NFL looking into failure to disclose Richard Sherman injury

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When it comes to the Seahawks failing to disclose the in-season knee injury to cornerback Richard Sherman, they weren’t caught with a hand in the cookie jar. They admitted after successfully fleeing the scene that they had taken cookies and eaten them.

And now the NFL, which initially had no comment on the situation, tells PFT that the league is “looking into it.”

There’s nothing to look into, from the perspective of whether a violation occurred. On Monday, coach Pete Carroll blurted it out during a radio interview and then, later in the day, he admitted it.

In 2009, the league fined the Jets $75,000, then-G.M. Mike Tannenbaum $25,000, and former coach Eric Mangini $25,000 after former Jets quarterback Brett Favre repeatedly admitted that he had an undisclosed arm injury in 2008.

But fines may just be the starting point for the Seahawks. Without regard to any specific team or teams, the NFL has confirmed that “additional discipline can be considered if there are multiple violations” under different policies.

The Seahawks have had three different violations of the offseason workout rules since 2012, culminating in the loss of a full week of 2017 OTA sessions and the forfeiture of a 2017 fifth-round draft pick (the same round in which they found Sherman) for the most recent infraction. The league could impose other penalties, in theory, against the Seahawks for an apparently blatant violation of the injury-reporting rules.

None of this would have even come to light if Carroll didn’t mention the previously unmentioned injury. It invites plenty of speculation regarding how many other teams had unmentioned injuries in 2016 or previously.

But breaking the rules only matters if you get caught. The Seahawks have been caught, multiple times. The question now becomes whether and to what extent they’ll experience the consequences.

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  1. If it kept cheap-shot artists like the Falcons from taking him out at the knees (as they did with Bennett in the first game) it will be worth the fines.

  2. What is there to “look into”??!

    Carroll ADMITTED that he didn’t dosclose the injury, which is a factual violation.

    Jesus H Christ Almighty…

    Gomer admits PEDs sent to his house which is an automatic 6 game suspension, but they “look into it” and then cover for Gomer’s cheating.

    Can we please get a new commissioner to save the NFL, please?

    None of this stuff ever happened under Rozelle and Tagliabue.

    If there was a problem, it was dealt with, quietly and fairly and that was it.

  3. NFL Investigation Method:
    1. Is the violating team the Patriots?
    a. No – We’ll look into it, maybe fine the team and get over with.
    b. Yes – Pitchforks out. Hire Ted Wells for multimillion dollar investigation, release false info, never admit wrong.

  4. Wow… The bookies…the fantasy football leagues and the team opponents have to be pissed off at this move.

    Now since this act by Coach Carrol was admitted to by him, and he knows the league policy for reporting injury’s, He felt because Mr. Sherman didn’t miss time it was no big deal…now regardless of whether he felt it was no big deal… His staff should have advised him on the correct path and explained the rules which logically would have place an injury status on Mr. Sherman.

    This failure to follow league established rules on reporting player injury by the coach and his staff is as clear a rule violation as filming from the wrong spot on a field.

    So since he knew he should do it… But choose not to do it and therefor the integrity of the NFL shield and the sport comes in to question.
    Looking at the Seahawks under Coach Carrol’s track record,

    • Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used by 8 players to illegally improve athletic performance above what legal training and preparation can do. Each player was suspended for 4 games, except Mr. Sherman, because he had a positive test, but he appealed his suspension, arguing successfully that the NFL mishandled his positive-tested urine sample…..ok sure Mr. Sherman.

    • Coupled with a pair of offseason workout violations ( known as Praticegate) from the past three off seasons, As part of the punishment, the Seahawks will forfeit their 2017 fifth-round pick. The team was fined $400,000, and Carroll was fined $200,000. The Seahawks also forfeit their first week of OTAs, covering three days, in 2017. Seahawks players will be paid for the canceled sessions

    • So based on examples of past Rules infractions the League should fine the team a 1st round pick, suspend Carrol 3 games in 2017, and then fine the team $1,000,000 and the coach $500,000.

    But this isn’t the Patriots we are talking about…. so mark it down here folks…nothing but a wrist slap is going to come out from this obvious flagrant Coach admittance rule breakage event. Which went on for 8 to12 weeks……… Vegas betting empires has to be pissed about this…..

  5. “It invites plenty of speculation regarding how many other teams had unmentioned injuries in 2016 or previously.”

    Other teams? The speculation is going to be how many other times the Seahawks did this. Pete was awfully casual about how he mentioned this whole deal. Certainly didn’t come across like this was some one-time oversight.

  6. So the real question is,
    will they use the blinders they used for Framegate or the other pair they save for non-Patriot teams?

    What’s to look into? It’s been admitted. Not the soft Patriot hater version that says you admit guilt when paying a fine. No, this is a coach who got caught and is now trying to be cute.

    We are a league of rules! We are about rules that are integral to our integrity.

    We’ll see about that.

  7. They will “look into it” in the way they did a “self-investigation” to find out who was leaking during Bountygate.

    The NFL’s m.o. for when they don’t want to punish somebody is

    1) Deny issue exists

    2) Say they’ll “look into it”

    3) Do nothing for 6 months

    4) When they think that public doesn’t care any more, release statement exonerating target of investigation.

  8. Cheathawks. Pete Carrol has been doing this since his days at USC. Why would he change now?

  9. I don’t see how this can be a fine in this manner. If the Seahawks disclosed an injury when there wasn’t one that could be worth a fine. That could be viewed as trying to gain a competitive advantage. But this does the opposite. Letting the teams know that Sherman is healthy when really he isn’t it that doesn’t really gain any advantage for the Seahawks. I get that its still lying on the injury report, but let’s be real here…

  10. Translation: “We’re looking into how we can give them as little a punishment as possible.”

  11. The question of “what’s the advantage?” is easily answered.

    When an opponent is aware of a player’s injury they can throw or run toward that guy, knowing he’s not at 100%. Especially when a guy has a reputation as a solid player, you might otherwise play *away from* that guy.

    This isn’t rocket science. It’s cheating.

  12. There is no designation for ” injured, will practice and play”…Every player is injured in some form by seasons end. They play through it.

  13. Injury reporting is for Vegas, not for opponents. I wish the NFL would take a page out of the NHL’s book and simply list “upper body” or “lower body” injury with no specificity.

    Then fantasy footballers and gamblers wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

  14. When Rodgers admitted to Simms he snuck over inflated balls past the officials the NFL’s response was he didn’t say it during a game. Seriously, that was the response. So Carroll admitted this long after the game was over. It’ll be interesting to see Mr. Consistency weasel through this little gem.

  15. So what happens when the Raiders move to Las Vegas? The casinos will have the information on injuries but nobody else will. Seattle must be hit hard to send a message to all teams that this behavior cannot be tolerated. This situation is WORSE than deflategate. Roger, do we want corruption or integrity? Your actions will answer that question.

  16. The Liars Club will “look into” this as soon as they finish looking into Luck’s undisclosed injuries from a year and half ago.

  17. You mean if it’s Patriots let’s destroy the evidence with the help of the commissioner
    Why so coy? Out with it!
    What evidence was destroyed? Evidence of what?

  18. minson15 says:
    “Letting the teams know that Sherman is healthy when really he isn’t it that doesn’t really gain any advantage for the Seahawks. ”

    Uh, yes they lied for competitive advantage. If they knew they were going to play Sherman anyway they do not want the other team knowing he is not 100%. Otherwise the other team would target him more. The Seahawks lied to reduce the potential damage from Sherman’s injury.

  19. It doesn’t matter if they got an advantage. People get punished for violating stupid rules, too. Those shoes….wrong color……

  20. The most glaring differences between Carroll and Brady is that Carroll doesn’t lie to your face when questioned about the discrepancy. He also doesn’t have a cheezy smirk on his face like Brady always has when being questioned about his own cheating.

  21. RegisHawk says:
    Jan 17, 2017 11:02 AM
    If it kept cheap-shot artists like the Falcons from taking him out at the knees (as they did with Bennett in the first game) it will be worth the fines.
    Your team routinely throws temper tantrums at the end of losses (trying to intentionally injure Matt Ryan and Tom Brady during kneel downs)…

    How about Cliff Avril punching TJ Lang in the groin or That Linebacker trying to take Richard Rodger’s head off…

    Or that Eddie Lacy and Randall Cobb (coincidentally) had a seahawk player diving at their ankles late in those 2015 and 2016 games.

    Dirtiest team and their fans call other teams dirty… smh.

  22. Throw the book at the team. Ignorance is not a defense to violations of the law.

    Also, the NFL shouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds it, which is the hand of fantasy football fans and gamblers who comprise half the audience.

  23. spotsdad says:
    Jan 17, 2017 12:04 PM
    There is no designation for ” injured, will practice and play”…Every player is injured in some form by seasons end. They play through it.

    It used to be called ‘probable’ before the league removed it. Now players in this scenario are simply not listed on the report.

  24. Repeat offenders. Must bring down the ginger hammer. 1st round pick. $500,000 fine. Precedent, right? Oh, that only applies to the Pats. No draft picks and a $10,000 fine for the 12’s.

  25. aj66shanghai says:
    Jan 17, 2017 11:16 AM
    For those claiming the Seahawks are cheating, please tell me how they gain a competitive advantage here?


    Why? Cheating is cheating.

  26. Don’t care about the Seahawks. If everybody else was following the rules then, yes, Seattle gained a competitive advantage.

    But I’ve never understood the point of reporting which players have which injuries. Why should any team be forced to reveal to opponents which players are physically vulnerable?

  27. @RyanToCollinsAndBrown

    The injury report is for the betting line and fantasy football players, it has nothing to do with the opponents. Look at it as part of NFL integrity.

  28. The NFL is going to come to the same conclusion they did with the Andrew Luck broken ribs situation. They determined that the Colts did not violate of the rules. So be prepared for the Statement that “We determined that Seattle did not violate the rules for injury reporting”. They will likely not provide a justification for that conclusion.

  29. What if he was injured, but the Seahawks regarded him as “probable”? With that designation done away with doesn’t that create a loophole for all teams to do this?

    Just don’t blab it to the media.

  30. Did we ever hear back about Andrew Luck’s Ribgate from 2015?
    Nope and we never will.
    This will be treated exactly the same….ignore it and hope it goes away.

    Who cares anyway, the 1-year Dynasty and their 4 years fans are gone for another season.

  31. Is that the same Falcon fan-boy with another account…making it look like there are twice the fan-boys for the Falcons? LOL

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