Kelce tees off on officials, late holding call

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After the Chiefs lost to the Steelers Sunday night, 18-16, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce wasn’t shy in sharing his feelings about the penalty that negated the two-point conversion pass that would have tied the game.

The Chiefs had scored on a Spencer Ware run with 2:43 left to come within two points. Quarterback Alex Smith found Demetrius Harris wide open on the ensuing two-point play, but Chiefs left tackle Eric Fisher was flagged for holding Steelers linebacker James Harrison.

The Chiefs backed up 10 yards and tried the two-point conversion again, and Smith’s pass intended for Jeremy Maclin was incomplete.

After the game, Kelce said the holding call was “horses**t,” per the Kansas City Star, and said the official who threw the flag “shouldn’t be able work at Foot Locker.”

Per, Kelce singled out referee Carl Cheffers and said Cheffers “shouldn’t be able to wear a zebra jersey.”

Kelce had five catches for 77 yards but didn’t have a great night. He dropped a pass in the third quarter that would have put the Chiefs inside’ the Steelers’ 15-yard line, and later on that drive Kelce was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for pushing Ross Cockrell after a play.

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  1. I was rooting for KC but if Kelce wants a reason for the loss he should look in the mirror. The drop was bad and the unsportsmanlike ridiculous.

  2. Travis Kelce just showed the world on a national stage what a piece of selfish garbage he really is. He wants to call out the referee? We all saw it. It was a bad hold. And you look like a moron twice in a couple hours. Jerk. Way to be a bad representation of an otherwise nice franchise. Why don’t you talk a little more about not having enough attention or exposure for yourself…at least maybe you won’t look like a selfish jerk…oh wait…never mind…too late.

  3. The choke hold move that Fisher used to tackle Harrison was just too blatant for the ref that was standing right there watching. If he didn’t throw the flag, he would be working at foot locker next year. Speaking of choke, Kelce did a pretty good job of that tonight.

  4. Thought the refs called this one pretty even, and there really were no doubts about that holding penalty. It was obvious and right in front off the ref. I’m sure he’s still mad at himself about that dropped pass that hit him right in the hands.

    You had a good year, KC fans.
    Be proud if your team.

    Go Steelers!

  5. It was a takedown of Harrison, no question. Or, if BS that ref should swallow his whistle, then ref should have swallowed the whistle on Sean Davis hit at the 3.

  6. I had a lot of respect for Kelce before this game. Between that bush-league and incredibly stupid personal foul he took and these post-game comments, I’ve lost quite a lot of that respect. Much respect from this Steeler fan to every other Chief player and coach for a great game… but not to Kelce. Grow up, Travis.

  7. Sorry, But it was the right call. If you want to be mad, be mad at your coach for wasting a TO, or at your D for not making a stop when it had to

  8. Look. It was holding. You can argue all day long about whether or not it should or should not have been called in that situation. But it was flagrant and obvious holding.

  9. Kelce was basically shut down by the Steelers’ defense and drops a key pass, then gets called for an unsportsmanlike because instead of putting his team first, he allowed his emotions to take over.

    Quit your crying you overrated cry baby.

  10. Clown. Your the problem. You cost your team huge with that push. You and you team deserve this. You couldn’t keep your composure. Alex Smith and Andy Reid were exposed as the frauds they are. As a Raider fan I sure am glad the Chiefs didn’t wait to resign Andy Reid. Not one playoff win at home since 1993. Wow!!! Let it continue

  11. Easy call. Holding all the way. Fitting the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl I where the packers beat the chiefs the packers do what they always do in the playoffs and what the chiefs always do in the playoffs. Just like 50 yrs ago.

  12. I’ve seen worse not get called, but I’ve also seen less called.

    It’s usually going to get called, especially on a LT, when the guy rushing the passer gets turned.

    Maybe you should have played better and not let the game be decided by an official on a 2 point conversion.

  13. Sour grapes. Looked like a fairly obvious hold to me. But NFL officials are generally terrible so I love it when a player or coach points it out.

  14. I’am not a steeler fan, but that was definitely a hold on the two point conversion. The replay showed it was no doubt a hold by number 72 on the chiefs.

  15. Dear Travis,
    Shut your pie hole and play better. Stop
    Dropping passes that hit you in your hands and
    Then maybe just maybe you can run your fat mouth.

    Here we go!!

  16. Anyone who saw the repay knows not only was it holding, he literally grabbed Harrison around the neck and pulled to the ground. If that’s not holding nothing is. Kelcie is a good player but his shtick has already grown tiresome.

  17. And this is why the media demands instant access directly after games. The mature ones know how to compartmentalize their feelings and button it up. Kielce will learn…maybe. He’s part of the disrespectful, narcissistic, entitled, millennial culture.

  18. Kelce lost his head when the pressure was on. Dropped a pass and took a dumb penalty. Look in the mirror first.

  19. Kelsey is a tool and the holding call was a solid call. His penalty Hall of Fame stupidity that ranks right up there with Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones from last year. He should seriously shut his cake hole. Unbelievable…

  20. It’s the refs fault that KC couldn’t stop a nosebleed or make any plays worth a “you know what”. EF72 tackles James Harrison on the play, yet it’s the refs fault you lost.

  21. Chiefs had plenty of other opportunities even though that call was a good call. They’re just a bad team and always have been. Fools gold.

  22. Well, I didn’t expect Kelce to tee off on himself for some brutal drops and that awful personal foul penalty, but it would have been a nice start to his prepared statements.

    Never play it so close that the Refs can decide it. That being said, his late drop would have put the Chiefs on the Steeler 15 yard line. Score there, and they might well have won. Or, Andy Reid would have coached a 20 min drive in the limited time left…and they would have run out the clock on themselves.

    Smith had a wide open Maclin and threw inside when Maclin expected the ball outside. Also terrible play.

    Smith has a habit of missing an open player in the playoffs. Remember he needed to make a play to prevent vs the Colts comeback, and he missed a wide open Knile Davis? Make that pass and the Chiefs hang on. He missed, colts came back from a huge deficit and stunned the Chiefs.

  23. Kelce is one of the biggest airheads out there. Even more than Cam when things were going well for him. You shove a guy for absolutely no reason. You drop a critical pass. Constantly jaw your mouth and act tough. You mocked a punter earlier in the year for Christ sake. Real cool guy. No wonder you needed a reality show to find a girl.

  24. Sorry dude, you’re a very very good player, but that was a no doubter holding call…(arm bar/collar’ed him around the neck as he went by, other hand grabbing the jersey under the armpit, and a haul down that actually yanked Harrison’s momentum down into the ground and a little backwards….)

    well, except if you’re a Packers O-Lineman, but that goes w/o saying, right NFL?

  25. Kelce needs to review the actual replays… that was such an obvious penalty. Fisher got beat like a drum by Harrison and would have had the sack if Fisher hadn’t have taken him down MMA style. KC had a nice year, but you’re never going to get to a Super Bowl with Alex Smith.

  26. It is just soooo refreshing to read a player who is not afraid to speak his mind and to show his anger at the refs and have it go public.
    And now just watch.
    He is going to get fined for saying this about the sacred refs that no one else has the guts to bad mouth.

  27. Can’t blame Kelce for being upset with a super ticky tack foul deciding the outcome of a playoff game…the NFL is totally NOT rigged folks, nothing to see here!

  28. Fisher quite obviously held Harrison on that play. Any attempt to argue about it using other plays when holding should have been called but wasn’t is absurd. The officials already produce enough bad calls/noncalls. Next time, argue for calling uncalled penalties rather than making things worse.

  29. Cry me a river Kelce. That was as blatant a hold can get. You cost your team with an unsportsmanlike penalty and was a non factor. Blame is squarely on you. If Pitt didn’t settle for FGs it would have been over in the first half.

  30. That was a hold at any level – it was the right call for sure. Yes, Harrison is on all sorts of fish tranquilizers and horse steroids….but he was held.

  31. Watching the Atlanta-Seattle game yesterday, when they replayed some of the key plays when penalties were called noticed other seemingly illegal plays that were not called…..the fact of the matter is, there are probably at least 3-4 infractions committed on every play. Whether the refs see them, and whether they think they are worth a flag or not…..just the luck of the draw.

    That said, I don’t ever remember a holding penalty on a two point conversion, and I’ve seen a lot worse takedowns than that committed by Fisher that weren’t called…..just real tough beans for the Chefs that the ref both saw it and decided to throw the flag. But in the end, they still had a chance to win the game but could not stop the Steelers and get the ball back…..that’s all on KC.

  32. Hot head, who cost his team a chance to win, looking to deflect attention away from his mistakes. Not working.

  33. Exposed TWICE by the Steelers as a second rate, ineffective player. Perhaps if he was a better, he wouldnt need to inappropriately question the referees correct calls….


  34. Steelers held Dee Ford and Chris Jones countless times, but we’re NEVER called. Zebras calling it on the Chiefs on the game deciding play = just as unacceptable as calling a pass interference penalty on a Hail Mary pass…news flash- it never happens. The NFL has officially reached WWE level of legitimacy. That is to say, it has none. I stopped watching “Pro Wrestling” as a kid, after realizing the results were managed.

    Suppose I add one more “sport” to the list.

    I’m done.

  35. Kelce has to know better than to get suckered into an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

    As for the holding call, that’s a penalty that always confuses me. The lineman is allowed to keep his arm on the front of the pass rusher even as he gets past him, so a lot of plays that look like they are holding actually aren’t. I suspect in this case the flag was thrown because the LT pulled Harrison to the ground. Really no idea whether that call is correct or not.

    On the whole not impressed by the officiating over the weekend.

  36. Too bad Kelce. Quit crying. Weak pass protection by a number one pick against a 90 year old James Harrison. Sure it could have been a non call but it was holding, and Fisher looked like garbage most of the night.

    87, you dropped balls, lost your composure and got a personal foul…quit blaming the refs. Your OLine and DLine were dominated. Your moronic DC calls a zone scheme on third down and puts Justin Houston coverage. It was a pathetic performance all the way around by your team Travis. The Steelers put the game on a silver platter for you to take by kicking 6 field goals and you couldn’t get it done. Shut up and man up.

    And no I’m not from Steelers Nation. I’m a Cardinals fan that saw a home team playing in prime not show up to play

  37. Kelce was right. It wasn’t a hold, it was more like a tackle or a mugging. No doubt the ref got it right. Shame such a great player like Kelce can’t control his emotions. His outbursts and his temper tantrums keep hurting his team with 15 yrd losses. I watched Andy coach here in Philly for over a decade. Kelce better seek therapy for his temper or find himself in Cleveland.

  38. I agree completely. Im not saying the call was wrong or the Steelers didn’t desrve to win. However, those plays happen all game. Call them early and often or don’t call them. Definitely don’t call on a game changing play to send it into OT in the 4th. Horrible inconsistency. Horrible refs. All year NFL officiating was terrible. Cant wait for a better league to spring up someday.

  39. You had 60 minutes and plenty of chances to win the game. Maybe don’t drop perfect passes while getting horrible drive killing penalties. Feel bad for Alex Smith and anyone who has to deal with your arrogant stupidity on a daily basis.

  40. Look, I’m no fan of the refs, they’ve been as bad as I’ve ever seen this year, and I had no horse in that race, but the hold on that 2 point conversion was a good call. Fisher whiffed on the block and Harrison got flat-out mugged.

  41. Someone needs some frackers for their cry baby soup

    WAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAA. Blatant hold. If you don’t want a hold on that okay, don’t hold the 38 year old that has a knack for having refs watch his every move. Lol. And it was clearly a hold.

    Someone needs some frackers for their cry baby soup

  42. The holding call on the conversion was obvious to anybody that saw it, as was Kelce’s ridiculous penalty. This guy continues to be a crybaby.

  43. Make the catch in the 3rd and we wouldn’t be talking about that penalty. Your drop was horse sh#t,maybe someone should say that.

  44. The fact that this was called holding isn’t a bad call. It’s the fact that this happens on almost every passing play and gets called maybe 2/10 times at most. They decide to leave their zebra stain on this game instead of giving us a chance at playoff OT. This one left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not even a fan of either side. This was just wrong.

  45. The only person he can blame is fisher. He had his arm hooked around Harrison and then tackled him. Great finish, although I did want to see what would have happened if they tied it.

  46. The Chiefs dropped some balls and had an interception in their end zone earlier that appeared to bounce, so no whining allowed.

  47. clearly a hold. good call by the officials. even though I was rooting for kc I can admit that.

  48. That great line “shouldn’t be able to work at a foot locker” aside, that call could go either way. I bet it is, and isn’t called many times every game.

    But that was a great line.

  49. I don’t know what Kelce was watching because I saw Debo Harrison had Fisher beat like a drum for a CERTAIN Sack of Rodgers if it wasn’t for the fact Fisher had him in a Cobra Clutch dragging him to the turf!!! Lol

  50. Yeah, looked like BS to me. Harrison was running and slipped, looked like, and Fisher fell on top of him due to his weight. I didn’t see a hold and neither should the ref have.

  51. Steelers/Patriots is a lot sexier to TV networks (and therefore der commissar Goodell) than Chiefs/Patriots. Makes one wonder…

  52. I like Kelce a lot as a player, but if he thinks that wasn’t holding, he needs his eyes checked. Look up holding in the dictionary, there is a picture of that play.

  53. I hear how he is better than Gronk now. Well, maybe better than an injured Ground, but not a healthy one on a big stage. Jared Cook was the best tight end playing yesterday.

  54. Hey, Kelce, do you have any mirrors at home? If so, look in one and you’ll find one of the primary reasons you lost.
    Not a Steelers fan, but even Stevie Wonder could see that was holding.

  55. Well Travis, what about the call where pushed the Steeler DB over after the play, in plain view of the officials? I’m not a fan of either team, so the outcome didn’t matter to me. we all saw the replay, and Fischer held. I think the take away on Kelce is the game was too big for him to handle.

  56. I am neither a Chiefs or Steelers fan. The call never should have been made. It was a borderline hold at best and under the circumstances, the ref should have let the players play and let their play decide the game. Once again, bad officiating affects the most critical play of an NFL game.

  57. As I said in September…….the Steelers are always in it in the end..come on jealous haters, you can’t ask for a better title game….wooooooooo GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!

  58. Steelers held Dee Ford and Chris Jones countless times, but we’re NEVER called. Zebras calling it on the Chiefs on the game deciding play = just as unacceptable as calling a pass interference penalty on a Hail Mary pass…news flash- it never happens. The NFL has officially reached WWE level of legitimacy. That is to say, it has none. I stopped watching “Pro Wrestling” as a kid, after realizing the results were managed.

    Suppose I add one more “sport” to the list.

    I’m done.

    So which is it, was it NOT holding, or should it have not been called in that situation?

    If you’re arguing the former, then you’re essentially saying there is no such thing as holding. He clearly had his arm AROUND Harrison’s neck, and took him to the ground.

    If you’re arguing the latter, then you’re saying that ANYTHING should go on deciding plays. You’re okay with giving one team an advantage, as little not as it’s your team.

    You’d have a point if there was a phantom call. That’s not the case here. There is no way that that was NOT holding. Officials do miss a lot of holding calls in the course of a game; but you can’t seriously be saying that wasn’t a legitimate call. If it had occurred at any other point in the game, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  59. Lost a lot of respect for Kelce. The ref made the right call because if the lineman did not hold its a sack. To call out the ref and give his number it’s a discrace. No longer a fan of this player who had a roid rage incident. Karma WILL get you just a matter of when it happens.
    I know this official and he is good at what he does and made the right call!

  60. Kelce is the new J.J Watt.

    Posers that think that they are WAY better than they really are.

    Hang on to the ball, and don’t take ridiculously stupid penalties. They will kill you in any market.

  61. I’ve heard this kid claim to be better than Gronk, on multiple occasions. He’s above average…that’s it.

    When healthy, Gronk takes over games like few others.(Ditka, Gates, Sharpe, Gonzales…)

  62. Funny thing is the majority of the time im that situation that call would not be made. It was and the Chiefs season ended because of it. That sucked.

  63. The ref threw the flag because that hold directly changed the play. Had it not I doubt they throw it but Harrison would have gotten to Smith before he threw that ball without the hold.

  64. The league needs to start coming down on players when they criticizes refs hard like that. I am neutral on this and that was a holding!! He held the guy that in 2 seconds would have hit Smith and ended the play. Let’s face it . The Ref’s are not always that good but for some reason they are held to a standard no one else on the field is. If they woouldn’t have called it Pittsburgh would have been call the ref names. YOU CAN NOT HAVE OPEN SEASON ON REFS!!! Simple as that. If you allow it just sit back and watch every team and the overindulgent people who now play in this game run away with the game.

  65. What about the missed delay of game call by the refs earlier in the drive? Alex Smith had an extra second to snap the ball on the play that resulted in the helmet to helmet hit. And Harrison’s beck had a arm around it. That and the fall to the ground caused the flag.

  66. There’s no question about the penalty, but you have to question leaving Fisher one on one with Harrison.

  67. There were worse holding going on during GB’s game winning drive – but they were not called. They let the players decide that game.

    This was a hold during the regular season, without a doubt – but it hasn’t been called in the post season, until now. They should have let the players decide the game, not a zebra. What a shame…

  68. It was definitely holding. It looked like it was unnecessary, too. Fisher could have nudged Harrison upfield a bit, even in the bad position he had got into, and Harrison would have gone past Smith.

  69. Who ever Vagas wants to win will win and that’s that it’s not about the fans the player it’s about the politics each year it’s getting more and more obvious

  70. The ref was just making a timely Vegas call. Way to much money on Pittsburgh not to call that hold.

    The integrity of the NFL is gone, gone, gone.

  71. mickmars says:
    Jan 16, 2017 4:20 AM

    Steelers/Patriots is a lot sexier to TV networks (and therefore der commissar Goodell) than Chiefs/Patriots. Makes one wonder…
    I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but if this was a fix, why didn’t the NFC games get fixed? Cowboys-Seahawks would have been a better PR matchup than Falcons-Packers. Yes, Packers have many fans, but no one has more fans than Dallas, especially when they win. And Atlanta is the worst sports town in the world.

  72. Biggest immature baby in the NFL.. At least he has more time now to fine-tune his dancing skills.

  73. No dog in the fight here. However, Carl Cheffers is a clown who has a remarkable history of overturning big plays or extending drives with timely penalties.

    In my opinion it was a hold. However I have watched many of games where Cheffers should of thrown the flag and didn’t. That’s my problem with all of this, the convienent inconsistencies. Allegedly this guy is the best the league has to offer. That in itself is sad!

  74. The officiating in ALL the games is horrendous and it’s obvious that the league doesn’t intent to correct the problem b/c bad calls bring the drama, etc. Like somebody else pointed out, the NFL has become the WWE and is no longer about the game but the “BIG SHOE”…
    Irregardless of the outcome, the AFC game was pretty entertaining…just don’t take it too seriously, it’s basically sports theater!

  75. Listen I as a Browns fan have no historical love for the Steelers, and was even rooting for the Chiefs. But Kelce is just reacting to losing his mind on the shoving play. Sorry dude but OBJ can’t be your role model in this league.

  76. kcflake says:
    Jan 16, 2017 5:44 AM
    The refs handed the game ti th e steelers. No way they make that sane holding call on the ateelera. Bs
    It takes 5 seconds to read over your post before you hit submit. Or maybe you did and didn’t find anything wrong with it. After all you are a KC fan. And your TE is a complete boob.

  77. Like all true football fans, I hate the Steelers. However, that was a textbook hold that will get called every single time.

    I have to admit that I lost a lot of respect for Kelce today. Sure, he had 77 yards, but couldn’t make the big catches when they mattered most. He also that stupid penalty.

    He has a lot of talent and is a good TE, but if he wants to be a great TE he needs to be more like Gronk, Coates, Gonzales, Sharpe, and Witten. Big plays on the big stage and able to keep his wits about him.

  78. It’s not the fact that there was no holding on that play. The issue is holding wasn’t called all game and for the refs to throw the flag at that point in the game is garbage. Go replay the steelers last 3rd and 4 where they sealed the game and tell me there is no holding going on. I dislike both of these teams but watching this game it was called very one sided, and that sucks cause it was a very good football game.

  79. Was it a hold? by rule absolutely. If you watch any games, there is holding on every play. The Refs had plenty of other chances to call holding on both teams throughout the game but chose to ignore every other one, why did they call that one? -because it might have kept the team they wanted to advance from doing just that. Hope the same thing happens to Pittsburgh next week, then all you Pittsburgh homers can decide again if it should have been called.

  80. Green Bay o line got away with way worse on the Erinrod second Hail Mary yesterday

  81. Very obvious hold and an easy call for the ref. Also a good chance that Smith gets sacked without the holding call. Kelce is a whiny broad.

  82. Rader fan here, no way holding is ever called on that play, and if you look at the replay you’ll see Harrison doing a great sell job pulling his left down making it look worse on Fisher’s hold. Either way, KC played awful, D held up nicely holding Pitt to only FG’s, but just like most teams, need more playmakers on O. Good season Chiefs

  83. Play better the rest of the game, don’t cost your team because you can’t keep your cool, and KC would already have been ahead and not needed the 2pt conversion. Play better and you don’t let the refs influence the game (even if the call is correct).

  84. I don’t understand people who don’t want flags called on game deciding plays. Did you all like the refs not calling PI on Sherman tugging on Julio Jones in Seattle back in the regular season? Did you like the refs not calling the Cowboys for hands to the face on Bradford in Minnesota?

    If the refs don’t throw a flag, then it’s being decided by the refs. That was a blatant hold. I want to see it called. If the refs aren’t going to throw flags on game deciding plays, that would’ve given free reign to Steeler dbs.

    I mean sorry KC, but you are what we always thought you were. A team that racks up regular season wins but never beats anyone good.

  85. Steelers fans make me laugh…oh that was textbook holding all the way, he drug him to the ground, that was horrible…I saw a couple P.I. that didn’t get called on back to back plays nonetheless…how about Super Bowl 40 when your team was virtually handed a win…not a fan of any of these teams but Steeler and Patriot fans are the biggest crybaby hypocrites this league has to offer…Steelers also might be the dirtiest team in the league right along with Denver

  86. Why is it that after the penalty Alex Smith didn’t look to Kelce? Maybe he just felt you’d drop another ball.

    A hold is a hold at any point of the game.

  87. The officiating is horrendous but that looked like a hold to me. I do not like when the officials step in and alter the outcome of a game. That said, I would rather the calls be consistent. If an infraction happens then it should be called regardless of the game circumstances or teams playing. It is up to the players to change their behavior rather than hope the officials ignore their infractions. The problem now is that many fans believe the games are rigged to advantage marketable teams and matchups…and the league has done absolutely nothing to limit that perception.

  88. Personally, I feel bad for Kelce. He obviously watched the Packers/Cowboys game and determined that holding was only going to be called on one team per game. Since the Steelers had already been called, he felt he was good to go.

  89. I think the NFL wanted to see steelers/pats AFc championship and the refs made sure of that.

    There were a few holding calls the refs didn’t call on some of the bell’s runs. But they called the one on 2 point conversion.

    NFL is rigged.

  90. The call was right and Kelce also can blame himself. He dropped more than one pass last night. Get over it you are going home and deserve to.

  91. being a crybaby =/= passion. Kelce is a good player but he cost his team on the field and then cries about other stuff after the game. That’s not passion, it’s idiocy.

  92. for you Mo’s that complain about officiating get a clue. Its getting old. The fact there is a foul on every play is not an officiating problem other than the impossible task of deciding in an instant what to call and what not to, its a coach and player problem. These idiot players still have not figured out what is a penalty.

  93. His bone-headed 15 yarder for unsportsman-like conduct didn’t help either. Kelce needs to recognize when he is being baited and walk away. You cannot be a hot head . It helps no one except the opponent.

  94. That was blatant holding. If fisher didnt tackle harrison, smith eould have been sacked. Steeler fans should be more mad because it gave the chiefs a 2ND chance to convert. And for all the crybabies blaming the officiating, what about the 2 hits to the head that were not called against KC? One was shaziers int as he was getting up #75 hit him square on helmet to helmet. Should have been steelers ball at 15 not the 30. On the big pass play to brown in the 1st half as he is being tackled his face mask was pulled and should have been marked half the distance to the goal line.

  95. When Kelce shoved the d-back to the ground 5 seconds after the whistle and the ref threw the flag, he wasn’t arguing that call. A total tool wants the refs to ignore a blatant foul. Oh by the way you still had a chance to score and the defense had a chance to stop Pitt and get the ball back. You didn’t get it done because you weren’t good enough. Truth usually hurts the most. You’re not even hosting your playoff game if Carr doesn’t break his leg. So you were spotted a bye week and a home game and you still lost.

  96. tylawspick6 says:
    Jan 16, 2017 2:48 AM

    helping the steelers is one way how goodell cheats
    This might mean a lot more if it didn’t come from a fan of the team whose dynasty was launched with the bogus tuck rule game

  97. He also said, “You try to play this game with integrity, to the end of the whistle, and when the refs want to take over the game and make it their own platform, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    He should try harder to “play this game with integrity.”

  98. As a Raider fan I look forward to the twice a decade Chiefs home loss after a first-round bye. In a time of turmoil, some things never change!

  99. An obvious hold that allowed for Smith to make the throw. Easy call. At least you’ll always have Superbowl IV.

  100. Call could have gone either way. O-lineman hooked him, but Harrison embellished and sold it. In that situation, I wouldn’t reward the flopper, but it wasn’t the wrong call.

  101. nhpats says:
    Jan 16, 2017 12:54 AM
    Remember when Kelce was claiming he was better than Gronk?

    1. He is. And a better athlete.

    2. What does that have to do with THIS topic?

    3. Gronkowski whines — as does everyone on New England, Exhibit 1199, Saturday night — just as much, if not more, every time there is an incomplete pass in his direction.

  102. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Jan 16, 2017 1:09 PM
    nhpats says:
    Jan 16, 2017 12:54 AM
    Remember when Kelce was claiming he was better than Gronk?

    1. He is. And a better athlete.
    Easily the funniest comment on here. I despise the Pats but c’mon now. Kelce showed just what he was made of yesterday. Gronk is a big game player and Kelce is a big game whiner.

  103. Chiefs need to understand that when you play the Steelers, you play the refs, too. Did you think that Superbowl victory against Seattle was earned? HA. Refs. Did you think the playoff win against Cincinnati last year was earned? Refs. I could go on and on. Steelers don’t win games. The refs win the games for the Steelers.

  104. Harrison going low around the edge and then flopping with the OL on top of him is another form of baiting that the Steelers employ.

    Travis Kelce should understand baiting from his unsportsmanlike conduct.

    The Ravens have endured this from those aholes for all these years, all the more incredible that Ravens could win two super bowls.

  105. The Steelers (Holding, baiting like Heinz Ward with cheap shots after the whistle), the Patriots with their cheating of illegal lineup switches, videotaping, etc. It is fitting that they play each other, I wonder how the refs will decide who to let win.

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