Report: Kyle Shanahan “almost certain” to accept 49ers job

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The San Francisco 49ers will have to wait a little bit longer, but it appears their search for a new head coach is winding down.

According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is “almost certain” to accept the job as 49ers head coach. An ESPN report earlier on Tuesday indicated that the 49ers would be offering the job to Shanahan.

Shanahan cannot officially be offered the job until after the Falcons’ season comes to end. That could come as soon as Monday or may have to wait an additional two weeks until after Super Bowl LI. Regardless, the 49ers search for a fourth different head coach in four seasons is drawing to a conclusion.

The Falcons similarly had to wait for head coach Dan Quinn to become available following Super Bowl XLIX two years ago.

Shanahan will be available to interview again next week after the NFC Championship even if the Falcons advance to the Super Bowl. Once Shanahan is in place, the 49ers appear committed to finding a general manager candidate that can mesh well with him.

48 responses to “Report: Kyle Shanahan “almost certain” to accept 49ers job

  1. Great coordinator, we’ll see if he is a great HC. I can’t decide if he’s smart to take the job or not.

    If he fails, he has York as a scapegoat. If he succeeds, he’s a hero. they suck currently so hopefully there is only up. If he can get a GM with decent ability to evaluate talent and draft then he can start building a winning culture. Winning cures everything.

    On the downside, he has to work for Jed York.

    I wanted him to be the Broncos new coach but oh well. Good luck to him.

  2. Not sure if this is chips falling in all the right places for the 49ers, or part of York’s masterplan all along. Regardless, if Shanahan accepts, Niners may have struck gold with this one.

  3. Now…
    Can the anticipated ‘New Hires’ construct a firewall, to keep Jed and Paraag from burning yet another regime change to the ground, before the foundation is even allowed to set?

  4. As a 49er fan I’m excited about this hire, yeah, there’s a long way to go and a lot of talent deficiencies, but this is absolutely the right coach for the job.

  5. No doubt he’s deferring his final decision until more PFT commenters chime in on the poll.

  6. From a management standpoint, it seems silly to hire a coach before you hire a GM. The GM is charged with all sorts of personnel and other organizational decisions that will directly impact the effectivenes and success of a head coach. Hiring a coach before you hire a GM seems exactly backward to me. It’s like hiring a vice-president before you hire the CEO. The VP is important, but he’s not going to run the organization. The GM and the owner should collaborate to pick the coach, not the other way around. But then, what would you expect from Jed York, who doesn’t appear to be the brightest bulb on the tree anyhow?

  7. According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Kyle Shanahan is “almost certainly” the only one left willing to take the job.

  8. Can’t blame the man for taking an at least slight pay increase even if it is the NFL’s version of the Knicks. If he fails, or doesn’t even get the proper amount of time like the last three (or more) coaches for Mr. York, Shanahan will always have his last name and decent overall OC resume to fall back on. If he takes some advice from daddy as for as his next potential quarterback in this year’s draft (most likely next), he MAY end up saving the franchise until Jed gets in his way. That’s only if he can stay 75% more in his lane for this year.

  9. “Once Shanahan is in place, the 49ers appear committed to finding a general manager candidate that can mesh well with him.”

    Therein lies the rub with Shanahan. They’d better make his daddy the GM or there will be hissy-fits now and forever….

  10. You’d think after working for Dan Snyder, he’d be leery of working for another overbearing owner. There will be plenty of better job vacancies available later. He’s boarding the Titanic.

  11. so how does this conversation go?

    York: I’m not offering you the job, but if I did after your season is done, would you accept, after your season is done of course?

    Shanahan: I’m not accepting an offer because you haven’t yet made one, but if you do make that offer after my season is done, I would, after my season is done, accept that offer that hasn’t been made yet.

  12. Hate this rule. It’s a total distraction to the candidate. I don’t care who you are, you cannot possibly focus all your efforts for those who are paying you when being badgered by others in this way. And especially when the new potential owners are so dysfunctional that inordinate amounts of scrutiny and discussion are required.
    But whatever. If he’s so full of himself that he believes he can fix the York problem, then you may as well get rid of him.

  13. 49ers have no talent in place to take advantage of what Shanahan brings. Go get a solid QB coach if you want to mentor a the pup they will surely draft ineoijd one.

    I hate to say it but this feels like a downgrade to Chip.

  14. I don’t care how bad I want to be a HC, there are times when you pass on particular places/jobs…and the SF job is one of them.

    They also need to change these crazy rules, as the job he may have really wanted may have been taken by someone else because of these dumb interview and job acceptance rules. It punishes the potential coach to be and keeps potential assistants waiting in limbo when they also may have many more options.

  15. Great Opportunity … for failure.

    No QB.
    Crappy roster.
    Crappy owner.
    Unknown GM.

    Make sure you get a 4 year guarantee. That way if you get fired in 2 years, you get well paid.

  16. Nothing at all against Kyle Shanahan, but once again the 49ers have botched a major decision.

    With one move, they have removed all good GM candidates from consideration and are left with only those prospects who don’t care that they won’t have final say on major decisions like, oh I don’t know, WHO THE COACH WILL BE.

    Like I said on another post, the only hope this franchise had was to a) get York out of the on-field operations, b) hire a team President who would then c) hire a GM who would then d) hire a coach.

    By once again doing everything upside down and backwards, they doom themselves to failure, IMO.

  17. I wasnt too impressed with him as a coordinator in Washington, and apparently the locker room didnt respect him since he was a Daddy’s boy and never played ball or worked his way into his jobs. I dont see this ending well. Two seasons of sub 6 wins and he is thrown out is my prediction.

  18. Decisions decisions…

    90M cap space
    #2 overall draft pick
    10 total draft picks this year
    coming off of only 2 wins

    Any new coach would love to have the above but the entitled one, Jed, might just make it a wash. I hope he does well, his dad should of never been allowed to leave the 49ers without becoming the HC back in the 90’s…now he can live through his son. Good luck, Kyle.

  19. This will not be a successful matchup in the long run. This is not an attack against the club or Shannahan, it’s just how things work. It takes time to climb out of the gutter. At least three seasons. Will the team and fan base be patient enough for it to turn around? Unlikely.

    If I were shanahan I’d take it too. It’s his first HC offer and he wants to be a HC. But remember, this is a guy who bails when things start to not go his way. The miners haven’t even hired a GM yet. I see nothing but tension and frustration going forward. They need to purge their roster of the old and under performing. This team needs a lot of love. Good luck Shanny!

  20. As a Raider fan. This sounds like Denis Allen for the 9ers. Looking for a fall guy while they find their head coach. The problem is, at this point they need some veteran leadership. I would’ve really wanted to see them go after Tom Coughlin, a veteran coach with discipline.

  21. Kyle Shanahan should RUN as far away from this disaster of a franchise as he can get. The Santa Clara York Niners are where careers go to die.

  22. As a Panther fan, I love this. Shanahan is out of the NFCS and goes to a place where he could be Lombardi, Parcells and BB all rolled into one and still have no shot at success. Feel bad for the guy; he’s a good OC. But until someone finds a way to lock York into a room with incoming communication but no outgoing (like a TV, but no phone capability) so that he can’t inject himself into the football decisions, nothing good is ever going to happen there.

  23. I’ve woken up my downstairs neighbors with a mindless beer fart on the couch moreso than the ripples this will cause league-wide.

    If his dad was a pipefitter from South Dakota he wouldn’t be considered for any job in the field. See: Joe Buck

  24. Not a career ender at all. Any club that has four coaches in four years is going to be looked at as the fault if the team doesn’t win, not the coach. So, take the job, go to SF and get them to get you a great house, enjoy the California weather (it is hot and humid here in Georgia) and Bay area lifestyle then, if it goes south, the club will be to blame and you will be in the Head Coach Club and be able to get on the twenty year head coach musical chairs game with a flow of nice fat checks till you’re ready to put your feet up and kick back.

  25. After the 2015-2016 season, he was about to be run out of Atlanta. Every media outlet was calling for him to be fired. Now after one good season he’s HC material?

  26. The guy got into the league because of his dad, then after people calling nepotism spent seasons honing his own offense without his dad to prove he is a brilliant offensive mind.Then he goes out and accepts this job which will likely ruin his name as a HC in less than 2 seasons. Crazy. He must be answering directly to York and not a GM or he gets to choose his a GM, thats the only reason I can see he would take this position. This is a good hire for Hyde but I dont see Kaep in their future.

  27. How many mistakes do the Niners have to make before they realize you DO NOT HIRE the head coach before you hire the GM–just ask Stephen Ross, Dolphins owner, when he hired Dennis Hickey after hiring Joe Philbin (who was hired by Jeff Ireland, maybe the worst GM in Fins history,, when they coulda had Chuck Pagano in 2012, who immediately got the Colts into playoffs, while all PhilBUM did was screw Ryan Tannehill!)

  28. Much like Cleveland has become the place where quarterbacks go to die, I suspect the Niners – as long as Jed York is calling the shots – will be the place where coaches go to die for the forseeable future.

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