Raiders wouldn’t move to Las Vegas right away

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Last year, the Rams decided to move to Los Angeles, and they moved right away. This week, the Chargers decided to move to Los Angeles, and they moved right away.

With the Raiders deciding to move to Las Vegas, they most likely won’t be moving right away.

A lease signed in 2016 gave the Raiders a one-year commitment to the Coliseum, with a pair of one-year options held by the team. Which means that the Raiders already have arrangements to play in Oakland in 2017 and 2018.

Things could get interesting in 2019, given that their new stadium in Las Vegas possibly won’t be ready that soon. Absent suitable alternative accommodations in Las Vegas, the Raiders would either have to stay in Oakland for a third lame-duck year or find a one-year Band-Aid.

The next question becomes whether and to what extent Oakland will support the Raiders, with the knowledge that the Raiders (if approved by 24 total owners — and possibly if not) will leaving for Las Vegas. The notion that the team’s fan base stretches over a broad region could mean that people will show up in large numbers wherever they play. Regardless, it will be a new dynamic for an NFL team to make clear its intention to leave a city and yet still stay there for multiple years.

44 responses to “Raiders wouldn’t move to Las Vegas right away

  1. They have to stay the Raiders. What’s up with the reports suggesting they could possibly rebrand? The Raiders must always be the Raiders no matter where they play.

  2. Why exactly are they leaving? Is it because of the current stadium situation? I hate to see all these teams play musical chairs.

  3. They should come play a couple years in San Antonio as the Las Vegas Raiders. It’d be a win-win for both San Antonio and the Raiders.

    Raider fans talk a lot of noise about the “nation” but a lot of their fans are loyal to Oakland.

  4. I’d think any town with an empty stadium would welcome them for however long they need to.

    San Antonio & maybe San Diego would gladly take them for 1-3 years. SA would love another chance to show they could do it.

  5. we all know what the so called Raider fans would do, but it doesnt depend on how long they will play in Oakland waiting, it will be determined what the Raiders record will be, everybody knows they cant fill empty seats when they sucked for the past 1.5 decade

  6. San Diego has an open stadium and since it’d fill with more Raider fans than Charger ones when they played they’d have no problem filling it

  7. Stop with the San Antonio nonsense. If you think jurrah is going to let another team in Texas without a fun, protracted legal battle I have a bridge to sell you. Never happen.

  8. The Raiders should move to LV now. If the Chargers can play in a 30,000 seat stadium, the Raiders can play at Sam Boyd Stadium. Sam Boyd can expanded to 40,000 seats.

    There is no point in lingering around in Oakland for two more seasons as a lame duck team. The time would be wiser spent getting adjusted to the southern NV market.

  9. Somebody please explain to me where Doof Davis is getting 500 million for Las Vegas and then 600 million or more to relocate. If he spent that money in Oakland he wouldn’t have to move.

  10. San Antonio is far enough away from Dallas that it wouldn’t cost Jerry Jones any money. Jerry Jones has no right to prevent San Antonio from getting a team. He can vote no, but that is it. Red McCombs is loaded, and won’t be scared off by anybody. San Antonio is a growth market and should be considered for an NFL team.

  11. Perhaps those who remember the crowds at the Astrodome during the Oilers last year in Houston would give some idea what a lame duck year would be like in Oakland. Those were some sparse crowds, you could hear individual hecklers! Move to LV and play in Sam Boyd, get the fan base cranked up there while waiting for the stadium to be finished.

  12. Oakland has had 15 years at least to resolve the stadium problem. Libby Schaf’s motto is “zero dollars and zero cents.” Mark Davis has had enough. The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and aren’t looking back. They need to start construction on the new Las Vegas stadium.

  13. Have them play as the ” visiting home team” in London for 2 years to see if London can truly support a team.

  14. Bye bye all you blowhard Raider fans. Bottom line is you were last in attendance in NFL again this year and you have tarp for a reason. Not enough interest in your team. You can say they are still your Raider but it aint the same without Oakland. Two time losers!

    Niner Empire

  15. So you are moving from the # 6 market to #42 and tv money trumps stadium money. Also, with a transient town of LV you will lose hole field. A 65k seat stadium will be
    Raider fans: 25K
    Visiting: 15k at least
    Casinos: 15k ( but will be for guests so not hard core fans)
    Ticketbrokers 10k
    The experience of watching a game will be like a mid December bowl game because of the leck of interest by LV.

  16. Raiders should move ASAP. They will see that the grass is not greener in the Nevada desert. There is a Oakland that they will never have.anywhere else. I am a 40+ year fan and I have had enough of the greed in the NFL. You can have your watered down product and your overpriced tickets. Enjoy your new stadium. I’m out

  17. As a NHL fan and NFL fan, the people most excited about this news is the front office of the Vegas Golden Knights.

    The longer the Raiders stay away, the more the hockey team can get a hold of the interest (and dollars) of the locals.

    This is starting to remind me of Nashville… the Predators came in as an expansion team and were adopted as the hometown team since they were “born” there. The Titans were “adopted” because they moved there.

  18. psubeerman21, google a NYTimes article from 2005 with Jerry Jones about the New Orleans Saints.

    He started as:

    “The Dallas Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, said yesterday that he would not mind if the New Orleans Saints moved to San Antonio, but he said this was not the time to discuss the Saints’ future.”

    Then proceeded:

    “Jones said he would not be concerned if the N.F.L. allowed a third team in Texas, even though San Antonio has many Dallas supporters and the Cowboys have trained there in the past.”

  19. Season ticket Holder since they came back in 1995. They are trying to get our money now for next seasons tickets. I refuse to buy them until the vote to relocate. If it passes I will not renew my 6 tickets for the last year to 3 years. I will still be a Raider fan, but will no longer give my money to Davis here in the Bay Area or in Las Vegas.


  20. @raiderrob21
    I think many will follow suit if they are given permission to move. I think you will see alot of empty seats. If the team takes a step backwards record wise, it could get ugly

  21. Move back to LA. Let’s see how many teams the NFL can force into a market which doesn’t want even ONE team.

  22. Jan 14, 2017 8:28 PM

    Is the vacant domed stadium in St. Louis THAT BAD that neither the Raiders or Chargers even considered it as a temporary home?

    Dude, the city is a cess pool. You ever been there?

  23. mdintino1420 says:
    Jan 14, 2017 6:30 PM
    San Antonio is far enough away from Dallas that it wouldn’t cost Jerry Jones any money. Jerry Jones has no right to prevent San Antonio from getting a team. He can vote no, but that is it. Red McCombs is loaded, and won’t be scared off by anybody. San Antonio is a growth market and should be considered for an NFL team.


    Both the Cowboys AND Texans have a lot of fans in the San Antonio area. Neither of those teams wants to see another team come into “their” market. Can you blame them?

  24. @ screw. In case you have not heard, the Raiders have the backing of Goldman Sachs. I think they can afford to move and pay relocation fee. The NFL won’t pass up on a free 750 mill from Nevada and free 650 from either Sachas or Adleman. All of which will make them more profitable. No brainer.

  25. Exactly r8rmann77.

    Goldman Sachs stated Thursday they will finance the stadium with, or without Adeldon’s involvement.
    As for timing, Sam Boyd can be a sufficient temp home for 2019 (or sooner) if needed. Along with the Chargers, both the Panthers and Titans played at collegiate stadiums before their new homes were finished.

    This move will happen. Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft are on board… many will follow. And there is no truth to the rebranding/renaming.
    The Davis family owns the Raiders logo, etc. I don’t see them giving up the family tradition of silver & black/Raider Nation.

    Las Vegas Raiders.
    Coming soon.

  26. If they rebrand good! It gives Oakland another opportunity like Cleveland.

    In the meantime, loyalists should boycott the games to spite “Al in the sky with diamonds.”

  27. well the way it appears now, w/o Sheldon, and the way it is now between Davis/NFL, anmd the State of NV….they have about 1.3 billion. With Sheldon close to 2 billion….I am sure something can get built for 1.3billion… pretty much a done deal

  28. Look ive a been a die hard Raider fan for over 45 years I am upset there moving to Vegas I would love for them to stay in Oakland…but the truth is that Oakland not willing to do any thing to keep the Raiders there period..Davis family has giving them over 15 years yo up grade that stadium and haven’t done any thing..but now were winning they want to do some thing about it..and still can’t help with funding..Davis us willing to 500 million of his own money and still do it for the team..sorry time to go..I hate it but Davis has not choice…ill be a Raider fan till I die even if there Vegas Oakland Mexico Texas I am. Die hard fan

  29. Last winter, Mark Davis visited San Antonio to meet with Red McCombs. San Antonio getting a team is not as crazy as people think. Teams like the Bills and Jaguars will threaten to move to San Antonio to get new stadiums of their own.

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