Josh McDaniels conflicted about taking 49ers job

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As the 49ers search for a new coach and a new General Manager, they have one overriding priority: Making sure the coach and G.M. will get along well.

One of the leading candidates to become the next head coach has one overriding priority: Making sure his next NFL head-coaching job will work out far better than his first one.

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is regarded as being the top candidate for the job. Some league insiders believe the job is his if he wants it. Indeed, one league source tells PFT that McDaniels has been reaching out to potential assistant coaches and urged them to remain available.

That said, others believe McDaniels is conflicted about the job. He has four young children, and there’s a strong desire to not uproot the family for a short-term stint on the other side of the country. As the Broncos coach in 2009 and most of 2010, McDaniels didn’t even two full seasons to turn around the Broncos. Given San Francisco’s recent trend of  parting ways with coaches (three left in roughly 24 months), there’s legitimate concern that McDaniels possibly won’t be coaching for an extended period of time.

Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan also is believed to be one of the top candidates, and Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable could emerge as a dark horse for the job — especially if he could be paired with someone from the Seattle front office in an anti-Baalke/Harbaugh arrangement that would stabilize the 49ers and pluck a couple of key pieces away from a top rival.

Another factor could be availability to be hired. Neither Shanahan nor McDaniels can get the job until the Falcons’ and Patriots’ seasons end, respectively. Cable can be hired now.

73 responses to “Josh McDaniels conflicted about taking 49ers job

  1. nobody wants that job its a 5 year rebuild at least, with a owner who fires you after one bad season.

    dumpster fire.

  2. Hey Josh, You can be the HC of the NEP in 2-3 years. Hang around and work for the Krafts.

  3. The key here was Nick Caserio turning down the interview for the GM job. If he had taken that job, McDaniels might have followed him. Right now, he should wait.

  4. The real thing every patriot coach needs to be conflicted about is how Ernie Adams is going to get all the patriot film crew on steelers and chiefs sidelines. I guess he could go old school and give out the NFL films T-shirts as he once did when working with Belicheat and the Browns.

  5. Josh, a lot of Denver fans hate you, but I still appreciate you getting Jay Cutler the hell out of Denver.

    Thanks for that and DT. Heck, even Tebow was great fun for a year.

  6. I think it would be crazy to uproot the family to go and coach that train wreck. Stay here…or wait for a better situation. No,just stay here!

  7. I think the 49ers should be conflicted about hiring him. He is a great OC. He doesn’t have the temperament to be a HC. Jed York just say no!

  8. Josh has a pretty good gig as the highest paid assistant at $1.5 mil. The HC job at NE is his if Bill calls it quits. I assume he tucked a bit of the $8 mil from the Broncos away for a rainy day.

  9. Why would someone like him take this job? He will have other opportunities and other than the Rams this is the worst job available to take! He should sit tight, ride on Brady and then jump when Tom is ready to call it quits.

  10. So stay on the best team in football or go coach the NFL’s biggest soap opera of an organization owned by the NFL’s most pathetic owner. Tough choice!

  11. Well maybe he would have gotten a longer shot if he didn’t get caught cheating? Or chased everybody, including his coaching staff, out the door.

  12. His four young children will love growing up in the Bay Area. That shouldn’t be an issue.

    His issue should be a D Coodinator, because the Wink Martindale hire is what cost him the Denver job.

  13. no drooling,chippy,tpet,Vancouver,crybabies allowed says:
    Jan 15, 2017 8:26 PM
    Geez, Chippy! Don’t your eardrums hurt from uselessly pounding that same drum all the time? Climb out of mommy’s basement and get some chicken soup! 😅

    Sorry was there something untrue about my first post. You probably don’t know who Ernie Adams is anyway. Actually from what it sounds the owner of the Browns didn’t know either when Belicheat was there. Weird right?

  14. It’ll also hinge on McDaniels bringing either Garoppolo or Brady(don’t be shocked) with him.

  15. “Anyone who takes a job working for a spoiled child deserves what he gets.”

    Which should be around 5-6 million a year guaranteed for minimum 2 and most likely 3 years. That’s a life changing amount of money for anyone and their family.

    That said Josh already made that nut in Denver. Assuming he was smart with that money he can take another year of coordinator’s pay in NE and find a better gig than Frisco.

  16. Why would he leave and get exposed as a horrible coach for a second time? Stay in NE and ride the Brady gravy train like your contemporaries. History has shown not one good coach comes from the Belicheat coaching tree.

  17. “Josh come to the Carolina Panthers!!!!”

    And do what? Did I miss something or is Riverboat Ron not still the head coach?

    McDaniels isn’t moving his family to take a lateral move and go from coaching Brady to coaching Supermanchild

  18. When Jed York told the whole country last week about owners don’t get fired, stay away Josh, spoiled, cuddled, and catered rich kid. It’s too bad, Eddie Debartolo was a class act, he’s got to be shaking his head.

  19. Anyone of you visited San Fran of late?

    The City is over-run with crime and drug addicts. It is a City in decline for everyone but the super-wealthy. Stay away Josh!

  20. He’s conflicted because the job sucks, but he knows he needs to grab that head coaching money before Brady retires and everyone is reminded why McDaniels is a “genius.”

  21. Then there’s the part about not admitting mistakes.

    And the part about deleting comments that you just don’t like, especially the truths that hit home so hard that your first reaction is “I’m taking my ball and going home!”

    You’re so cute. You handle criticism so very well.

    No wonder you don’t lawyer anymore. You get flustered so easily.

  22. As a Patriots fan, I’ve watched every single NFL game Brady has played in, and what I’ve seen is a QB that makes the coaches, not the other way around. If it was as simple as him being a “System QB”, why the frig doesn’t every team switch to their system. It’s been pretty successful, no?!?

    When Brady leaves, Belichick will be on his own and I imagine he’ll be closer to 9-7, 10-6 than 14-2.

    McDaniels would be wise to make his coaching jump on Brady’s last year and don’t look back. Enjoy the gift you were given and cash the checks while you’re here.

  23. If you are conflicted about this you should be immediately checked for a concussion.

    Let’s see what the choices are. 1) wait for a better job to open up – typically 5 to 8 of them every year – while coaching with a stable franchise that keeps competiting for SBs or 2) go to the 49ers, coaching for one of the least stable franchises and not compete for a SB for, oh, never while York the Dork is around.

    Yeah. Tough choice. Let Tom the Cable Man take it. He deserves that misery.

  24. Keep ripping on SF all you want. It’s a good situation for McDaniels. York knows he has to give this next GM/coach combo at LEAST three years. And you already have an available QB in Garoppolo to trade for, who you’ve worked with for a few years already and won’t have to rely on a rookie or washed up journeyman free agent. Mike Vrabel would come be his DC. Everything is set up for him. I think in the end, his fears will subsidize. McDaniels will win one final ring this year with the Patriots and then head over to SF.

  25. after last night’s horrendous gameplan by joshy, i hope he takes
    the first flight to sf from houston to sf after the pats win it all.

    – pats season ticket holder since ’78

  26. For his career: Stay in NE one more season or wait for a possible opening in Houston. Let’s be honest Bill is getting older so he may be there for 2 more seasons or 15 so its worth at least a discussion with the big guy to see what his plans are.

    For his wallet: Go to SF, get fired no matter what your record is, go back to NE for a season and get paid. No one would hold the SF job against you.

  27. Jeeze, without Tom Brady he’s nobody. #32 in St. Louis (12.1 PPG). Thought Tim Tebow was an NFL QB. Alienated Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler leading to trades. Was a complete, paranoid jek. Embroiled in a cheating (illegal filming) scandal and ended up fired mid-season his second year.

    Please stay in New England. Last thing the 49ers need is another Belichick coaching failure.

  28. He would be nuts to take it, this is his 2nd shot he has to make sure the situation is right with the right people in the front office….he gets fired at his next stop his HC days are over…..wait for the better situation…my pick for a the surprise opening next yr is Seattle, Pete will retire at the end of the season next yr, perfect job

  29. “after last night’s horrendous gameplan by joshy”

    You know it wasn’t all the Pats game plan. O’Brien, Crennel, Vrabel and Izzo put all their knowledge of Brady and the Pats offense together and had a hell of a game plan of their own. No other coaching staff in the league knows the Pats like them.

    Not to mention their Dline is the best one the Pats have faced all year and played great. You have to give credit to big Vince for giving that team a huge blast of leadership as well.

    Sheesh the Pats are one of only a couple teams that could win a playoff game by 18 points and everyone acts like they lost the game.

  30. harrisonhits,

    as a fellow pats fans, we have lost super bowls and bog playoff
    games with the incessant subbing of the running backs
    off and on, mainly the lead
    power backs whether it be maroney, bjge, ridley and now blount


    1. you can’t establish
    a run game with a scatback

    2. against a good d, you must attempt to establish a run which did not happen with blount last night

    3. subbing the backs on and off are tells as to what kind of plays you are running..see how aaron rodgers and mccarthy ran their offense tonight..montgomery and ripkowski were used as the same kind of a back so the d did not know if gb was running or passing when either was on the field

    brady is almost a guarantee for 2 ints when mcdaniels did what he did last night

    brady needs a run game from
    a non-scatback (blount) against a good d to get to playactio

    the whole reason why the texans played well
    on d was because the lbs never had to worry about the run game, so they just flooded the field in the middle in coverage

    god forbid joshy put lengel or bennett in motion and run blount
    at clowney or mercilus, neither of whom care about playing run d.

    get it?

    mcdaniels has the best qb ever and weapons galore off a bye week and acts confused


  31. dirtdawg54 says:
    Jan 15, 2017 9:10 PM

    Let Tom the Cable Man take it. He deserves that misery.
    I believe you mean Tom Tomsula Cable. I figure he’s a shoe in for the job since York can’t get anybody good to take it.

  32. reddzen says:
    Jan 15, 2017 8:20 PM
    I think the 49ers should be conflicted about hiring him. He is a great OC. He doesn’t have the temperament to be a HC. Jed York just say no!

    Great OC? He coached the 2011 Rams offense to a league worst 12.9 ppg and a dead last ranking! He’s accomplished nothing without Brady/Belicheat holding his hands.

  33. Whatever gets Jed York dismissed sooner, I am all for it. If that means hiring the mascot and going 0-80 the next five years—fine. I realize the York family will always own the team. But so long as Jed runs it I cannot stomach watching.

  34. It will hinge on two things. It will happen if he believes in Garopolo as an eventual franchise QB, and can come to an agreement with the Patriots to deal him to S.F. when the season is done. Otherwise, he is staying put in N.E.

  35. Why would anyone give Josh Mishandles a HC job? The guy has been involved with 2 different teams regarding Video taping scandals! Do you really want someone that has that kind of baggage hanging over his head?

  36. I’d love nothing more than for Josh McDisaster to remove himself from consideration. Eliminating the possibility for Jed to make his 3rd straight horrible hire.

    • Dismantled the Denver Broncos.
    • Attempted to trade Cutler for Cassel
    • Ultimately traded Cutler for Orton
    • Traded back into the 1st round to draft Tebow
    • was caught/fined for illegally filming 49ers practice in London
    • Coached Rams’ offense to 32nd in ppg (12.1) & 31st in total yds

    How could you preach about “winning with class” after hiring yet another failure retread coach, who’s done everything but win outside of New England, and was caught illegally filming YOUR practices?


  37. Is he a great OC , or is it the product of being under a great HC? I will say this, he was an absolute train wreck on the player personnel side in Denver. I have never seen a crazier stint, riddled with head scratchingly bad decisions, and this is coming from a Browns fan who was quite greatful McD to Cle rumors didn’t go down.

  38. mrloser444 says:
    Jan 15, 2017 10:55 PM
    Why would anyone give Josh Mishandles a HC job? The guy has been involved with 2 different teams regarding Video taping scandals! Do you really want someone that has that kind of baggage hanging over his head?


    “Winning with class”

  39. If you give him tell job put it writing min of 3-4 years or face 100 mill buy out. We need stability and (the hard one) sanity…

  40. Matt Patricia is and always will be the successor in NE. McDaniels never was and never will be considered for the job. There is a reason for this. No matter when or where mcdaniels takes off to next, it will be a short stint. He is not a leader and has learned nothing during his stays in NE. Like Romeo and Weiss just another product of the system…

  41. Please name me one of Belichick’s former assistants other than O’Brien who’s won even one playoff game. Name me one former Pats exec who’s put together a winning franchise.

    McDaniels had his shot in Denver, and boy, did he blow it. It’s rare to see a self- and media-proclaimed “genius” implode so quickly like that. Was there anyone in the Broncos organization and fanbase he didn’t alienate?

  42. Reading these comments from the PFT GM’s it is amazing that McDaniels has a job right now.

  43. It would be great if McDaniels takes over for Belichick in a few years. He would strip the team of its best talent, then waste high draft picks on bad players; just like he did as HC in Denver

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