Brock Osweiler vows to fix his flaws

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The Texans unexpectedly had a chance to upend the Patriots and advance to the first AFC title game in franchise history. Down 24-16 in the fourth quarter and starting a drive from their own 11 after forcing a New England punt, quarterback Brock Osweiler threw a high pass to receiver Deandre Hopkins, who got a hand on it and then saw it bounce into the hands of Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan.

Two plays later, the score was 31-16 and the game was over.

“You need to capitalize on great opportunities against a football team like this and even though we hadn’t done that throughout the game, at the end of the day, we were still just down eight points at the start of the fourth quarter,” Osweiler told reporters after the 34-16 loss. “I made a clear read. I thought I was going to have a big explosive game completion and I think the ball just got away from me a little bit. It sailed a tick high and next thing you know, it’s intercepted, so that’s my fault, I’ll clean that up. I can promise you I’m going to throw about a thousand of those routes in this offseason and get that fixed.”

There’s no reason to doubt that Osweiler will do just that; he badly wants to be a franchise quarterback, and he’s doing everything he thinks he needs to do to get there. But no matter how many times he makes the same throw in the offseason, there’s no replacement for stepping up and getting it done when it counts.

Time after time, with the exception of last weekend’s duel again Raiders third-string rookie quarterback Connor Cook, Osweiler failed in 2016 to make franchise-quarterback plays in franchise-quarterback moments. While the habits he learned from four years with Peyton Manning can’t hurt, Osweiler ultimately needs to deliver in big moments.

The Texans gave him $37 million fully guaranteed because they thought he would. Whatever he does between now and September, Osweiler needs to find a way to seize the few and fleeting opportunities to become a true franchise quarterback.

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  1. He’s barely average, if that. He just isn’t anything special. He doesn’t have “it”, however you want to put it. He looks like a 2nd stringer who can make a pass here and there but can’t consistently drive the field. He’s certainly not a franchise QB.

  2. If Osweiler is serious about working on fixing his flaws, tell him to start with that goofy haircut dealio he’s got cooking. It’s not working for him.

  3. Yes, his receivers dropped some balls they should have caught – including a beautifully placed ball right into the receiver’s arms and just over the head of the defender in the end zone.

    But overall he’s just not an accurate enough QB to be getting franchise-level money. Too many throws just behind a receiver or just a tad too high. I feel sorry for that defense.

  4. But overall he’s just not an accurate enough QB to be getting franchise-level money. Too many throws just behind a receiver or just a tad too high. I feel sorry for that defense.


    Osweiler makes $16 million/year. He’s tied for 16th in salary with that avg/year. He doesn’t exactly get paid “franchise-level money”. He gets paid middle-of-the-road QB money, but he’s clearly not even a middle-of-the-road QB.

    “Franchise QBs” make anywhere from $21 million to $25 million per year.

  5. Osweiler is not entirely to blame for this loss. I know it’s popular to unload on him, but to say that he lost them this game is ignoring a whole lot of problems, especially in the second half.

    Rahim Moore gave two enormous plays, one for a touchdown on a catch by James White and the other for a long third down after Clowney got pressure on Brady, that undid any of the momentum Houston got on offense.

    Houston’s offense itself was pretty horrid-Will Fuller dropped a surefire touchdown. Ryan Griffin, the second tight end, ran the wrong route on two big plays (going inside on a seam and not even trying to make a play on the ball when Devin McCourty picked it off) and another that looked as if he was supposed to head for the endzone. C.J. Federowicz (mispell for sure) misjudged a ball in the endzone in the first quarter and lost the sure touchdown and Houston had to settle for a field goal. And, on top of it all, we all saw Brock Osweiler miss on some throws. His last pick, the one tipped by DeAndre Hopkins, was way too high and might have been picked by crossing linebacker anyway if Logan Ryan hadn’t grabbed it off the tip. Osweiler had a pass that McCourty would have intercepted if Federowicz didn’t knock it out. And their O-Line gave up a lot of pressure, especially to Ninkovich.

    So, before we put it all on Osweiler by himself, let’s remember that Houston’s offense as a unit failed entirely. Before this game I thought keeping O’Brien was the right choice, but now I’m not so sure.

  6. That means correct accuracy, better pocket awareness, faster reads and completely change the slow wind up throwing motion. Good luck with all that.

  7. Brock is garbage. Where are the Elway Horse Teeth Doubters now? Thank God, Denver didnt pay big bank to keep him. Houston, you got a problem. This hot mess is all yours baby!

  8. Next season he will be 27, you don’t get to reinvent yourself at that age, so what you see is what you get.
    Ask Tim Tebow…

  9. Still can’t believe that he got all that money cause he is just not good at all and he’s doesn’t have to make himself good because he has $37 mil guaranteed no matter what. He’s just giving his team lip service and laughing the whole way to the bank.

  10. It’s up to the Texans front office and coaching staff to bring in the people to work with Osweiler to attempt to get him to perform at a level to have the Texans compete for a Lombardi. You don’t invest all of that money and not do everything possible to try and make it work. To just say the Texans should eat 25 million in dead cap is severely hurting their chances next season and their D is not getting younger. Make the offense simple.

  11. And this is to those who said it had to be a blowout. This was no blowout, and the score isn’t reflective of how close this game really was. Secret to beating the Pats? Hit Brady. He has always been a crybaby about that.

    Steelers and Chiefs will hit you. Hope Brady reads a rule book before then.

  12. like brock osweiler,i to am going to fix my flaws….i am overweight so i vow not to drink so much beer today during the playoff games……….now that i think about it,i am too old to fix all of my flaws so the hell with it…another cold one for me.

  13. Osweiller can’t change his nature of making poor decisions under pressure. He did the exact same thing at Arizona St. I was surprised Elway drafted him. The only thing he’s got is size and strong arm.

  14. He never throws a guy open or sees anything before it’s there. You’re not a franchise QB if you can’t do this.

  15. He may be fixing his flaws but I doubt he’ll be doing it with the Texans. Certainly not as the starter.

    You could see after he threw that last INT that he knew at the very least he’d lost the starting gig for next season.

    They should draft a QB with the 2nd rounder and get a little bit more firepower on offense at the skill positions. They’d be a tough team to beat with an upgraded QB and a little more from the receivers.

  16. He’s not very good.
    At best he can improve to below average.
    So he might as well try to improve.
    Then he can be a starter for the Jets.

  17. Broken record. Get used to these comments cause he says them after almost every game. In his 5 or 7 starts in Denver he said it after every game. “I promise I’ll fix it” but he never really improved.

    Seems he isn’t improving after a whole season of starting either. I think it is safe to say that Brock is not an NFL QB.

  18. bradyisababy says:
    Jan 15, 2017 7:30 AM
    Brock is garbage. Where are the Elway Horse Teeth Doubters now? Thank God, Denver didnt pay big bank to keep him. Houston, you got a problem. This hot mess is all yours baby!

    You’re giving Ol’ Horseteeth in DEN too much credit. After all, he offered to (over)pay Osweiler a boatload of cash too. Ol’ Horseteeth in DEN got lucky that Osweiler didn’t accept his ridiculous offer.

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