2003 sexual assault allegations against Vance Joseph resurface

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New Broncos head coach Vance Joseph was accused of sexually assaulting two women at the University of Colorado in 2003, allegations that resurfaced after he was hired in Denver last week.

Joseph was not arrested or charged, but the Boulder Daily Camera reported this weekend that the a woman talked to police about the incident during a 2004 investigation into widespread corruption within the Colorado football program, where Joseph had been a player and then an assistant coach.

The Broncos have acknowledged that they knew about the allegations, noting that no charges were brought against Joseph and police did not question him.

A woman told police that she and a friend had been drinking and smoking marijuana with Joseph, and that when she went to bed, Joseph took off his clothes, got into her bed and was “touching her all over with his hands and rubbed his body against her,” according to the police officer’s report. The woman said she pretended to be passed out, and Joseph left the room. The next morning, the woman said, the other woman told her that Joseph had gotten into her bed and done the same thing to her until she told him to “get the hell out.”

The women declined to press criminal charges.

Not long after that, Joseph was suspended from Colorado’s coaching staff and then left the school. The university’s then-president has said Joseph was being investigated for sexual harassment in connection with a different incident in which he had sex with a trainer in a campus athletic facility.

45 responses to “2003 sexual assault allegations against Vance Joseph resurface

  1. We treated you much better than this in Miami, Vance.

    What a terrible way to be greeted into a new city. He’s a hardworking guy who deserves better than this.

    Sexual assault is terrible, but our lives mean a lot more than a bad choice from our past. Why drag a person through the mud on a rumor from 14 years ago today?

  2. I hate these accusations if a man is not found guilty by a jury of his peers it should never be brought up. Why ruin somebodies good name if they had done nothing wrong. Yes if he did do something wrong he should deserve it but apparently he didn’t therefore it should never be brought up. Also the accusers should be exposed when they find out if they have falsified any information

  3. Sounds like he was trying to become a charter member of the mile high club. Based on this story, he wil forever be referred to as the “sleep walker”. Better lock you doors at night donkey fans.

  4. Sexual assault is not to be minimized. HOWEVER…

    Sounds like he made an aggressive move while under the influence, and when he didn’t get consent, he left in both cases.

  5. Sounds like a dude in college was trying to get laid. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Wake the —- up people, is this what our country is coming to. He got turned down and he left. Maybe charge him with rape too.

  6. That sounds exactly like Trump’s MO. Isn’t that what he was bragging about in the bus video? If it’s good enough for the president elect, it should be good enough for an NFL coach. I don’t know any other way to look at it.

  7. So, he gets drunk, makes a pass, gets rejected and leaves. Where is the story here? He did everything he was supposed to do except not get drunk, and not make a pass at a woman while drunk.

  8. Wow, this is must be an an important story chipster broke out 4 of his id’s for it already. That’s the kind of thing that’s usually reserved for a Patriots loss or a Dolphin win

  9. A college and NFL team covering for sexual predators….I’m shocked. (Sarcasm)

    It’s all about the money, gotta keep these stories hush hush. Human lives don’t matter. Only money.

  10. So what Im reading is that he was dropping game, made a move, and when she(non-verbally) shot him down by PRETENDING to be passed out, and he left, that is classified as sexual assault?

    Yeah right lady. Just because you creepily rejected the dude, and he stopped, doesn’t mean he assaulted you. And he was drunk, so he tried to hook up with the other chick. So what did he do wrong exactly?

  11. The police didn’t charge him, the girls have no case, just looking for Publicity, where have they been for 12 years, the public is getting tired of theses charges, come back when you have proof. Bill p.s. I’m glad that he’s Denver issue and not Miami.

  12. justaguy71 says:
    Jan 15, 2017 10:08 PM
    Sexual assault is not to be minimized. HOWEVER…

    Sounds like he made an aggressive move while under the influence, and when he didn’t get consent, he left in both cases.

    84 11


    It’s still sexual assault. If he had ripped her clothes off and penetrated her, that would be rape. The definition of sexual assault is

    “any type of forced or coerced sexual contact or behavior that happens without consent. Sexual assault includes rape and attempted rape, child molestation, and sexual harassment or threats.”

    So what he did still falls under sexual assault. She didn’t want him to get naked and she didn’t want to be touched all over.

  13. Trying to get laid by two drunk woman who stayed overnight..Can’t see the crime there but why isn’t his smoking weed brought up?
    13 yrs ago with no charges filed. No story here.

  14. As a Raider fan I cant stand Denver or horse face Elway. But leave the new HC Joseph alone on this. It’s a non story. Bash him after he coaches Denver into the ground….

  15. Anyone care to explain to me how this even remotely considered sexual assault?

    Sounds to me like a guy that thought he and his female company were having a good time, he decided to make an aggressive move, got rejected, and left them both alone.

    He isn’t the first man to make the “just whip it out” move on a college campus.

    The fact that he never got charged says it all. This is not sexual assault in any shape or form. Now if he tried forcing himself on her after being rejected, or if he was going from dorm room to dorm room doing this to random women he did not know or was spending time with that would be an entirely different story.

  16. electricfootballlivesmfcaforum says:
    Jan 15, 2017 9:54 PM
    Here we go.
    Can’t remmeber this happening for any of the other coaches ever hired. Why this one?
    You guys never stop. Geez.

    Because….. other coaches didn’t sexually assault someone?

    He did this while being a COACH – not student.

    It’s not an aggressive move – not making a pass if they’re not away – faked or otherwise.

    Some of you people disgust me.

    Let me get next to your woman – rub by body all over her while she’s sleeping and see how you classify it.

  17. what did he do wrong exactly?


    Ummm… the part that says “touched her all over her body and rubbed against her” while naked?

  18. Give me an EFFING break!!

    So a guy is no longer allowed to “hit” on a girl?! Yes, he came in kinda creepy with his moves but with BOTH women he LEFT as soon as there was no consent. Being a creep is not akin to harassment.

    If every guy got charged with harassment for being creepy with his moves, then the nightclub and bar Industry would be out of business!! Every drunk frat guy, ever in the US would be under charges!

    I’m not trying to downplay legitimate harassment claims, but he stopped when he didn’t get consent.

  19. Making a pass at someone and groping them are two different things. If you don’t believe me try it at work.

    You say there is no problem groping women right? Rub your named body all over your coworker then tell HR you were just making a pass and stopped when she said no.

    I’m not saying this should matter in his hire, it was a long time ago and he was already punished for it, but to dismiss the actions as if they were okay is wrong.

  20. electricfootballlivesmfcaforum says:
    Jan 15, 2017 9:54 PM

    Here we go.
    Can’t remmeber this happening for any of the other coaches ever hired. Why this one?
    You guys never stop. Geez.
    Hmmm Maybe because other coaches don’t do things like that.. You aren’t too bright…

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