Seahawks don’t plan to spend big on offensive line help

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At his end of the season press conference on Monday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll defended offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s work in 2016 by saying that Bevell’s critics “don’t know what they’re talking about.”

The Seahawks offense dropped from fourth in the league in both points scored and yards gained to 18th in points and 12th in yards, but any assessment of the work done by the unit has to take into account how poor the offensive line was over the course of the season. Russell Wilson was sacked 42 times and hit 111 times while the team’s running game never found consistent success.

Fixing the problems up front would likely help create a better impression of the work done by Bevell, but Carroll cautioned against expecting the team throwing money at the problem this offseason.

“That’s not how we — ‘OK, let’s take money and put it here and all of a sudden you’re going to get better,'” Carroll said, via the Seattle Times. “You’ve got to get guys that can play worthy of it, and when they demonstrate that then they get paid. We’ve shown that we understand that and are committed to that mentality. I don’t think you can just buy your way to it. We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to go out and spend a ton of money in free agency on one guy to try to save the day. That’s now how we function at all.”

The Seahawks were very young on the offensive line and left tackle George Fant is a recent convert from basketball, so it’s not hard to see why the team would focus on developing what’s on hand than trying a spending spree. That effort could be complicated if offensive line coach Tom Cable lands the 49ers head coaching job, but, one way or another, the line has to be better for the Seahawks offense to fully take flight.

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  1. Ridiculous quote if we’re being honest. 7-9 mil for a good-great o-lineman is hardly spending all your money on one player hoping he’ll fix everything. The o-line has to get better. An established, proven player can help achieve that goal.

    But with their recent success they have plenty of time to build and coach up their team how they like. Not like anyone’s job is hinging on what happens next season or even the season after that.

  2. They don’t need to go on a spending spree but that o-line is a dumpster fire and Wilson is probably one of 2 or 3 QBs mobile enough to survive it at all. At the very least they need to bring in one solid vet who can help anchor the line and teach all the young guys, because their current experiment of going as cheap as possible because Wilson gives them the luxury isn’t working. At some point he’s going to get a season ending injury at this rate, and once that happens heads will roll.

  3. I’m not sure losing Tom Cable would complicate things. His units always under preform even when Seattle had the most expensive Oline in all of football the year they won the Super Bowl. The unit was still inconsistent.

  4. Doing the same thing, like rolling with a left tackle that played basketball and converted defensive players sounds like a recipe for success, especially after the great returns it produced all season. Given the way that group played this year, who wouldn’t double down on staying the course?

  5. Man, no other QB in the league got hit it sacked as much as Wilson. The defense wasn’t playing up to normal elite status as well but it was good enough to keep us in the game. Other QBs like Tannehill and luck have no excuses as to why they can’t win. It’s not like they’ve had the worst o lines protecting them and bad defenses their whole career, Nothing like Wilson has to deal with this year anyway.

  6. The lack of talent on the offensive line is the casualty of having to sign so many of the core players on defense and breaking the bank for Wilson.

  7. so I guess Russel Wilson will renegotiate his contract to provide more cap space?

    Or will the Cheating Seahawks simply just pull a Bronco’s maneuver?

  8. Wait… unwilling to spend for the sake of spending?
    But every Packer fan wants to run Ted out of town cause “he doesn’t spend like John Schneider!”

  9. We’re not going to go out and spend a ton of money in free agency on one guy to try to save the day. That’s now how we function at all.”

    Then DRAFT smart pass blockers for the O-line and let them compete and grow. For crying out loud bring in 30 un-drafted guys in the off-season and keep the very best.

  10. As a Cards fan that is great news. Wilson getting a pinata treatment and a very average running game should male sure that 10 wins would be enough for the division crown. Then again I’m struggling to see that happening for the Cards…

  11. Darn Coach, so you think all of us OC Bevell critics “don’t know what we’re talking about”

    2nd and goal from the 1. That ring a bell? That was OC Bevell’s madness to make that call, knowing full well DB Browner had practiced against the play for 3 years while with Seattle.

    No firing of Bevell equals a Seahawks demise. We’re seeing it happen the last 2 straight years. It’s the inexperience OL, but even more than that it’s the lack of ingenuity of OC Bevell, and his predictable play calling. Vikings fans foretold of this. Get a clue Pete. There’s a reason no other team has asked to interview Bevell for their team.

  12. shaggytoodle says:
    Jan 17, 2017 12:51 PM

    Let’s not forget there is a huge difference in spending BIG, and spending Smart.


    When it comes to the offensive line, the Seahawks have this inexplicable blind spot that prevents them from doing either.

    It’s not Russell Wilson’s way to mouth off , but I really wish he would, since he’s the one this horrific line is going to put in the hospital at this rate.

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