Antonio Brown video creates problem for player, team

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For Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, the far more significant problem arising from his decision to post live video from the locker room after Sunday night’s win over the Chiefs flows from the undoubtedly strong reaction his head coach will have to the maneuver — especially because the video itself includes an admonition from Mike Tomlin to be smart on social media. But Brown’s behavior created a pair of other problems, for him and for the Steelers.

For starters, Brown violated the league’s social-media policy, which prohibits tweets, live videos, etc. from 90 minutes before kickoff through the conclusion of the post-game media obligations. For that infraction, Brown undoubtedly will be fined.

The broader problem from the team’s perspective is that Brown’s decision to broadcast live video triggers a violation of the league’s TV contracts. The broadcast partners have exclusive rights to video shot in the locker room after the game, and the teams or the league can’t use it for 24 hours. While it’s unlikely that NBC will make a fuss about it, it’s the kind of practice that teams need to prevent; if unchecked, it eventually could trigger a claim that the deals are being breached.

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  1. I’m sure there will be an exhaustive investigation. Then the league will beg of the steelers, please not do that again, or we might get mildly annoyed with you. Then let you off the hook cuz you’re the steelers… like when they deflated the footballs a month again and got a finger wagging, off the record of course

  2. Typical millennial. Rather than listen to the coach’s speech, he’d rather spend time on his smart phone……smart phone, now that’s a good one!

  3. Such a stupid thing to do from such a great player.

    Let’s quit all the extra bs and focus everything we have at beating the pats…that’s our only chance at advancing.

  4. Overblown story. AB loves the camera. Whatever. He backs it up with his play. Tomlin will probably yell at him and the entire world will move on and not care. Except for the media

  5. It’s so pathetic watching this video. The way Brown is preening for the camera. The way the Steelers are celebrating. It’s like they won the Superbowl, when in reality, they didn’t score a touchdown and looked extremely average in beating the Chiefs. I’m not sure what there is to get excited about. Act like you’ve been there before. The Patriots have to be licking their chops.

  6. It’s so pathetic watching this video. The way Brown is preening for the camera. The way the Steelers are celebrating. It’s like they won the Superbowl, when in reality, they didn’t score a touchdown and looked extremely average in beating the Chiefs. I’m not sure what there is to get excited about. Act like you’ve been there before. The Patriots have to be licking their chops.

    I guess you never played sports or if you did you never played in an important game thus your lack of understanding the euphoria that victory brings. And finally a W is a W…..just ask a real athlete…if you know any.

    The Pat’s maybe licking their pork chops for the sweet sauce but Belicheat will make sure they don’t disrespect a team THEY know is a threat.

  7. I’d love to see just one dummy get fined and sued for their moronic misuse of social media- players or team staff/mgmt.
    While the majority of pro athletes are mature and use sound judgment it does show that there is another group of pro athletes that are immature, spoiled, entitled “adult” children. They must be babysat because teams can’t trust their judgement. What a shame. Teams continue to enable them because of their talent- I kinda get that- but the networks and sponsors don’t have to follow suit.
    It’s not that I hate AB, but maybe using him as an example will wake up some of the enabled and their enablers. You

  8. How about the content of the video, Steeler fanboy? Leaver it to the fanboy to shift the conversation so as not to impugn the character of his Steeler heroes.

  9. So Tomlin riles up the opposition at the same time he gives his team an excuse to lose.

    That’s worth about 7 points on the spread right there

    Perhaps he should have told his team to work harder than they did in the regular season – if they’d won a few more games THEY’D be the #1 seed

    The Patriots did that with one hand tied behind their back by way of an illegally suspended starting QB.

    Funny – no matter how Goodell tries to create “parity” by slandering and suspending Patriots, they seem to keep winning. Brady = 15 years and 11 AFC Championship games. Amazing!

  10. It’s as if social media is 99% utter garbage.

    Disconnect and reconnect… we are forgetting our humanity.

  11. Antonio Clown needs to make up for his inability to score a single touchdown and instead getting yet another win handed to him by the refs. Maybe Aaron Rodgers will let him hold his second Lombardi trophy.

  12. This has nothing to do with the league saying or doing anything. It was a personal post of a private (?) thing he decided to make public. And for the rest of us watchers of the game, we are extremely naive if we believe this is not going on outside the public forum. If we could only see the personal tweets, posts, and instamessages the players send between themselves. This is just minor fodder for us to chew on that we normally do not get to see. Don’t believe that because you are just now seeing it that it is something new.

  13. Well if it somehow threatens the TV contracts, the real cash cow of the league, Brown is in real trouble.

  14. He basically gave his coach a big “FU” by posting the video. You know, the video of his coach saying to chill out with social media.

  15. Dude is a chump. the whole team is locked in to the coach’s speech and he’s over there making it about him.

    So lame and self serving.

    Football used to be the best because it is the ultimate team sport, but now it’s the ME show.

    Brown should be fined for this.

  16. Watched the video and actually thought it was as funny as hell. But at the end of the day, he should definitely have to answer for it.

    Ramon Foster said it best . . . AB will have to have answer to Coach Tomlin.

  17. An old school coach would bench Brown for disobeying the directive. Sit him for a quarter.

  18. Ban Brown for the rest of the post season and fine him like no one has been fined before. As this article says this violates contract law and league law.

    This is a mess that has to be dealt with all due prejudice.

  19. Coach Tomlin… It’s M-ssholes. There corrected it for you. Massachusetts’s folks don’t mind that term.

  20. I watched the video and some of it is a bit bizarre. Antonio constantly repeats the line “God is good” and giving thanks to God for the win. Does he genuinely believe that God decided the Steelers victory?
    His open display of narcissism was pretty incredible. Constantly checking to see how many viewers are watching him. Very talented player but he appeared to be a bit psychotic.

  21. this is why the Patriots win, i hate them, but Bill controls his players, for the most part, this clown Brown is all about himself, this is part the coach’s fault, Tomlin is a clown too, and this is why Pitt will lose to the Pats next week

  22. 2017 is a long time from Lombardi, Shula, Stram, Madden, etc. Amazing that so many consider such behavior acceptable.

    Pats have only won 6 of the last 11 AFC title games over 15 years! Plus, they only won 4 Super bowls!

    Pats must really suck. They have only played in 73.3% of AFC championship games since Brady be came a starter, winning a putrid 55% of those games.

    A 66.7% winning percentage in Super Bowls? At least that’s better than Brady winning the MVP in only 50% of SB games played.

    But at least Antonio is a snapface sensation.

  23. Antonio figured if his quarterback Big Ben can use his phone during the game, there is no problem with him doing it after the game.

  24. Ernie was quick to get a copy of the video before it was taken down so he can study the locker room for any information that can be used in next week’s game…

  25. Antonio Clown should have shared the video of all his touchdown catches against Kansas City. Oh wait. There weren’t any. What about all of Bell’s touchdown runs against Kansas City? Really. None there, too.

  26. BB and the Patriots know that the stealers are a talented team and a threat, it’s you the wailing trolls of Pitt that make a joke of your selves with your wishful thinking and lame smack talk, wait to the stealers to prove themselves to be more than the Patriots regular costumers to start making your empty guarantees, otherwise you’ll hide later as always.

  27. Tomlin always puts on the phony tough guy act, but whines like a puppy over every perceived slight.

    Last year Pats had to go to Denver on a day less rest and you didn’t hear peep. When you lose the #1 seeding you have to live with it.

    Belichick has his team prepared to use hand signals when they lose headset communication because it happens at every venue; Tomlin whines and makes excuses.

    Tomlin needs a lot of help managing the clock as well.

    Steelers are good, best WR, RB, and Rothlisberger is a winner. They might beat Pats despite fact that their coach makes some really dumb in-game decisions and can’t control his locker room.

    But if that happens you can take it to the bank that Belichick won’t be whining and making excuses.

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