Pete Carroll concerned with C.J. Prosise’s durability

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Seattle’s season came to an end on Saturday before running back C.J. Prosise could return from a fractured scapula that wiped out the second half of his rookie season with the Seahawks.

The broken shoulder-blade was the fourth injury that caused Prosise to miss time since being drafted in May. A hip flexor issue kept Prosise sidelined in OTAs. A hamstring strain took away time in training camp and a broken wrist bone in Seattle’s regular season opener against Miami forced Prosise to miss four games.

“I can’t tell you that I’m not concerned about C.J,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “He had trouble through the offseason, was unavailable to us throughout, and there was a groin and a hammy and a wrist and then the scapula thing he had. He has to show it.”

Prosise had 369 total yards over the four games preceding his injury against the Philadelphia Eagles in mid-Novemeber. He rushed for 174 yards and a touchdown on 29 carries and caught 16 passes for 195 yards. However, he also missed 12 of 18 games regular and postseason games for Seattle.

“He certainly is on it when he’s right,” Carroll said. “We would have had a shot this week to try and get him out there again, we would have busted it to get it and he would have had a really good chance to make it, so he was that close to returning. But there is a concern.”

The Seahawks had 11 different running backs carry the ball at least once for them this season due to injuries to Prosise and Thomas Rawls.

12 responses to “Pete Carroll concerned with C.J. Prosise’s durability

  1. C.J. Prosise needs to up his calcium and protein uptake. Plus this dude NEEDS to stretch more (YOGA).

  2. Get him to eat more cheese? In all seriousness, does anyone know if diet can be used to strengthen bones? In adults? As kids we’re told to consume calcium for building bones.

    It would be interesting if anyone has studied how effective proper strength and conditioning training is in avoiding muscle damage. Do some teams do better at this than others?

    Or is the NFL just so intrinsically dangerous (so many people playing at 110% during games) that injuries are almost unavoidable. Especially at running back!

  3. Hopefully they can get spoiled like zeek and have avg first contact 4yds after line of scrimmage. Cj just needs to put on a little weight and muscle. Thomas will be fine if these guys create holes. Seattle needs a CB LT RT and a sam lb. If pete and john meet these needs. I see another nfc west title and atleast conference championship appearance. Russell Wilson the most winning qb in his first 5 seasons in history, better not show up chubby this pre season.

  4. Russell Wilson career QB rating when the Seahawks have a top four running game: 101.4.

    Russell Wilson career QB rating when the Seahawks do not have a top four running game: 92.6.

    Welcome to the salary cap era, Seahwks fans.

  5. Optimism for next year with healthy team BUT…

    Arizona still has a great defense and offense. This year was an odd one for them as they came on too late.

    The Rams…The Rams…say what you want but when they play Seattle they usually win. Great defense that now has Wade…scary.

    49ers…Wild Card. I think a good coach can get 7 to 9 wins out of them.

  6. So yet another coach sending a message reinforcing that players need to be tougher and come back from injuries faster or play through them to be available to the team. When players do this they play at a diminished capacity and performance and also are criticized. Their careers are also shortened because injuries don’t heal properly and become chronic. What this message tells me is coach doesn’t care one bit about his players and is only looking at the immediate value of that roster spot. Memo to players, if you have options, now you know.

  7. What are you talking about? I have followed this team since Pete Carroll has got here and he is extra cautious with his guys on injuries. He said unless CJ could practice full-speed he would not play- he did not play.

    In the Super Bowl versus NE. Eldeman goes back in the game with a concussion, Cliff Avril doesn’t go back in the game with no pressure from coaches. Seattle sits people far more than other teams and uses the young talent. Only time I questioned if a guy should be playing was Wilson this year after the ankle/knee injury shortly after one another.

  8. Coach, CJ is thin. And you drafted him thin. And you expect CJ to hold up to the rigors of an NFL season as RB? Stop smoking the weed!

    And fire OC Bevell already.

  9. noknoknokpenny says:
    Jan 19, 2017 2:52 AM

    Russell Wilson career QB rating when the Seahawks have a top four running game: 101.4.

    Russell Wilson career QB rating when the Seahawks do not have a top four running game: 92.6.

    Welcome to the salary cap era, Seahwks fans.

    Tom Brady’s avg QB rating year 1-5 78.6.

    Best yr 92.6


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