the table for Fisher may not be setting the table for McVay.

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  1. “[W]e know that before we can become a consistent winner, we have to act like winners – and that starts with implementing a culture,” McCoy said.

    You mean McVay?

  2. That’s very nice to say…but history tells us this Organization is a mess, and we’ll see the 1st time one of the Stars ends up in Jail what the response is….

  3. Good Luck correcting the “Make a splash” QB choice of Snead & Demoff, if you can’t make Goff a star, they will be gone as well as U!

  4. Snead has been caught in the classic middle management quarmire between Demoff and Fisher. It’s impossible to assign total responsibility to Snead for not getting more from the draft, no one knows for sure how much Fisher and Demoff influenced the selections. Perhaps McVay will help empower Snead to perform his function as Snead deems necessary.

  5. The Rams are lucky, young coach, qb of the future (potentially) on the roster, RB on the roster, defensive talent. Draft O line O line and O line. Protect your investment and see it grow in 2 years

  6. Hopefully this isn’t Steve Spagnuolo’s “The Four Pillars” all over again. God this team has sucked for a long time. It seemed like Fisher had them ready to turn the corner but he didn’t have the balls to instill any discipline into this current squad. But I guess if the coach is going to make the same mistakes over and over, why are we shocked that the players do the same.

  7. Uh huh. Sure. We’ll see what kind of character the organization and YOU have when one of your stars/above average players gets arrested for something. Exactly what kind of character.

  8. what a tool

    he thinks he is his grandfather

    he is clearly not qualified

    a millennial at 30 coaching other millennials?


    expect failure in la

  9. So help me understand how you are going to instill character in your players when Kroenke and Demhof have none?

    This is not going to end well for McVey!

  10. I think some people are creatively reading between the lines here. McVay wasn’t saying anything negative about Snead or anyone else in the organization. McVay is way, way too classy of a young man to go on the attack through the media in his first presser. It was a speech that was given by a very confident new coach. If McVay has a message for Snead, it will be done in private. I know that sounds boring, and I’m not competing with other media outlets/tabloids, so I can say the truth.

  11. Start with getting rid of those horrendous collars and going back to a traditional look. Your tradition in LA is the one thing you can’t F up as hard as you are trying.

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