Tom Cable thanks 49ers for consideration in head coaching search

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Word on Tuesday evening is that the 49ers are planning a second interview with Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan with the intention of making him their next head coach.

If that doesn’t work out, it looks like they’ll be back at square one in their search. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said that he’s no longer pursuing the job and now Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable, the only other candidate they’ve interviewed that hasn’t landed a job elsewhere, has announced he’ll be staying in Seattle.

Cable’s agent Doug Hendrickson made the announcement on Twitter shortly after word about the 49ers’ plans regarding Shanahan broke and said Cable thanked the team for considering him in their search. That only serves to strengthen the reports about Shanahan being the choice for the team that once employed his father as their offensive coordinator.

Cable will have his hands full trying to get the Seahawks offensive line up to speed after a rough season that ended with the unit playing poorly against the Falcons in the divisional round. Coach Pete Carroll indicated Monday that the team does not plan to spend a lot in free agency to upgrade the unit and that they believe their young group can get better next season.

22 responses to “Tom Cable thanks 49ers for consideration in head coaching search

  1. There’s already a handshake between Shanahan and the Niners. This is a done deal, and has been for about a week. Hopefully he brings in Gus Bradley in to be the DC. They just had Cable there to waste time and make it look like they were still searching. Shanahan will be the HC.

  2. hard to say who the worst franchise is in the NFL, but if this is true, I think the 9ers have it.

  3. You know your franchise is a dumpster fire when the position coach for the worst O-line in football won’t even give your team the time of day.

  4. Pete SHOULD bring in about 20-30 un-drafted O-linemen and keep the best of the best and let them compete for a roster spot.

  5. Pretty sure Coach Cable knows what he’s doing. The 49er job is much worse than fixing the o-line issues in Seattle. He makes great money, lives in a beautiful city and gets to work on his passion, fixing one of the worst lines in franchise history.

  6. The Seahawks are keeping Cable and not planning to spend much to improve an offensive line so god-awful it was literally scoring points for the Falcons Saturday??? Sheesh, is Carroll afraid of getting beat up by this knuckle-dragger?

  7. Cable is just padding his resume. Turning down a job with the 49ers indicates good judgment.

  8. Not the best coach. But will motivate players to play for him. Santa Clara 9ers issues go deeper than a head coach. The issues start with the owner continue with that horrible excuse for a stadium. And let’s not even start with the roster. I took my 7 year old son to Levi stadium for a soccer game. He got a heat stroke and we had to leave early.

  9. … and then… he beat his secretary, attacked a stranger in the coffee line at Starbucks, and threw his aged mother down a flight of stairs.

  10. Cable is a class act and an awesome line coach. The Seahawks are lucky to have him. He is one of the few that I can think of that can turn that unit into an above average line.

  11. pamperpro says:

    Not even a line coach will take the helm of that sinking ship.
    “Sinking?” It’s the Titanic. Circa 2017.

  12. Cable is catching a lot of heat on coaching a position group that completely neglected their O-line over the last couple of years.

  13. Rotten experience as HC in Oakland. Largely credited with cobbling together patchwork line in Seattle for the several years they have been a playoff/SB team. Great someone wants to stay where he is competent. Paul Allen can afford to pay him like a HC anyway if he wants. No salary cap on coaches.

  14. jmscooby says:
    Jan 17, 2017 8:55 PM

    Cable is catching a lot of heat on coaching a position group that completely neglected their O-line over the last couple of years.


    In part because of his belief that offensive lineman coming out of college aren’t remotely pro ready. It has taken 3 or 4 years to coach up the guys they acquire and even if they are remotely good they walk for contracts elsewhere (Okung, Carpenter & Sweezy). There are guys that were hand picked by Tom Cable that aren’t even in the league. While other guys drafted later fans were calling for that are starting for the Patriots this weekend.

    I am a Hawks fans, I believe there needs to be a change in the way they address the offensive line. It is the achilles heel of this team and has been the last 2 years. All 4 teams left competing for the Super Bowl do a great job of protecting their Franchise QBs.

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