Josh McDaniels withdraws from 49ers coach search

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There’s one head coaching vacancy in the NFL right now and it appears it will not be filled by Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

According to multiple reports, McDaniels has pulled his name from consideration for the position. He interviewed during Wild Card weekend and would be eligible to speak to the Niners again after Sunday’s game against the Steelers whether the Patriots win or lose, although any hire would obviously have to wait until after the Super Bowl if the Patriots advance.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that McDaniels gave the 49ers job a lot of consideration, but is making a “personal decision” to stay put rather than move across the country at this time. McDaniels has said that he wants another chance to be a head coach and will likely be a candidate for openings again next season.

With McDaniels out of the running, Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable are the other candidates who have interviewed with the team without getting another job. The 49ers are also looking for a new General Manager after dispatching Trent Baalke along with Chip Kelly after the end of the season.

UPDATE 11:42 a.m. ET: McDaniels confirmed he’ll be staying put during a Monday conference call.

88 responses to “Josh McDaniels withdraws from 49ers coach search

  1. Jed York is a nightmarish buffoon. Winner of the lucky sperm club and nothing more.

  2. Smart move. They showed a graphic on last nights Steelers-Chiefs game. The Steelers have had three head coaches in the last 48 years. The Niners, conversely, have had four head coaches in the last 48 months. Who would want that job with that clown Jed York in charge. Jed Clampett is probably more qualified to run the team than Mr. Silver Spoon.

    Any coach that goes there should insist on a guaranteed three or four years so that when they get fired after one year they have something to fall back on. Maybe they will try to bring Tomsula back.

    It’s sad how fast that franchise has gone downhill since Baalke and York decided to declare war on Harbaugh because they didn’t like him.

  3. Offer then man guaranteed time accomplish the rebuild. 3 years with an insane buy out if fired before that time. Make him understand you are not going to change direction after 1 year…

  4. He is a product of the Patriots system, I don’t see him having much success elsewhere.

  5. Only 32 of these jobs in the world. It’s a rather prestigious gig. It says a lot when a candidate declines the position due to “personal reasons.” Lookin’ at you, Mr. York.

  6. He’s right not to take it. As long as Jed’s around its a short-term position that is doomed to failure. McDaniels and Shanahan will be hot commodities for the foreseeable future. They can do better next year (or maybe this year with the Colts). Now, someone like Tom Cable, who this may be his last shot, might ought to consider taking the job. He’d get a nice payday, at least. Eddie D’s got to be just sick to see what he built come to this.

  7. If Shanahan decides to withdraw, they will really have egg on their face. Waiting as all the coaching candidates and the assistant coaches have been hired. Interviewing Tom Cable now? The guy assaulted an assistant coach when he was with Oakland. It might be like the NCAA Basketball again for the 49ers – one and done.

  8. Why would anyone want to work for that organization? The owner is a problem, and it’s obvious from his interview last week.
    49er fans can’t stand the ownership.

  9. First Caserio now McDaniels.

    So much for Patriots West. Nobody wants to work for the Dumpster York family !

  10. McDaniels is a douche. However, he is an elite OC and playcaller. To take over a HC job for a loser GM is a short term money grab. Stay put and keep the continuity in NE.

    I’d leave AFTER Brady retired.

  11. Hopefully Kyle Shanahan will decline also….
    He has a chance to continue something great in Atlanta and likely a better option to HC a much better situation next year!

  12. Firing the last two coaches after one year should make anyone apprehensive about working there. All they did was set back their rebuild by two years. The Niners don’t have the talent on hand for a quick turnaround – ANY coach is going to need more than a year. Even the exact right coach for the job is going to have a bad record for the first couple of years until he can stack up some talent.

    If only they could fire their owner. That should absolutely be part of the game, imho. If you stink as an owner the city should have the right to fire you and try to get a better owner. It happens at every other level of a franchise, if you stink you’re out of there sooner or later. We’d get a lot fewer franchises moving around, that’s for sure.

    Just my $.02 anyways.

  13. This is what happens when the guy running the team is a silver spoon self entitled d bag. He’s a real life version of Chris Farley’s character in Tommy boy… except he won’t save the factory in the end. He has no idea what he is doing.

  14. McDaniels will have better choices down the road. I think if Caserio had agreed to interview for the GM position, McDaniels would have left with him. Caserio really has no reason to leave New England for a similar position in SF.

  15. Lol so much for “having it better”.

    When you can’t even get people to work for you for millions of dollars a year there is a serious problem.

  16. Its really not worth it, most coaches get 1 if not 2 shots. If you flunk out your 2nd time its then thats pretty much it (for most coaches). Any team can be turned around but not with the owner butting in and not giving the coach any time. The only person who will take this job is a subpar candidate who has a low shot to ever be a HC (e.g. a Tomsula like coach) or an older coach who doesnt want to answer to a GM. The thing is with York is that he is always going to want be the reason for the teams success and not give anyone else their due. A good owner (not that hes the owner) would realize to be the best owner you would have to delegate properly to those who actually know football and not let you ego make you think you know more than anyone else (Just look at Mark Davis, Paul Allen, Bob Kraft, Arthur Blank, etc). These guys stick to being a businessmen and let the football guys do their work as football guys. They didnt make their billions because of their football knowledge, so let the guys who know football deal with the football matters. Its not like York made his billions doing anything but having a rich uncle/parents though.

  17. It would have been a colossal mistake for McDaniels to take the job, as Jed York is equal parts incompetent and reactionary. As a New England fan I’m (selfishly) happy to have the coaching staff back intact for at least one more season.

  18. You can’t fire the owner, but you can sure avoid him like the plague. The 9ers are a hot steamy pile of mess thanks to Jed.

  19. Remember a few short years ago when this team looked like an emerging dynasty? Nuked faster than you can say “tomsula”.

  20. I’m sure that McDaniels also considered California’s abhorrent tax structure. California taxes everyone, ok everyone EXCEPT those who “Contribute” to democrat causes, into oblivion.
    Add to that the fact that the 49ers have a divisive QB who is an absolute PR nightmare, I wouldn’t want that job either….unless the pay was structured to compensate for the 90% taxes that I’d pay every week, I could get rid of “that QB” posthaste so I don’t have to deal with that headache, and that I am granted the power to cut any player for fire any personnel who does not stand for our national anthem.

  21. You can’t fire the owner but it sure would be nice if mommy and daddy would fire him and put him in charge of something he’s actually capable of doing–whatever that may be, maybe a toilet monitor?

  22. not that i wanted Mcdaniels, but its really telling that a coach or GM does not want to go to my team. please make the york family force sell!

  23. McDaniels isnt’ HC material.

    He has anger management (not to mention ego) issues – that was evident during his time in Denver.

  24. “If only they could fire their owner. That should absolutely be part of the game, imho. ”

    One of the biggest problems today are the massive TV contracts that are split equally between all 32 owners. The get massive checks every year and have no incentive to spend what it takes to win a Super Bowl.

    At least a dozen of the owners have zero interest in ever spending what it takes to be a top tier team in the league. Their only goal is giving the fans just enough lip service to keep the dollars coming and laughing all the way to the bank.

    Look at Haslam in Cleveland. Almost 50 mil under the cap this year they never had the slightest intention of putting even a barely decent product on field.

    Franchises have become so expensive to buy that they are bought as investments to make money, not by people who want to win a Super Bowl. Toss in the assorted sons and daughters like York and you have a rancid collection of owners.

  25. LMAO the Santa Clara Snowflakes are a disaster from top to bottom. I’ll be surprised if they find any coach with real options who wants to go be a part of that mess. Santa Clara has all the ingredients to be terrible long term

  26. The only person who will take this job is a subpar candidate who has a low shot to ever be a HC (e.g. a Tomsula like coach) or an older coach who doesnt want to answer to a GM.

    Wrecks Ryan on line one………

  27. This makes a lot of sense. Guys aren’t going to get 3 chances if they bust in their first 2. He knows he needs a stable organization with a decent roster if he’s got any hope at succeeding. This is what shocked me last year with Hue Jackson taking the Cleveland job. He got short changed in Oakland when Al Davis died and he’ll have to stick around Cleveland for 10 years to even sniff a winning record overall. If they dismiss him before things are totally turned around, the best he can hope for in his career is an OC job. McDaniels seems to be smarter. Hold out for the good jobs.

  28. They should divide the TV revenue according to how many wins the team has. That would probably solve the problem with incompetent owners. The York family would fire baby Jed in a heartbeat as soon as it starts affecting their pocketbook.

    Here’s what they could do…put all the money in a big pool and assign a percentage for each win. If you win 10 games you get ten times that percentage. If you win zero games, you get none of the revenue. Those teams that win eight games per year would break even as far as what they would normally get. If you get more than eight wins, you get more money and incompetent owners would get less. That’s the way it should be instead of owner welfare.

  29. The only chance York has to ever get a decent coach to work there is to stop interviewing coaches.

    He needs to announce that he is stepping away and hiring a professional search firm to identify and hire a qualified team President, who will in turn hire a qualified GM, who will in turn hire a qualified Head Coach.

    No good coach is going there to work for York. Only complete assurances that they will not answer to York and that he will have zero to do with the day-to-day on field operations of the team will lure anyone worth hiring.

  30. OMG, drooly actually made a post without copying and pasting somebody else’s thoughts. Well done. Although it was still a vapid, useless post. Now that Seattle has lost, I wonder whom the swami predicts to win the SBowl now?

  31. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Jan 16, 2017 11:25 AM
    He is a product of the Patriots system…

    Brady, Patricia, Edelman, McDaniels, Blount, Gronkowski and God knows how many others you have mentioned in the past as being a product of the ‘Patriots system.’ It never seems to occur to you that they are the system and the system is them. It’s an institutional commitment to working smarter and harder than anyone else and getting the most out of what they have. There is no magic ‘system’ or any one thing you can point to and just dismiss all of their accomplishments no matter how simple you want to make it. If it were just a plug n play ‘system’ everyone would be running it

  32. Potential job openings next year. All of these teams could be looking for new head coaches next year. Washington, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Houston, Jacksonville and Tennessee. I’d say that everyone of these teams has a head coach on the hotseat in 2017. I would include Marrone and Hue Jackson because i don’t think they can survive 3 win seasons. The two most attractive jobs are Indy and Detroit. You walk into those doors with franchise quarterbacks in Stafford and Luck. That’s what McDaniels should be looking for in his second job.

  33. Well frankly after choking in Denver and running an abysmal offense in STL I can’t blame him. He likely has only one flop left outside of NE and he obviously lacks the confidence in his capabilites to rebuild. That said I had no faith in them either lol so I am glad. However if we are unable to land Kyle we are completely hosed which partly would serve Jed right.. Really sucks as a fan though.

  34. Detroit and Indy are the two spots to wait for in 2018. McDaniels needs his second job to already have a franchise quarterback waiting for him.

  35. This is a hard lesson being learned by York right now. It’s so hard to find a good coach in the NFL, the good teams hold on for dear life when they get one. Harbaugh was a good coach, maybe even a great coach depending on who you are talking too. He certainly had success and his departure wasn’t because he wasn’t succeeding. The 8-8 season showed a lack of talent to be developed, which usually points to the GM, but somehow the GM convinced York that Harbaugh was the problem. So Baalke stayed and now the team has gone through two bad coaches in two years until York realized Baalke is the real problem.

    Who would want to go to a team that cans a good coach after one mediocre season? Who wants to go to a team that doesn’t even give a coach a few years to turn it around? There isn’t a good coach in the league who isn’t kinda weird. They all have egos. McDaniels certainly has an ego and I’m sure he is old enough now to look at that situation and see it’s not a good fit. Even successful coaches get canned there for being egotistical around ownership.

  36. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Jan 16, 2017 11:31 AM
    Not surprising at all. He wants to be the head Cheetah when Belicheat quits and Tammy hangs up his TuTu’s…..if so he will repeat his Denver fiasco.
    For such a faux internet tough guy you really got nothing, do you.

  37. Hey Jed, I hear Rex Ryan is available, LOL.

    But how sad that a once great franchise like the 49ers has come to this.

  38. Josh Mac is scared to leave the nest. At least he knows his limitations and didnt waste 4 years running the 49ers into the ground trying to be a head coach.

  39. If Shanahan says no, the job will go to the most qualified remaining candidate – Stewie Griffin.

  40. Tom Cable will be the next coach. I can see it already. The perfect stooge for the perfect mess of a franchise. The York Niners next 20 years will look alot like the Redskins last 20 years

  41. Please hire Tom Cable. Please hire Tom Cable. Please hire Tom Cable. Wait….better yet….please hire Darrell Bevell. Please hire Darrell Bevell. Please hire Darrell Bevell.

  42. Forgive me if I don’t show much knowledge of the coaching merry go round, but has anybody ever had success once departing the Patriots and BB. Not talking low level assistant coaches, scouts etc more the higher profile guys i.e the Romeo Crennels of this world who went from coordinator straight into big boys boots. I can’t think of any.

  43. This should become a case study for how ruin a successful franchise — shame on you 49ers, shame shame shame

    I hope Shananan sees what Josh McDaniels did and stays put


  44. Kyle Shanahan has been their guy from day one. McDaniels understands that and he’s moving on.

  45. Jed York is like Manziel. Promises to go to rehab but only stays as long as it takes to keep out of jail. In York’s case, promises to stay out of football operations but does so only as long as it takes to hire a coach. And as York correctly pointed out, owner’s don’t get fired. So unless mama and papa York tire of their charity that is the 49ers and sell the team, it is not an organization that anyone of value wants to be associated with. So good luck with that.

  46. Patriots fan here. First game, 1966 at Fenway Park. We had lots of lean years. The last 16 have been pretty awesome. Everyone who has been touched by the organization over that time has wanted to stay… and those who left never got back what they lost. McDaniels came back, did the work and has found his promised land. He has four kids and a wonderful life. Southeastern Massachusetts is pretty fabulous. So is being my part of one of the premier franchises in the NFL.

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